Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass in a Spout

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Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass in a Spout

     1. Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass in a Spout-fluidized Bed Reactor--Analysis of Composition and Combustion

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2. The Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass in CFB Reactor

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3. The production of biofuels and renewable chemicals by fast

    pyrolysis of biomass


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6. Fast pyrolysis of biomass “Improving the pyrolysis oil quality”

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    The Characteristics and Application of Bio-oil <<林业机械与木工设备>>2005 33 06 作者: 张姝玉, 王述洋,

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    10. Production and characterisation of bio-oil from biomass fast

    pyrolysis in a fluidised bed reactor

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11. Chemical Composition of Bio-oils Produced by Fast

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