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A.S. degree in Electronics Technology. Cabrillo College. Worked with third party companies to aid integration of LynxOS debugging tools into Eclipse environments. Kernel modifications and driver development in an embedded Linux

Duane Strong (831) 247-0201

    Duane Strong 4414 Ranchero Drive Soquel, CA. 95073

    (831) 247-0201 (831) 536-1712 Fax

Specialized areas of experience:

    Embedded systems. Hardware/software integration. Software architecture. Object oriented design. UML.

    Design patterns. C, C++, and assembly languages. Linux kernel/application, POSIX, ThreadX, VelOSity,

    LynxOS, MicroC/OSII, Win32, Mac OSX operating systems. Device drivers. Graphics drivers. Board

    support packages. Eclipse, Gnu tools, Visual C++, Xcode, Green Hills tools, STL, Boost, Objective C. 22Sockets, TCP/IP, UDP, Bonjour/Zeroconf, HTTP, USB, IC, SPI, RS-232/485, IS, MIDI and audio technologies. Flash memory technologies. Intel x86, Freescale Power PC/ColdFire, ARC, Microchip PIC,

    Atmel AVR. Subversion, CVS, Perforce, SourceSafe, PVCS. Logic Analyzers, scopes, etc. Basic digital

    hardware design.


    B.A. degree in Computer Science. University of California, Santa Cruz. Graduated with highest honors.

    A.S. degree in Electronics Technology. Cabrillo College. Graduated with honors.

    Completed 1 year of graduate study in Computer Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz.


    Certified by the IEEE Computer Society as a Certified Software Development Professional. For more

    information on the IEEE CSDP certification see IEEE senior member. Currently Vice-chair of the IEEE Consultants' Network of Silicon Valley.

Work Experience:

    Consulting Software Engineer May 2003 to present

    Euphonix Inc - 220 Portage Avenue, Palo Alto CA - Software architect/developer for a manufacturer of digital audio workstation controllers. Created cross

    platform porting layers for graphics, Bonjour/Zeroconf, sockets and threading. Ported to Mac OSX and

    Windows Vista using C++, STL and Boost.

    SiPort Inc. - 3255-7 Scott Blvd. - Santa Clara CA - Software architect/developer for an HD Radio ASIC based on dual ARC cores. Wrote device drivers for

    USB device controller, IR remote interface, real time clock interface, keypad and rotary encoder controllers.

    Wrote a messaging protocol layer for SPI and RS232. Wrote drivers and application code for an Atmel

    ATMega micro controller. Implemented a nightly build automation system in perl and shell scripts.

    Implemented an automated SQA test system in C++ and Expect.

    LynuxWorks Inc. - 4855 Embedded Way - San José CA - Software developer for LynxOS-SE RTOS integration into Eclipse. Worked with third party companies to

    aid integration of LynxOS debugging tools into Eclipse environments. Implemented an automated SQA test

    system in Java and Expect.

Terayon Communications Inc. - 4988 Great America Pkwy - Santa Clara CA. -

    Software architect/developer for an MPEG video over IP controller project based on a dual PowerPC 27447A processor using Linux 2.6 and uboot. Performed board bring up and wrote linux drivers for IDE, IC

    real time clock, and custom FPGA devices. Created a root file system and system upgrade facility. Wrote

    various u-boot extensions. Handled merging of linux and u-boot updates using Perforce. Implemented a

    nightly build automation system in perl and shell scripts.

    Time-O-Matic Inc. - 1015 Maple St. - Danville IL. -

Duane Strong (831) 247-0201

    Software architect/developer for an LED sign project based on ColdFire 5282 and 5484 processors using Green Hills MULT C++ and VelOSity. Wrote socket classes and web server classes for TCP/IP and UDP


Viasys Healthcare Inc. - 22705 Savi Ranch Pkwy. - Yorba Linda CA. -

    Software architect/developer for a medical respiratory ventilator project based on ColdFire 5272 and 5474 processors using Green Hills MULT C++, ThreadX, and PEG graphics. Wrote OS extensions and

    device drivers for serial communications, video, touch screen, printer, flash, and other devices. Wrote an

    Xmodem communications package. Helped to generate coding conventions and other internal development

    standards. Modeled packages in UML.

Project Specifics Inc. - 300 Park Wy. - Santa Cruz, CA.

    Software architect/developer for an unmanned aerial vehicle project based on satellite communications. Utilized GPS and NMEA protocols, navigational mathematics, and various communication protocols.

    Generated coding conventions and maintained the cvs source control system. Modeled the system in UML

    using Enterprise Architect.

    Linux systems programmer. Kernel modifications and driver development in an embedded Linux environment using PC-104 hardware. Wrote a driver for a synchronous serial interface card.

    Linux application programmer using C++ and Pthreads. Microchip PIC developer for an antenna positioning system in C based on RS485 communications protocol.


E-mu / Creative ATC - 1600 Green Hills Road - Scotts Valley, CA. -

    July 1997 to April 2003

    Senior engineer. Project lead and main software architect for the sound module group. Architected and

    helped to implement a family of next generation ROM playback MIDI synthesizers using C++ in an

    embedded environment based on Freescale ColdFire processors, Microchip PIC processors, and E-mu

    proprietary ASICs. Managed a team of 6 developers, generated schedules and specifications, architected

    most components and implemented many.

    Software technology lead. Responsible for promoting new technologies such as the UML, design patterns, and Java. Mandated to promote code sharing throughout the various business units of Emu and the Creative

    Advanced Technology Center. Participated in most code reviews. Maintained the source control system.

    Maintained the software development web site documenting coding, source control, and design standards.

    Handled all software tool evaluation and licenses. Maintained the library of software books. Organized

    conference attendances.


Metagraphics Software Corporation - 6 Sleepy Hollow - Carmel Valley, CA.

    December 1987 to May 1997

    Senior software engineer. Designed and implemented a Windows based multimedia tool kit for sprite animation, flc and avi file playback, jpeg, gif, bmp, and pcx import, and wav file playback with real time

    wave mixing in C++ and assembly. Primary designer of an advanced graphics programming tool kit for

    DOS, 286 and 386 DOS extenders, implemented major components, entirely in assembly language.

    Designed and implemented a GUI based font editing system in C. Designed and implemented a pcx

    graphics file tool kit. Designed and implemented a GUI based font import utility in C and C++. Team

    member for implementation of graphics device drivers for a UNIX X-Window system. Wrote and

    illustrated manuals for the font editing system and PCX file tool kit, and major components of the graphics

    programming tool kit manual. Wrote example programs in C and Pascal.


Mountain Computer Inc. - 360 El Pueblo Rd. - Scotts Valley, CA.

    January 1984 to November 1987

Duane Strong (831) 247-0201

    Design engineer. Software project manager for a high speed diskette duplication device. Designed and

    implemented disk format analysis software in C and 8086 assembly language. Hardware designer for an

    8088 single board controller and host computer communication software for a diskette certifier. Wrote low

    level device drivers for QIC-80 tape drives.


Cabrillo Community College - 6500 Soquel Drive - Aptos, CA. -

    January 1983 to December 1983

    Electronics technology instructor. Instructor for classes on digital hardware troubleshooting and basic electronics.

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