The 90 Day Challenge to find the Biggest Winner

By Doris Dunn,2014-06-17 23:56
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The 90 Day Challenge to find the Biggest Winner

The 90 Day Biggest Winner


    Objective: Be amazed at what you can do in 90 days

    (note: this is not a weight loss competition-assessments incorporate more than just

    body measurements- strength, cardio and flexibility.)

    How to participate: 1. Sign up at the front desk by March 5th

    Cost: $35 Includes: pre and post evaluations, Biggest Winner T-Shirt, evaluation, analysis or $10 without

    the Biggest Winner T shirt.

    2. Complete the pre-evaluation and hand it in by March 6th

    3. (optional) Issue or accept a challenge card. (see below Are you Up for the Challenge)

    4. Committ to 90 Days of activity and healthy eating and to improve on your evaluation


    5. Complete the post-evaluation and hand it in by June 8th

    6. Submit your success story by June 8th.

Are you Up to the Challenge?

    To make things a bit more interesting we are encouraging independent challenges that

    you issue to a friend, co-worker or group challenges within your office or company to


    ? to issue a challenge- Simply fill out a Challenge card

    ? Present it to your prospective challenger- once accepted the challenger hands the

    card in to staff and we post it on our challenge board.

    ? We will provide evaluation results to determine the winner.

    ? Winner than receives the agreed upon wager (be creative) from the loser.

    ? There is no limit of how many challenges you issue or accept.


    The 90 Day Biggest Winner Challenge Card

I Greg Simmons issue a challenge to_Sieu Muoi Ngo for the next

    90 days. To determine which one of us is the Biggest Winner!

     Winner receives i.e. Coffee, lunch etc.


    Competitors Signature





Grand Prizes:

    $100.00 Gift Certificate for Spa Services-Interlude Spa

    Laser Tooth Whitening- Purdy’s Wharf Dental-Dr.Greg


Draw Prizes: Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer, Registered Dietitian

    Style Consultant, Tanning Package, Massage, Stability Ball Posters

Prize Eligiblity: The winner(s) will be determined by the biggest difference in your pre

    and post evaluations and success story submission.

    Additional Tips: Success Stories can really influence the judges, a paragraph of what

    you have changed over the 90 days. (What new habits have you built? What results

    have you seen? What kept you motivated?) Keeping a Journal is a great tool to refer

    back to when writing your success story.

Before and after pictures can be incluuded (Front and side profile)

    Pictures do not need to be submitted this is for personal use and has proven to be very

    powerful motivator for many.

Pick some clothes you would like to fit into for summer and try them on describe how

    they feel, write it down, try them on again at the end of the challenge and see how

    they fit.

How To Excel

    1. Issue a Challenge or accept a Challenge

    2. Take advantage of our Special Offers

    3. Step out of your comfort zone.

    4. Track your workouts to stay focused.

    5. Have a plan, follow it and be consistent

Thanks to our Sponsors:

    Interlude Spa, Dr. Greg Thistle Dentistry, Life Mark, Sun World

    Tanning Salon, Sieu Muoi Know Personal Training,

    Jillian Osbourne Style Consultant,

    (Exclusively available to Biggest Winner participants) Special OffersGet the advantage on the competition with our great

    deals on these special offers either one on one or in a

    group. Space is limited.

1. Custom-Fit for 90 Days

    Meet with a Personal trainer at your convenience every 4 weeks get a

    new personalized workout to challenge you and bring out your best-

    th3 sessions $99+tax (must be used by June 8, one package per person)

2. Biggest Winner Boot camp- Group Training

    Get motivated by a group of your Biggest Winner Competitors in your

    weekly wake up call. You will experience different trainers, different

    workouts and definitive results. 12 classes $99+tax

    (Thurs. 1pm or Tues 5:10 beginning the week of March 9th- finishing

    the week of June 8th.)

    Some of the featured workouts:

    Athletic Training- Greg

    Power Yoga- Darlene


    Target Training- Sieu Muoi


    Outdoor Challenge in May

     The definition of Insanity: doing the same thing and expecting

    different results.

Register at the front desk.

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