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    World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-07) Geneva, 22 October - 16 November 2007

    PLENARY MEETING Addendum 6 to

    Document 5-E

    7 September 2007

    Original: English

    United States of America


    Agenda item 4 4 in accordance with Resolution 95 (Rev.WRC-03), to review the Resolutions and Recommendations of previous conferences with a view to their possible revision, replacement or


    Background information

    In accordance with Resolution 95 (Rev.WRC-03), the WRC Resolutions and Recommendations

    should be reviewed at each conference.

    “resolves to invite future competent world radiocommunication conferences

    1 to review the Resolutions and Recommendations of previous conferences that are

    related to the agenda of the Conference with a view to their possible revision, replacement or

    abrogation and to take appropriate action;

    2 to review the Resolutions and Recommendations of previous conferences that are not

    related to any agenda item of the Conference with a view to:

     abrogating those Resolutions and Recommendations that have served their purpose or

    have become no longer necessary;

     reviewing the need for those Resolutions and Recommendations, or parts thereof,

    requesting ITU-R studies on which no progress has been made during the last two

    periods between conferences;

     updating and modifying Resolutions and Recommendations, or parts thereof that have

    become out of date, and to correct obvious omissions, inconsistencies, ambiguities or

    editorial errors and effect any necessary alignment;. The proposals in this document represent the review of Resolutions and Recommendations that can

    be suppressed, with appropriate reasons provided for each. In the case where an item is proposed for

    suppression as a consequential action to the proposal for a specific agenda item, those proposals are

    included in the proposal for the agenda item and not repeated here in the proposal under Agenda

    item 4.

     For reasons of economy, this document is being provided electronically. Participants are, therefore, kindly requested

    to bring their personal copies to the meeting since no others can be made available. A CD-ROM containing all preparatory documents will be provided to each participant upon arrival. C:\CONVERT\TEMP\53457836.DOC (240041) 07.05.10 07.05.10

    - 2 -

    CMR07/5(Add.6)-E SUP USA/5A6/1

    RESOLUTION 21 (Rev.WRC-03)

    Implementation of changes in frequency allocations

    between 5 900 kHz and 19 020 kHz

    Reasons: The date of implementation for this Resolution was 1 April 2007 and as a consequence

    this Resolution should be suppressed.

    SUP USA/5A6/2

    RESOLUTION 51 (Rev.WRC-2000)

    Transitional arrangements relating to the advance publication

    and coordination of satellite networks Reasons: Transitional period has expired.

    SUP USA/5A6/3

    RESOLUTION 56 (Rev.WRC-03)

    Modification of the procedures and requirements

    for advance publication Reasons: The Radio Regulations edition of 2004 was effective after 1 January 2005, and therefore

    Resolution 56 is no longer required.

    SUP USA/5A6/4

    *RESOLUTION 57 (WRC-2000)

    Modification of bringing into use and administrative due diligence

    requirements as a consequence of allocation

    changes above 71 GHz Reasons: The bringing into use date of 3 June 2007 has been passed.

    SUP USA/5A6/5

    RESOLUTION 88 (WRC-03)

    Rationalization of Articles 9 and 11 of the Radio Regulations

    Reasons: No studies submitted to WRC-07. Resolution 88 is no longer needed.

    C:\CONVERT\TEMP\53457836.DOC (240041) 07.05.10 07.05.10

    - 3 -


    SUP USA/5A6/6

    RESOLUTION 96 (WRC-03)

    Provisional application of certain provisions of the Radio Regulations

    as revised by WRC-03 and abrogation of certain

    Resolutions and Recommendations

    Reasons: The date of implementation has passed and as a consequence this Resolution should be


    SUP USA/5A6/7

    RESOLUTION 124 (Rev.WRC-2000)

    Protection of the fixed service in the frequency band 8 025-8 400 MHz

    sharing with geostationary-satellite systems of the Earth

    exploration-satellite service (space-to-Earth)

    Reasons: Consequential suppression based on change in footnote 5.462A at WRC-03 to include

    values contained in Recommendation ITU-R F.1502.


    Frequency allocations

    Section IV Table of Frequency Allocations

    (See No. 2.1) MOD USA/5A6/8

    5.462A In Regions 1 and 3 (except for Japan), in the band 8 025-8 400 MHz, the Earth exploration-satellite service using geostationary satellites shall not produce a power flux-density in

    excess of the following values for angles of arrival (?) under free-space propagation conditions, without the consent of the affected administration:

    2 ?135 dB(W/m) in a 1 MHz band for 0? ? ? ?

    2 135 + 0.5 (? 5) dB(W/m) in a 1 MHz band for 5º ? ? ? 25º

    2 125 dB(W/m) in a 1 MHz band for 25º ? ? ? 90º


    C:\CONVERT\TEMP\53457836.DOC (240041) 07.05.10 07.05.10

    - 4 -

    CMR07/5(Add.6)-E Reasons: Consequential modification based on suppression of Resolution 124 (Rev.WRC-2000)

    which resolved “to invite a future competent world radiocommunication conference to review

    No. 5.462A, taking into account Recommendation ITU-R F.1502, and to take appropriate action.”

    The above modification to No. 5.462A implements the results given in the recommends of

    Recommendation ITU-R F.1502.

    SUP USA/5A6/9

    RESOLUTION 136 (Rev.WRC-03)

    Frequency sharing in the range 37.5-50.2 GHz between geostationary

    fixed-satellite service networks and non-geostationary

    fixed-satellite service systems

    Reasons: Consequential to proposal for suppression of WRC-11 future Agenda item 2.5.

    SUP USA/5A6/10

    RESOLUTION 144 (WRC-03)

    Special requirements of geographically small or narrow countries

    operating earth stations in the fixed-satellite service

    in the band 13.75-14 GHz Reasons: Work has been completed on this item in Radiocommunication Working Party 4A.

    NOC USA/5A6/11


    1Relating to the use of frequencies of the aeronautical mobile (R) service

    Reasons: It is recommended that this Resolution be continued because some of the provisions are

    intended to be maintained.

    SUP USA/5A6/12

    RESOLUTION 527 (WARC-92)

    1Terrestrial VHF digital sound broadcasting

    Reasons: Consequential suppression based on RRC-06.

    C:\CONVERT\TEMP\53457836.DOC (240041) 07.05.10 07.05.10

    - 5 -


    NOC USA/5A6/13

    RESOLUTION 528 (Rev.WRC-03)

    Introduction of the broadcasting-satellite service (sound) systems and

    complementary terrestrial broadcasting in the bands allocated to

    these services within the range 1-3 GHz Reasons: The broadcasting-satellite industry recommends that this Resolution be retained.

    SUP USA/5A6/14

    RESOLUTION 734 (Rev.WRC-03)

    Feasibility of use of high altitude platform stations in the fixed and mobile

    services in the frequency bands above 3 GHz allocated exclusively

    for terrestrial radiocommunication Reasons: No studies have been carried out and no additional bands need to be identified for use

    by HAPS.

    SUP USA/5A6/15

    RECOMMENDATION 14 (Mob-87)

    Identification and location of special vessels, such as

    medical transports, by means of standard

    maritime radar transponders Reasons: This Recommendation has been adopted in Recommendation ITU-R M.1371 (series),

    Universal Shipborne Automatic Identification System (AIS), whose carriage is mandated in ships

    under the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention, and is therefore no longer needed.

    SUP USA/5A6/16


    Role of international monitoring in reducing apparent congestion in

    the use of orbit and spectrum resources Reasons: Such monitoring capabilities as are feasible have been implemented and this is no

    longer required.

    C:\CONVERT\TEMP\53457836.DOC (240041) 07.05.10 07.05.10

    - 6 -

    CMR07/5(Add.6)-E SUP USA/5A6/17


    Elimination of HF broadcasting on frequencies outside the HF bands

    allocated to the broadcasting service Reasons: Article 12 coordination procedures limit HF broadcasting on frequencies outside the HF

    bands allocated to the broadcasting service as much as is feasible.

    SUP USA/5A6/18

    RECOMMENDATION 604 (Rev.Mob-87)

    Future use and characteristics of emergency position-indicating 1, 2 radiobeacons (EPIRBs)Reasons: This Recommendation was provided to ICAO and IMO following Mob-87 and has not

    been updated since. Practical steps have already been taken in ICAO and IMO to address EPIRBs

    and this Recommendation is no longer required.

    SUP USA/5A6/19

    RECOMMENDATION 606 (Mob-87)

    The possibility of reducing the band 4 200-4 400 MHz used by 1radio altimeters in the aeronautical radionavigation service

    Reasons: This Recommendation has not been updated since Mob-87 and is no longer required.

    NOC USA/5A6/20


    Review of technical, operational and frequency issues

    for terrestrial wireless interactive multimedia

    applications on a global basis Reasons: This Recommendation should be maintained until ongoing studies are completed.

    C:\CONVERT\TEMP\53457836.DOC (240041) 07.05.10 07.05.10

    - 7 -

    CMR07/5(Add.6)-E SUP USA/5A6/21


    Spectrum usage and operational characteristics

    of electronic news gathering systems

    Reasons: Appropriate reports/recommendations have been developed on electronic news

    gathering and this Recommendation is no longer required.

    ____________ C:\CONVERT\TEMP\53457836.DOC (240041) 07.05.10 07.05.10

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