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Miossec bg-sg E,F,G,H,I - E ...


E (rag) : His.

    E-unan : Himself.

    Yann e benn e-unan eo hennez : He is his own man.

    An aotrou ‟n eskob a deuas e-unan : The bishop came in person.

    Pep tra en e blas hag en e vare : There ‘s a time and a place for every thing. Pép hini hervez e beadra : Each one according to his means.

    N‟eo ket ken embreget hag e vreur : He cannot compare with his brother.

    Greet eo e stal : I’ ve fixed him.


    E miz meurz : In March.

    E bro Leon : In the Leon region.

    Merouri Kerret e Ploueskad: The Kerret farm in Ploueskad.

    E : In .

    Kredi en unan bennag : To put trust in someone. E-babourz : On the left.

    Lezel an enezenn e-babourz : To leave the island on the left.

    E-barz : Inside - On the inside .

    Dond e-barz : To get well again.

    Lakaad e-barz : To include.

    Job lak e-barz: Heavy drinker.

    N‟eus netra e-barz : There is nothing inside. Ebarzel (gw) : Latent.

    Ebarzi (v) : To import - To penetrate.

    Ebat - ou (go) : Revel .

    Ebatal (v) : To frisk.

    Ebéd : None.

    Den ébéd - Gour ébéd : No one.

    N‟ am-eus gwelet den ébéd : I haven’t seen anybody.

    N‟ eus den ébéd en ti : There is nobody at home Ne oa mouch avel ébéd ken : There was no breath of wind N‟o-doa aon ébéd da gaoud: They had nothing to fear.

    Diskleriadur ébéd: There is no explanation.

    Eben :

    Eben : The other one.

    Merhed ganet daou vloaz an eil war lerh eben : Girls born two years apart. Ebena : Ebony.

    Ebeter (gw) : Blithe.

    Ebeul (go) - Ebeulez (gr) : Colt - Foal .

    Ebeulez - ed (gr) : Filly - Funny girl . E-biou :

    Stlepel e-biou : To throw away.

    Kas e-biou : To send away.

    Tremen e-biou : To miss the mark.

    Tremenet eo an heol e-biou d‟ar prenest : My dancing days are over.

    Pevar bloaz az eas e-biou : Four years intervened . E-bourz : On board.

    Mond e-bourz : To go on board.

    Ebr (go) : Azure.

Echap :

    N‟eus ket tu da echap : There is no escape.

    Echedou (l) : Chess.

    Taolenn echedou : Chess-board.

    Echu : Complete.

    Echu eo ganti: She ‘s gone to the pot - She is dying away.

    Echu eo gantañ : He has made his chip - He is a marked man.

    Echu eo ganin : I am through with it.

    Echu eo ar stal ganti : She is a goner.

    Echu eo gand an deiziou-se : Those days are past. Beza war an echu : To near the end.

    War an echu edo ar pez c‟hoari : The play was all but ended War an echu ema an deiz : Day is dying.

    Piou n‟eo ket echu ganti eva? : Who hasn’t finished drinking?

    Soazig hag Andrew a zo echu ganto debri o bara : Soazig and Andrew have finished

    eating their bread.

    Me am-eus aon eo echu dezañ : I am afraid he is finished. Echu : The end (film).

    Echui (v) :

    Echu ar pardon: The pardon was over.

    Echui (gand) : To complete.

    Echui gand eun dra bennag : To finish doing something. A-bouez d‟echui emaon : I have just finished. Ed (ho) :

    Eur park dindan éd : A field of wheat - A field under wheat.

    Ed-du : Buck wheat.

    E-dalh :

    Beza e-dalh eur beli : To be answerable to an authority. Edenn (go) : Corn (cereals).

    E-doug : E-doug an deiz: All day long.

    Ed du (ho) : Buckwheat - Cereal.

    Eduz (gw) : Abouding in wheat.

    Eeun (gw) : Basic - Apposite - Equitable - Frank - Naïve - Rightful -

    Simple hearted - Straight

    Eeun a galon : Simple-minded.

    Ouz eeun - War eeun : Directly.

    Brezoneg eeun : Basic breton.

    Ar mekanikou eeun : The mechanical powers.

    War eeun e tostaas outañ : She came up to him.

    War eeun ez a an tren-mañ da Vrest : This train goes through to Brest. Ar hezeg end-eeun a varve gand ar riou : Even the horses died of cold. Ne zell ket eeun ouz Doué : To have a cast in his eye. Bale eeun : To sing small.

    E-giz: E-giz tad ha mamm: Like father and mother.

    Ni en em renko e-giz a-raog: We ‘ll manage jist as we used to do.

    E-giz am-eus lavaret: As I mentioned above.

    Ni a zo o vond d‟ober e-giz ar pennou braz: We ‘re going to act like the big shots. N‟am-eus ket eur penn egistañ: I don’t have his kind of mind.

    Eur reuz e-giz unan all: A disaster like so many others.

    Eeunadur - iou (go) : Redress - Simplification. Eeuna (v) : To adjust - To aim - To brasque - To simplify.

    Eeunded (gr) : Simplicity - Simpleness - Straightness. Eeunder (go) : Singleness - Simplicity - Simpleness. Eeunek (gw) : Naïve.

    Eeunder : Equity.

    Efed - ou (go) : Consequence - Effect.

    Efedou a-gostez : After effect - Side effects.

    Al louzou o-deus greet efed : The medisine had taken effect. Al louzaouenn a ra efed war ar galon: This medicine acts upon the heart. Lezet e veze ar strillouriez da ober heh efed : The chimistry did its work. Ne vo ket efed bewech diwarno: They didn‟t always have the deisred effect.

    Efedi (v) : To act (medecine).

    Efeduz (gw) : Effectual.

    Beza efeduz : To avail.

    N‟eus netra efeduz a-eneb ar hleñved-mañ : Nothing avails against this disease. Kemer perz en eun doare efeduz : To take an active part in something. Lakaad efeduz an traou da labourad : To make things go.

    Efedusted (go) : Avail - Efficacy.

    Efreiza (v) : To startle.

    Egar (go) : Mond en egar : To go berserk.

    Egile :

    Egile : The other one.

    Euz eur penn d‟egile : From the first to last.

    Euz an eil koumanant d‟egile : From contract to contract.

    Egitad : Christmas bonus.

    E-giz :

    Kaozeal e-giz Ploueskadiz : To speak after the manner of Ploueskad . Eur reuz e-giz ar re-all : A disaster like so many others one. Grit e-giz ma karit : Have it your own way.

    Eh : Boo (interj).

    Ehan - ou (go) : Discontinuance - Halt - Intermission - Pause - Stop Ehan-skol : Recess.

    Eun tamm ehan : A short break.

    Ober eun ehan : To come to a halt - To repose - To come to stop. Ober eun ehan war ar hleuz - war ar peuri :To break off from work - To pause. Hep ehan : Relentlessy.

    Ehana (v) : To discontinue - To stop.

    Ehanleh - iou (gr) : Bivouac.

    E-harz :

    Stok e-harz : Bordering.

    Ar parreziou e-harz: The adjacent counties.

    Ehon (gw) : Ample - Capacious - Commodious - Roomy - Spacious - Vast

    Ehonaad (v) : To amplify - To magnify.

    Ehonded ( gr) : Ampleness - Amplitude.

    Ehonder - iou (go) : Boundlessness - Space - Vastness. Eienenn - ou (go) : Fountain - Source.

    Eienenn a furnez : Fountain of widsom.

    Eienenn ar hleñved : The cause of the illness - The root of the trouble. Eil - ed (go) : Adjunct - Aid - Auxiliary - Second.

    An eil hag egile (one another) : Both - Either one or the other.

    An eil hag eben (one another) : Both.

    Nag an eil nag egile : Neither of them.

    An eil e-kichenn egile : Near one another. An eil dre egile : On average.

    An eil war-lerh egile : One by one - One at a time. Teod an eil ouz skouarn egile : By word of mouth. En eil bloavez : In the second grade. Merhed ganet daou vloaz an eil war-lerh eben : Girls born two years apart.

    Ne garan nag an eil nag egile : I don’t like either of them.

    Sot magn an eil gand egile : Mad about each other. Seven an eil e-keñver egile : Civil to each other. Joa on-eus an eil ouz egile : We love each other Mad eo neuze ma „ z om kontant an eil gand egile : All the better if you are pleased

    with each other.

    An eil nebeud a font en egile : Many a little makes a mickle.

    An eil ne herz ket ouz egile : The one doesn’t rule out the other. Euz an eil penn d‟egile : From start to finish.

    An eil renk - An eil talvoudegez : Secondary.

    Pleget an eil korn ouz an egile: One corner tucked into the other. Ar baotred-se a yeas kuit an eil war-lerh egile: Those men disappeared, one after


    Eil-taos - ou (go) : Supertax.

    Eiladur - iou (go) : Accompaniment.

    Eila (v) :

    Eila unan bennag ouz ar piano : To accompany someone on the piano.

    Eil-dimezi : Remarriage.

    Eil-diweza : Antepenultimate.

    Eil-lehia (v) : To replace .

    Eilehiadur - iou (go) : Relay.

    Eiler - ien (go) : Subaltern - Adjunct - Aid. Eilfeuka (v) : To retort .

    Eilgeriadenn - ou (gr) : Answer ( solution of a problem) - Rejoinder - Repartee

    Retort .

    Eilgeria (v) : To answer - To rejoin. Eilmoula (v) : To reprint.

    Eilmouladur - iou (go) : Reprint .

    Eilpenna (v) : To topple.

    Eilpennadur - iou (go) : Reversal.

    Eilskrid - ou (go) : Copy.

    Eilskriva (v) : To transcribe.

    Eilskrivadur - iou (go) : Transcription.

    Eil-vestr - vistri (go) : Boatswain.

    Eiz (gw) : Eight..

    Eizteiz :

    Dindan eizteiz : Within eight days.

    Eizved (go) : Octave.

    Ejen - ed (go) : Bull - Bullock - Ox. Kemer an ejen dre e gerniel : To take the bull by the horn.

    Ejeneg (gr) : Bovidae.

    Ejen-mir (go) : Bully beef.

    Ejen-moueeg (go) - Ejen ohen (l) : Bison.

    Ejipt (gr) : Egypt.

    E-keñver : Alongside.

    En deiz a hirio, an dud a zo digalon kaer e-keñver al labour : These days, people are very half - hearted about their work. Klevet am-eus ho komzou ken kaled em heñver : I’ve heard all the hard things you

    have said about me.

    Bet e oa bet eun tad en he heñver : He has been a father to her. En eur geñver : Abreast.

    Kavoud a ree din beza evel eur bugel e-keñver an deiz araog gouel Nedeleg : I feel like a child again on the eve of Xmas. N‟e-noa doujañs dreist e-keñver ar veleien: He had no particular respect for the clergy.

    Keñver ha keñver : Face to face.

    E-kerz : During.

    E-kerz an nozvez : During the evening.

    E-kerz eun treuz hir : Upon a long crossing.

    E-kichenn : Beside - Alongside .

    An ti e-kichenn : The house next door;

    Azezet en he hichenn : Seated beside her.

    Ni a oa moused en o hichenn : We were younsten beside them. Ekoloji (gr) : Ecology.

    E-kreiz : Amidst - Amongst .

    Azezet e-kreiz ar vugale: Sitting amongst the children. Eun ti e-kreiz ar gwez : House standing among trees. E-kreiz ar vrud : To be in the flower of one’ s age.

    El - Eal: Angel.

    Ober êled gand eun nebeud tud: To transform some people into little angels

    Elaz - ou (go) : Gizzard.

    E-leh : Instead.

    Va leor he-deus kemeret e-leh heh hini : She has taken my book instead of her own.

    E-leh: E-leh renta selvij: Instead of helping.

    E-leiz : Abundantly - Galore.

    Boued e-leiz : Ad-lib of food.

    Leoriou on-eus e-leiz : We have an amount of books. Traou e-leiz : A great deal.

    Plijadur e-leiz a vo a lavaran deoh : I promise you lots of fun. Traou e-leiz a vefe da lavaroud diwar-benn an dra-ze :There is much to say there upon.

    Elestrenn - ou (gr) : Gladioulus - Iris (bot).

    Elevez (gr) : Modesty.

    Elevezieg (gw) : Modest.

    Elfenn - ou (gr) : Spark.

    Elgez (gr) : Chin.

    Dindan elgez : Bobstay.

    Eliksir - ou (go) : Elixir.

    Elumi (v) : To ignite.

    Lakaad war elum : To ignite.

    An tiez a oa c‟hoaz goulou war elum enno : The houses were still light inside.

    Arabad deoh lakaad ar radio war elum: You musn’t play the radio.

    Elumet (gw) : Alight.

    Elvaj tout : Bundle of nerves.

    Elzassiad - Elszassiz : Alsatian.

    Elzassieg : Alsatian ( language).

Ematiz : Autosuggestion.

    Embann - ou ( go) : Advertisement - Advertising - Proclamation .

    Embann (v) : To proclaim - To promulgate.

    Embann keloiou ha reolennou: To proclaim the news and the ruels. Embann ar helou war an ton braz : To blare forth. Embannet war an ton braz: Noised abroad - with a flourish of trumpets. Embann war don ar hrampouez gwiniz : To blazon abroad Embann eun dra bennag war ar groaz : To proclaim something from the


    Embannadur - iou (go) : Proclamation.

    Embannadurez (go) : Advertising (publicity). Embanner - ien (go) : Advertiser.

    Embannidigez (gr) : Promulgation.

    Embeilladeg - ou (go) : Scuffle.

    Emberr :

    Emberr da noz : Tonight.

    Embouder - ien (go) : Budder.

    Embrega (v) :

    Beza ken embreget hag unan all : To be a match for someone. N‟eo ket ken embreget hag e vreur : He isn’t a patch on his brother. Embregetoh eged he mamm eo : She has better presence than her mother. N‟eo ket embregetoh eged he mamm : She is no better than her mother - She cannot

    compare with her mother.

    N‟eo ket gwall embreget : She is a dimp bull. Embreger - ien labouriou (go) : Builder - Manoeuvre. Embrerger (v) : To ply.

    Embregerez (go) : Apparatus work - Drill - Manoeuvre.

    Embregerez spered : Brain work - Mental exercise. Embregerez brezel : Martial exercices. Embregerez korv : Physical culture.

    Embregerez ene : Retreat.

    Emdouelladur - iou (go) : Hallucination.

    Emeller - ien (go) : Interloper.

    Emellerez (go) : Intrusion.

    Emelloud (e) (v) : To ingest - To meddle. Emerod (go) : Emerald.

    E-mesk : Amidst - Amongst.

    E-metou : Amongst.

    Emfiñv (gw) : Automatic.

    Emfiñver - iou (go) : Automat.

    Emfiñverez (go) : Automation.

    Emfiñvus (gw) : Automatic.

    Emfiziuz (gw) : Presumptious - Self - sufficient .

    Emgann - ou (go) : Battle - Combat.

    An dachenn emgann : Field of battle.

    Emgann korv ha korv : Hand to hand fight. Bouhal emgann (gr) : Battle - axle.

    Emgann war vor : Naval action.

    Prez war an oll evid an emgann : Clear out for action. E kreñvañ an emgann : In the thick of the fight. Mond d‟an emgann : To go to war. .

    Emgannou a-renkadou : Pitched battles. Emgannata (go) : Fencing.

    Emgar (gw) : Egoist.

    Emgarantez - iou (gr) : Egoïsm - Selfisness. Emgastiz (go) : Penance

    Emgav - iou (go) : Appointment (rendez - vous). Emgleo - iou (go) : Accord - Accordance - Agreement - Compact - Scheme

    N‟eus ket tu da lakaad an dra-ze da vond da wir nemed ma vefe eun emgleo

    etre an oll dud : There is no way that this project can be launched unless there is

    compromise on all sides.

    Emglevadenn - ou (gr) : Accomodation - Accord. Emgoumataer - ien (go) : Boxer.

    Emguzulia (v) : To confer.

    Emhloar (gr) : Sufficiency - Vanity. Emhraus (gw) : Accomodating.

    Emlaz - ou (go) : Suicide.

    Emlusk (gw) : Automotive

    Emlusker - iou (go) : Automobile.

    Emmzalh (go) : Mien.

    Emnah (go) : Self-denial - Abnegation. Emober (gw) : Reflexive.

    Emors - ou (go) : Primer.

    Emouestlad (go) : Volunteer.

    Empechet :

    Eun den empechet : A physically handicaped person - Invalid.

    Ar re empechet : The halt.

    Empenn - ou : Brain.

    Eur maill a empenn : A marvallous brain. Eun empenn kefeleg a zo dezañ : He has the brain of a canary.

    Empenn elektroneg : Electronic brain. Empenna (v) : To conceive - To imagine.

    Empennet : Imaginar.y

    Empennad (go) : Conception.

    Empennadur (go) : Imagination

    Empennaduz (gw) : Conceivable.

    Empenneg (gw) : Cerebral.

    Empennuz (gw) : Conceivable

    Empetadenn (gr) : Imagination.

    Empenti (v) : To imagine.

    Empoezoner - ien (go) - Empoesonerez - ed (gw) : Poisoner. Empoezonerez gwad : Blood poisoning. Empoazoni (v) :

    En em empoazoni : To take poison.

    Empoazonet : Baneful.

    Empra (v) : To box.

    Empradur - iou (go) : Boxing.

    Emprest - ou (go) : Borrow.

    Beva diwar emprestou : To live from borrowing. Emprestann (v) : To borrow.

    Emprester - ien (go) : Borrower.

    Emreizerez (go) : Autonomy.

Emren : Self-governing.

    Emren (gw) : Autonomous.

    Emreneadur - iou (go) : Autonomy.

    Emrenerez (go) : Self-goverment - Autonomy

    Emro (gw) : Able of abnegation.

    Emroidigez (gr) : Abnegation

    Emrousted (gr) : Abnegation.

    Emskejerez - iou (go) : Autopsy.

    Emskianteg (gw) : Aware - Conscious. Emutu : It ‘s that and nothing more.

    Emveva (v) :

    Emveva a ran dre feur : I am on diet.

    Emvirerez - iou (go) : Abstention.

    Emvirour - ien (go) - Emvirourez - ed (gr) : Abstentionist. Emvirouriez (gr) : Abstentionism.

    Emvrud (go) : Amour-propre - Self-esteem .

    Emvuhezskrivagner - ien (go) : Autobiographer. Emwalh (go) : Ablution.

    Emwalhadenn - ou (gr) : Ablution.

    Emwalhin (gr) : Lavatory.

    Emyouleg (gw) : Voluntary.

    Emzalh - iou (go) : Behaviour - Constraint - Countenance - Enforcement .

    An emzalh pemdezieg: The people daily’s behavior.

    Emzao (gw) : Advantageous.

    Emzavadeg - ou (gr) : Insurrection.

    Emzavadenn - ou (gr) : Rebellion - Revolt Emzaver - ien (go) - Emzaverez - ed (gr) : Insurgent. Emzavuz (gw) : Advantageous.

    Emzeskad (go) : Autodidact - Self educated. Emzinah (go) : Abnegation.

    Emziouer (go) : Abstention - Abstinence (relig) - Continence - Moderation .

    Emzioueruz (gw) : Abstenious.

    Emziskouez (go) : Appearance.

    Emziskouezidigez - iou (gr) : Apparition - Appearance. Emzistaol - iou (go) : Reflexe.

    Emzivad: Motherless child.

    Emzivadeg - ou (gr) : Parley.

    Emziviz - ou (go) : Colloquy

    Emzivoud (v) : To parley.

    Emzizalh - iou (go) : Abdication.

    Emzizerhel (v) :

    Emzizerhel diouz : Abdicate.

    Emzornata (v) : To box.

    : He

    Eñ e-unan: He himself.

    Ken braz hag eñ eo hi : She is as tall as he. En - Ennout - Enni - Ennañ - Ennom - Ennoh - Enno - Ennor : Petra a zo peg ennout? : What is the matter with you?

    Hennez e oa gemeras ar voest a oa enni ar gwalennou: He was the one taht took the

    box the rings were in.

    Enaoui (v) : To elicit - To ignite - To kindle.

    Enaoui an estlamm : To excite admiration - To rouse admiration. Enaouet : Alight.

    Enaska (v) : To embed.

    Enboudel : Subjective .

    Enbroadeg - ou : Immigration.

    Enbroadenn - ou (gr) : Immigration.

    Enbroa (v) : To immigrate - To import.

    Enbroadi (v) : To immigrate.

    Enbroadur - iou (go) : Immigration.

    Enbroer - ien (go) : Immigrant.

    Endalher - iou (go) : Container - Vessel.

    Endalhuz (gw) : Compulsory - Imperious - Obligator. Enderhel (v) : To contain - To include - To implicate - To imply - To involve.

    Endalhet : Inclusive.

    En-dro : Afresh - Again - Anew.

    Kregi en-dro - Staga en-dro : To begin anew.

    Lakait ar voest-mañ en-dro en diretenn : Put this box back in the drawell. O redeg edo e zaelou en-dro : His tears had started afresh. En-dro d‟al liorz : About the garden.

    Ene - ou (go) : Soul - Spirit.

    Ene divarvel : Immortal soul.

    Eneou ar purgator : The souls in purgatory.

    Eun ene saveteet euz ar flammou : A brand from the burning. Daonet e vo krohenn va ene : I’ll be damnned.

    Debri beteg pondalez an ene : To gorge.

    Va ene! : Hell!

    Paz eun ene kristen : Not a living soul.

    Paz eun ene kristen er ru :There wasn’t a soul in the street.

    Ne oa ene kristen ébéd e nebleh : There was no sign of life anywhere. Ne oa ene kristen aze: There was nobody about.

    Eneb (gw) : Antagonistic.

    A-eneb :

    War an tu eneb emaoh o vond : You are going on the opposite direction. Enebadur - iou (go) : Protest.

    Enebarz (go) : Dower.

    Enebarzerez - ed (gr) : Dowager.

    Eneber - ien (go) - Eneberez - ed (gr) : Adversary - Antagonist - Opponent. Eneberez (go) : Antagonist - Resistance.

    Enebi (ouz) (v) : To demur - To raise objections - To oppose - To react

    To remonstrate - To resist - To respond. Enebi ouz an droug : To resist evil.

    Enebiez (gr) : Antagonism - Inconsistency - Opposition. An enebiez vouzar : A veiled antagonism.

    Eneblavaroud (v) : To demur

    Enebour - ien (go) : Enemy - Foe.

    Enebour - ien touet : Bitter enemies - Mortal enemies - Sworn enemy. An enebour : Satan.

    Mond beh d‟an enebourien : To march against the enemy. Flod an enebourien : The enemy fleet.

    E-eneb - Eneb (da) : Hostile.

    Eneb : Anti - Averse.

    Enebarmeour - ien (go) : Antimilitarist. Enebbevenn - ou (gr) : Antibiotic. Enebbrena (v) :

    Louzou enebbrena (ho) : Antiseptic. Enebbroadeler (gr) : Antinationalist. Enebbroadelouriez (gr) : Antinationalism. Enebfaksour - ien (go) : Antifacist. Enebbfaksouriez (gr) : Antifascism. Eneb-feiz : Antirelijious.

    Enebkloer (gw) : Anticlerical. Enebkomunegez (gr) : Anticommunism. Enebkomunour - ien (go) : Anticommunist. Enebkredenn (gr) : Heresy.

    Eneb-krist : Antichrist.

    Eneb-kristen (gw) : Antichristian. Eneblavar (go) : Objection.

    Eneblezenn : Illicit.

    Enebpouez - iou (go) : Counterbalance. Enebreiz (gr) : Injustice.

    Eneb-relijiel : Antirelijious. Enebreveulzerier - ien (go) : Antirevolutionary. Enebsao - iou (go) : Reaction.

    Enebsklaverez (go) : Abolitionism - Antislavery. Enebsklavour - ien (go) : Abolitionist . Enebskorn (go) : Antifree.

    Enebsoudardeler - ien (go) : Antimilitarist. Enebsoudardelerez (gr) : Antimilitarism. Enebster : Antonym.

    Enebsteriez (gr) : Antonymy.

    Enebstourm - ou (go) : Counterattack. Enebstourmad - ou (go) : Counterattack. Enebtezenn - ou (gr) : Antithesis (gr). Enebunveliour (go) : Antimonarchist Enebunvellegez (gr) : Antimonarchism. Enebvuhezour - ien (go) : Animist.

    Enebvuhezouriez (go) : Animist.

    Enebyuzeo (gw) : Anti-semitic. Enebyuzevegez (gr) : Anti-semitism. Enebyuzevour - ien (go) : Anti-semite. Energiez ( gw ) : Energy.

    Eur stivell naturel a energiez : An natural source of energy. Enez - ou (ho) - Enezenn - ou : Island. An enezenn eo o douar : The island is their land.

    Enezenn an teñzor: Treasure Island.

    Enezel (gw) : Insular.

    Enezennad - ou (gr) : Enclave.

    Eneziad (go) : Islander.

    Enezour - ien (go) : Islander.

    Engalv - ou (go) : Appeal - Convocation. Engalvadeg - ou (gr) : Mobilization. Engalvadenn - ou (gr) : Convocation.

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