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    I had joined a local gym thinking I would spend some time trying to get back into shape. It was a relatively new place and was fully equipped. I asked what time of the day was busiest and learned it was in the evening. “That’s good to know. I will do my

    workouts in the morning, then,” I told the girl at the desk. As I was learning the “lay of

    the land” of the facility, I discovered a very nice room that appeared to be equipped for some type of dance activity or perhaps yoga. The walls were mirrored and ballet barres were mounted on three walls. It could have also been used for aerobic classes because I noticed a large number of step benches stacked in the corner.

    From time to time during my workouts, I would here music coming from that room but never paid much attention. I did notice however some of the women going and coming there. Their ages ranged from early 20’s on up. Some lovely while other looked like they needed to be there, if you know what I mean. One older woman caught my eye. She was tall; I would guess nearly 6’, slender but very shapely body. I was attracted to her legs. They were the most beautiful legs I had seen at the gym. Most times, she would wear leggings with a leotard cut very high on the hips. Other times, she was bear legged. I was thankful she always wore the high cut leotards. They made her legs look so inviting. I learned the class she attended was a yoga/stretching class. My interest was peaked because I have been a fan of flexible women ever since I could remember. Each time I went to the gym for a workout, I wondered if I would see her again. The thought that she might have some flexibility motivated me to look in on occasion to see if perhaps that was the case.

    One day, I noticed the same long legged beauty walk into the room so I thought I would look in after some time went by. I did not want to be too obvious in my curiosity. Strangely enough, I noticed nobody else went into the room after her. After finishing my workout, I opened the door slightly to look in. I was pleasantly surprised to see her at the ballet barre stretching her long beautiful legs. She was alone in the room. I walked over to her and introduced myself asking, “Are you the instructor?” “Heavens no! Why

    would you think that?” she asked. “Well, you were doing some wonderful heel stretches so I just assumed,” I said. “No, no. I am one of the students but the class was canceled today and I wanted to get some work in,” she told me. I apologized for disturbing her and excused myself. “No, that’s alright. Are you a personal trainer,” she asked. “Not too much anymore. In years past, I have coached flexibility. But, not much recently,” I

    told her. I asked her name. “My name is Emily,” she said. “Well, I am very happy to meet you,” I said introducing myself again shaking her hand. I turned to walk away. As

    I approached the door, Emily shouted, “If you had a student, would be coach again?” “Perhaps I would.” I said. She slowly walked toward me. She was truly a beautiful

    woman. I guessed her age at no more than 35. Her hair was light brown with blonde streaks. It was long enough to flow behind her as she walked. I sensed that she has been training for some time given the way she carried herself.


    “Would you be interested in coaching again?” Emily asked. “I suppose so, if I knew what the student wanted to accomplish,” I replied. “How much would you charge?” she asked. Ordinarily, personal trainers charge $30 per hour depending on the area. “Not sure. It depends on what the student wanted to learn,” I told her. She was interested in becoming as flexible as possible, given her age. I told her we needed to discuss it further. I suggested we meet in the lounge after her workout. “That will be

    fine. I should be finished in thirty minutes, or so,” she said. I suggested if she did not mind, I could watch her for the remainder of her workout so I can evaluate her level of flexibility at this point. “Oh, that’s a good idea,” she said as we walked back to the ballet barre. I pulled up a chair and told her to do whatever she intended to do. “Make believe I am not even here. I will say nothing until you are finished and we can talk about it after,” I told her.

    Emily agreed and went on with her workout. It was immediately apparent that she already had good leg flexibility. The heel stretches I saw before were only the beginning. She could raise both legs equally high. Once finished at the barre, she moved to the floor and did a number of splits. She was able to sit flat on the floor doing a right front split, but her left side was not as flexible. Straddle splits were almost nonexistent. To finish the session, she attempted a number of backbend bridges. She was able to raise herself into an arch, but she needed a lot of work in this area.

    Shortly afterwards, we sat in the lounge sipping lattes. “So, what do you think? What you saw is as flexible as I have ever been. I have been working at it for the last two years and I now feel I have reached a plateau,” she told me. Emily went on to tell me she

    had had two trainers so far, but they did not help her as much as she liked, so she let them go. The class she is taking was not helping much either. “It is really geared more for

    yoga and I want to go far beyond that. I want to be very flexible. My daughter is a

    contortionist and I want to be able to do some of the things she does,” she told me.

    My heart jumped. I had been a fan of contortion ever since I can remember. Through the years, my love for the art form has motivated me to learn as much as possible about it. This had resulted in the opportunity to train several girls. They had all been young girls that lacked the full appreciation of the work required to become proficient at contortion without injuring the body. Perhaps that will be different with a more mature woman, and a beautiful one at that.

    “You want to become as flexible as a contortionist?” I asked. “Well, I realize I am too old to get that good, but I sure would love to see just how far I can go,” she said.

    I told Emily I was very surprised to hear what she wanted to try. I also told her about my life long fascination of contortion. “Well, that settles it. You love contortion and you have a willing student. What else could you ask for? Unless it is, of course, how much you would get paid for this job,” she said. “Oh, the money is of no concern. I am

    impressed that you want to take on something like this given your age,” I told her. Emily

    laughed aloud. “Thank you, for that. My daughter thinks I am ancient. Let’s see what she says after you have been working with me for a while,” she said. We exchanged

    phone numbers, email addresses, and agreed to meet at her house in a couple of days.


    As she walked out of the gym, I could not help but admire her beauty. Her stride was long and firm. I especially liked watching her firm round butt sway back and forth fully emphasized by the leotard she was wearing.

Training Sessions Begin

    Emily lived in the high rent district of the city. The house was not excessively large, but the grounds were immense. There was a large swimming pool in the backyard along with a guesthouse that must have been at least three bedrooms. I was safe assuming Emily was a woman of means.

    She greeted me at the front door wearing a warm up suit. It was not as flattering as the usual leotards I was used to seeing her wear. “Hello there. It is good to see you again. Thanks for coming,” Emily said. She led me into the very large sunken den. The

    room itself was larger than my apartment. “Can I offer you a soft drink?” she asked. I said yes and sat down on the couch. The room was replete with a large TV screen, pool table and a workout area taking up over half the space.

    You have a beautiful home, Emily,” I told her. “Thank you. My late husband

    built the house before we were married. I told her I was sorry she had lost her husband. “Thank you. He was a wonderful man who loved life and his work. He died in an automobile accident over five years ago. Maureen and I love this place. “Maureen?” I

    asked. “That is my daughter. Step daughter actually. She was three years old when I married her father. “Maureen’s mother got a divorce and left when Maureen was nearly one year old. The divorce was very ugly and she lost custody of the child. I am really the only mother Maureen has known,” she told me. “So, tell me about yourself,” she said.

    “Well, not much to tell actually. I live on the other side of town. I have never

    married, and I am a freelance photographer. “Tell me about your coaching experiences,”

    Emily said. “Well, as I explained at the gym the other day, I have been a huge fan of contortion since I was fifteen years old. Thru the years, I have learned as much as I can about the art form. I am a self-taught contortion trainer and have had the opportunity to train several girls over the last five years. “You told me at the gym you were a flexibility coach,” she said. “Yes, I did say that. Sometimes people get turned off if I tell them I am a contortion trainer, so I just say flexibility coach,” I told her. “I understand fully. When I tell people my daughter is a contortionist, they get a funny look on their face. Personally, I think it is wonderful. What a nice way to keep the body fit, as far as I am concerned,” she said. I was very pleased to hear her say that.

    “So, how much are you going to charge for your services here,” she asked. I told

    her I was not going to charge her anything. However, I did have one thing I would like to do that would be sufficient compensation for my time. “I would like to take photos from time to time to record your progress,” I told her. “Yes, certainly. I would like that very much. Perhaps, one day Maureen would pose for your camera also. She is a wonderful


    little contortionist,” she replied. I asked her to tell me about her daughter. Emily

    explained that Maureen was born naturally flexible. As a tot, she would fold her body

    into unusual positions to get our attention. We always encouraged her when she did that. One day they took her to see the circus. She saw a contortionist perform and she told us that is what she wanted to do when she grew up,” Emily told me.

    “When she was eight years old, my husband learned of a dance school not far from here that taught acrobatic dancing. We enrolled her and after a few lessons, the dance teacher told us Maureen was so advanced, she would like to train her in contortion. For the next few years, Maureen learned all the basic skills. Then the teacher moved away and Maureen became bored with her new teacher so she left the school. Since then she has been working on her own trying to become more flexible and developing routines. She has competed in a few talent shows and has done a few commercials, but I think she still would love to be a professional contortionist, Emily went on to say. She also

    explained when Maureen turned 20 years old last year; she felt she needed more privacy so she moved into the guesthouse in the back. You speak so warmly about your

    daughter, I am sure she is a wonderful person,” I said. “Oh yes, you will like her very much. You two have so much in common with contortion. I am sure she will like you too,” she said.

    At this point, we had been talking for nearly an hour. I asked if she still wanted to work out and she said yes. I told her the gym area of the den was perfect for what we will be doing there. She excused herself so she could change. As I waited, I wondered what she was going to be wearing now that her workouts were going to be more private. I did not have to wait too long. Emily came back into the den wearing a wonderful two-piece spandex outfit. The bright yellow color was extremely flattering and it truly defined her beautiful body. It was easy to she had been very well taken care of.

    Before we began, I told her I was a strong believer in warming up well before doing any serious stretching. I also told her that passive stretching required the placement of my hands on her body. If she had any problems with that, it would be very difficult for me to do my job properly. She understood and said she felt there would be no problem with that. Emily’s warm up consisted of general stretches of the limbs,

    followed by jogging in place until a mild sweat came to surface. After that, she would do splits, heel stretches on the floor and at the ballet barre.

    “OK, it looks like you are ready to go. Since your leg flexibility is relatively advanced at this stage, let’s begin working on back flexibility,” I told her. She was eager

    to begin. I had her stand with her back to the wall. I described what I wanted her to do. “OK, let’s try it,” she said. Emily leaned back placing her hands on the wall. Slowly, she began walking her hands down the wall. Actually, she did pretty well. As the pain grew more intense, I told her to hold it for a five count and then walk her hands back up the wall. “Oh my, that is going to be a good one. I like it,” she said. “Good. Now, that

    was one set. Do four more. You should do five sets two or three times each day,” I told

    her. As she began doing her sets, I was impressed with her body. It was firm without a


    wrinkle. The spandex outfit she was wearing made it difficult for me to concentrate on what she was doing. Only twice did I have to remind her of her hand or feet placement.

    Before beginning the fifth set, I told her to relax her back and let the spine fold with the bend. She did and she nearly reached the floor with her hands. She came up laughing. “Did you see that? I could actually feel my spine folding. I love it!” she proclaimed. I asked if the pain was getting too severe. “It hurts, but it is not too bad,” she said. I explained she would probably be sore the next day. I the soreness was severe; she should not do that exercise. Her back would have to rest before she was to go back to doing it. She understood.

    Next, we moved to forward bending. I had Emily stand with feet apart. Bending forward, I wanted to see how close to the floor she could get her hands. To my surprise, she was able to place her hands flat on the floor with her legs straight. “Excellent! Can

    you do a human knot,” I asked. “What is that,” she asked. I explained the posture. “Oh yeah, that is easy,” she said. She lay on her back and put both feet behind her legs.

    Actually, her flexibility was so good here she was able to put both legs behind her shoulders. “I told you that was easy. My husband used to love watching me do this for him,” she said. I blushed. “Sorry, maybe that was too personal,” she said. I told her not to worry about it. “Certain elements of contortion are very sensual and erotic; the knot is

    one of them. That is why men tend to love flexible women,” I told her. “Well, that is certainly understandable,” she replied.

    The rest of the session consisted of her doing heel stretches at the ballet barre. Before finishing, I wanted her to experience a standing back split. Again, I explained the posture to her. Again, she understood. While she was holding the barre with her left hand, she reached back and raised her right leg up behind her. When the leg was as high as she could pull it, I placed one hand on her butt and the other on her up leg just above the knee. I pushed the leg up slowly and steadily. As she relaxed her spine, I was able to raise her leg up quite high. Higher than I expected she would be capable of doing. We did the other leg the same way. After five sets of this exercise, our first training session was over.


    Emily trained three times a week and made very good progress during the first month. The soreness she experienced was mild and did not hamper our training sessions. For each session, she wore a different outfit. Each one was perfect for her body. I wondered just how many outfits she actually owned.

    One day, Emily called me to say she would not be able to workout. She had a bad case of cramps and thought it would be better to take it easy. Instead of training her, she asked if she would like to meet Maureen. My heart stopped. “Yes, of course. I would

    love that,” I told her. “Good. Same place, same time. See you then,” she said as she hung up. Slowly hanging up the phone, I wondered what I was going to see that day. It


    has been a long time since I have seen a true contortionist perform in person. I prepared my camera just in case the opportunity arose.

    Emily and I were sitting in the den when Maureen walked in. She introduced me to “Mo”. She was a lovely little girl. A woman actually, given her age. I estimated her

    height at 5’2”. What struck me the most was the fullness of her body. Mo had very large breasts, a slim waist and shapely hips. She looked nothing like Emily. Clearly, she was from a different gene pool. She had been sunning herself by the pool so she was wearing a lovely red bikini. Her skin was flawless and muscle tone was exquisite. It was easy to see she had been training for many years. However, because of the fullness of her body, I would have never taken her as a contortionist.

    “Your mother tells me you are a contortionist,” I said. “Yes, I am. Would you like to see me do a little something?” she asked. “Yes, I certainly would, if you don’t mind,” I said. Mo moved to the center of the gym area and spent a few minutes warming up. I liked that. It told me she was fully aware of the importance of such thing. Next, she did a random series of bends showing me excellent flexibility. I noticed the backbends could have been tighter and her toe points and hand positions needed work. Overall, the little presentation was excellent. The little bikini highlighted her full figure and she showed no embarrassment about wearing it while she was doing contortions.

    When Mo finished, Emily asked how I liked it. I told her she was very good. “Do you have any suggestions?” Mo asked. “I noticed a few little things you could work on such as toe point and hand positions. Also, I think you could make your backbends a little tighter,” I told her. “Mom, do you think he could work with me also?” Mo asked.

    Emily said it would be fine with her as long as we could work out some kind of schedule. “I’m sure we can work something out,” I told them.

A Joint Training Session

    It was another warm sunny day. Hot actually! If it were not for the mild breeze, the heat would have been stifling. As I looked out the window, Mo was again sunning herself poolside. Emily was warming up. On one side, I was watching a mature woman wearing a black two-piece Lycra outfit. It was so tight; it seemed to be a natural part of her body. On the other side was a young nubile body wearing a light blue thong bikini. While the thong enhanced the fullness of her hips and thighs, the bra was working overtime in an effort to restrain her large breasts. It was going to be a wonderful day for this contortion fan. When Emily was ready, she called out for Mo to join us. Watching Mo walk in was a beautiful sight. I was not sure I would be able to contain myself as I bent her body.

    “Your mother has already warmed up. While you warm up, we will be over there

    working on some backbends,” I told Mo. “No problem. Just let me know when you want me,” she replied. I swallowed hard when I heard her choice of words.


    I asked Emily if she had been working on her backbends. She said yes and I told her to show me how she is doing. She went to the wall, leaned back and walked her hands down the wall all the way to the floor. “Excellent. I am very pleased,” I proclaimed. “OK, do four more sets and see if you can make the bend tighter by moving your feet closer to the wall. Try to reach the ceiling with your hips,” I told her. With

    each repetition, Emily was able to make her spine bend more and more.

    Mo had warmed up so I had her come to the wall also and do the same thing as her mother. “I have never done this one,” she said. I told her when she folded her spine as far as she could; I was going to push her hips toward the wall to see if she could make the bend tighter. She understood. To my surprise, she leaned back into the backbend and walked back to the wall. It was an excellent bend. With her ample chest pressed against the wall, her feet just in front of her hands, I knelt down and placed my hands on her hips. I pushed. The view I had was spectacular. Her pelvis was only a few inches from my face. Mo’s spine folded to the point her back pressed against butt. After holding the bend for a very long five count, I stepped back and let her come out of the backbend. “Whew, that was a deep bend. I do not remember ever bending that deeply,” she said. I asked her how it felt and she reported it felt fine. She could actually feel her spine melt under the pressure I was applying.

    Emily saw that and said that is what she wants to be able to do. “Well, it will take a lot of hard work, but I think you will be able to get close to it,” I told her. Again, she did the exercise pushing her hips up as far as she could. “Push my hips. I want to bend

    deeper,” she said. I pushed her as I did Mo and was pleasantly surprised to see her spine bend further than before. I began counting but she said stop before I reached five. She crumpled to the floor. “Was the pain too severe,” I asked. “Not really but I began cramping in the hips,” she said. “You need to relax your butt and let me do the pushing.

    Just imagine your spine folding and I will do the rest. Again, we did the exercise. This time she was able to bear the long five count. Her spine did bend more than before and I applauded her achievement. To finish the sets, she did it three more times. Each time became a bit easier for her.

    While I was working with Emily, I lost track of what Mo was doing. When I looked up, she was in a contortion pose that I have to categorize as most unusual. She had moved to another portion of the wall. Apparently, she had approached the wall in a handstand. Facing the wall, she lowered her torso onto the floor while her legs were still upward against the wall. She had her hands cupped under her chin. She looked extremely relaxed. “Wow! That looks great,” I said. Her body formed a perfect “L” as her spine folded at a 90? angle. Because of the bikini she was wearing, I had a clear view of the wonderful folds of skin on her back. “I am not sure what that pose is called, but from now on I will call it “The Mo, I said. Emily wanted to learn “The Mo” also.

    “Hang on a minute. Emily, remember Mo is naturally flexible. She can easily do just about anything she wants with her body. You, on the other hand, will have to work very hard to achieve the flexibility of Mo. “Yeah, you are right. I promise I will work hard,” she said.


    Mo had to leave so Emily and I continued our work. For the last exercise of the session, I had her do a split on the floor. When she felt comfortable, I had her raise her arms and lean back as far as she could. I placed my hands on her shoulders. “Now, I am going to push you further as you lean back. Go as far as you can and say stop. At that point, I will begin a five count. Relax you spine and let me do all the work,” I told her.

    As I prepared to put my hands on her shoulders, I could not help taking in the beauty of what was in front of me. Emily, with all her beauty, maintained very good form during all the bends I had her perform. I noticed her smooth underarms and her hips sitting firmly on the floor. She leaned back and I began pushing downward. She said stop very quickly and began the count. Upon releasing her, she said that one is very difficult. “Yes, I know. Now, we need to do it with the other leg forward. She shifted leg forward in the split and I pushed again. The bend was just about the same as the first. We repeated each side four more times before quitting. As she got up, I patted her on her butt and told her she had a good session. “I know. I can feel it in my back. I hope I don’t get to sore as I did the last time,” she said with a smile. I told her if she did get sore to work thru it with some mild bending. “Don’t ever push yourself when you are sore,” I said.

    As I drove home, my thoughts were more with Mo that Emily. The next time she bends for me, I will have to soak in more of her beauty. I decided to have my camera always with me just in case the “photo op” arises.

Emily Continues Her Work

    In the following months, Emily made tremendous progress. We both left the gym where we met and solely concentrated on making her as flexible as possible in her gym. The backbends were coming along very well. She is not nearly as flexible in the back as Mo, but I must say she is now very comfortable folding her spine. The bend is so good, over the next few sessions; we will try to get her to sit on her head. I explained to Emily that her spine was well conditioned enough to begin some very serious backbending. “Oh my. That sounds very exciting, if you ask me. I think I am ready for just about anything at this point,” she said.

    I described in detail what I wanted her to do and what to expect. She was a little apprehensive about it. “Are you sure I am ready for that,” she asked. “Yes, I do, but if

    you would rather wait, I will understand,” I replied. Just then, Mo walked in to watch the work out. She had been doing some bending in her room. She got bored and wanted to see what we were doing. I told Mo I was going to try to get her mother to sit on her head. “Oh, Mom, you will love that one. Here, let me show you what it looks like,” she said.

    Before I could say anything, Mo got down on the floor on all fours. She kicked up her legs and brought them over her head. The outstanding thing about what she was doing was what she was wearing. It was a white thong bikini. As I stood there watching, the thong did not hide very much. Just as she began lowering her chest to the floor, a bra string broke loose letting her breasts hang free. It was an amazing sight. Mo jumped up out of the pose and stood there in front of me not attempting to cover herself. “Oh Honey, are you alright?” Emily asked. “Yeah sure. It has been happening all afternoon. No big deal,” she replied. Emily and I looked at each other and began to laugh. “Well, those


    certainly are beautiful breasts,” I said. “Yeah, I like them too but sometimes they get in the way when I am contorting,” Mo said. Again, Emily and I laugh.

    Mo went to fix the strap. I asked Emily if she had seen what Mo was doing before the mishap. She said yes and I told her to try it. As she did, I guided her legs to steady her. The bend was very good. I told her to try to get her chest on the floor. She did as I continued guiding her legs. “Now, straighten your legs,” I told her. The

    backbend became more severe with that move. She held it very well. “How are you doing?” I asked. “OK, but it is a bit hard to breathe,” she said. I told her to relax and let

    gravity pull the legs down. She was able to place both feet on the floor in front of her. It really was an excellent bend for her. She held it for a long five count and fell over sideways. I applauded her effort and asked how she was doing. “Ah, I really like that one!” she proclaimed. Just then, Mo walked back in. “Honey, you missed it. I just did a great bend. Here, I will show it to you,” she said. “Wait, before you try it again, I want

    Mo to do it and I will show you what I am going to do when you are in the bend,” I said. I told Mo to do a backbend on her chest with her legs straight and feet on the floor. She easily got into the posture when I straddled her legs and placed my hands on her hips. I pushed gently at first increasing the pressure as I felt Mo’s spine give way to the pressure.

    Mo’s butt was firmly sitting on her head. I continued pushing to see how far Mo could go. Amazingly, the harder I pushed, the further her spine folded. I released and stepped back. Mo got up and said, “Wow, I love it when you push me like that. Hopefully, one

    day you will spend some time with me to see just how far you can bend me,” she said. “Now, that would be fun to see,” Emily said. “One thing though, when you bend me, I

    will be topless. I don’t have any bra that would stand up to what you will make my body

    do,” she said. I hesitated not sure what to say. “Well, Mo, if you have no problem with that, I certainly can’t say anything,” Emily said. I agreed and told them some day we will do that.

    We looked at each other for a few seconds. Then, I clapped my hands and said, “OK, Emily, it is your turn for me to bend you. She got into the posture as best she could. When her legs were straight in front of her, I placed my hands on her hips and pushed down. I was very pleased as her spine began to fold. “Relax. Let me do the work,” I

    told her. She handled it much better this time. Upon releasing her, Emily said, “Yeah, that one was much better. I think I am getting the hang of it.”

    She certainly was getting the hang of it. Her back flexibility had increased greatly in the few months we have been working together. Of course, her leg flexibility was still as good, if not better, as the first time I saw her at the gym when we met. I was very proud of her progress.

Photo Op

    Another several months had past and Emily’s progress continued to grow steadily. One day, as I walked into the den, Emily was sitting on the couch doing some splits and knots. “Ahha! Getting an early start I see,” I said. “Yeah, I wanted to be warmed up


    before you got here, but I am cramping a bit,” she said. “No problem. We can reschedule for another day. Emily agreed and we began talking about what she has accomplished so far. She told me she was very pleased and thanked me for helping her. I told her it was completely my pleasure. “I am thankful for that day at the gym when I

    walked in on you,” I said. “Yes, its funny how people meet and how relationships

    begin,” she said. “Emily, can I ask you a personal question?” I said. “Sure, after all we have gone thru, you can ask me anything,” she replied. I asked why she really wanted to get into contortion. After all, at her age, it is not something most people even consider doing. “How old do you think I am?” she asked. We had never discussed that before. I

    only guessed in my own mind. Not wanting to say the wrong thing, I said “40”. She laughed and thanked me for the compliment. “No, I am 47,” she said. I was speechless.

    Emily went on to tell me her story. She married her husband when she was 25 years old. Mo was 3 years old at the time. “I fell in love with both of them. He was handsome and rich. What is not a woman to love there? After dating for a few months, he discovered my leg flexibility. A week later, he asked me to marry him. We were always very happy together and loved to watch Mo contort. She gave us great joy. Now, she is all I have,” she told me sadly.

    I felt such sadness in her voice. This is the first time I had seen her like this. I

    m firmly. “I’m so sorry, Emily. I hate to see you this grasped both her hands and held the

    way. What can I do to cheer you up?” I asked. “Nothing really. I get this way from time to time when Mo goes away,” she said. Mo had been gone for a couple of days returning some time that day. “How about I stay with you until Mo comes home?” I asked. Emily smiled and gave me a hug. “You are a true friend,” she said.

    For the next few hours, we hung out watching TV and talking about our lives. She was very interested in my contortion collection. “Some day, you will have to show

    me some of the photos and videos you have,” she said. “I would love to do that. One of

    these days, I will have to take photos of you bending. You are so good now,” I told her. “Ah, that would be fun. I will look for a special outfit to wear for the photo shoot.

    Maybe something like Mo wears,” she said with a laugh. “I would love to see you in the thong bikini. You have a gorgeous body and it would look even more spectacular when you contort, I told her. “Well, I will give that some serious thought,” she said.

    As we were talking, Mo literally bounced in the room. “Hello, you two! I feel wonderful today, she said. Emily said “Hi, Honey. It is good to have you home again. I

    did not feel like working out today so we have been here just talking for hours. “I feel so

    good, I think right now is a good time to be bent by your favorite contortion trainer,” Mo

    said. Emily and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. “That works for me, if it works for you,” I said to Emily. She jumped up and said that would be wonderful to watch. “Great! Give me a few minutes to change and warm up a bit. Be right back,” Mo

    said running out to the back house. Emily asked me what I was going to do with Mo. “I

    have no idea. But, afterwards I would love for Mo to pose for my camera,” I said. “Sounds good. And the next time you are here, I will pose for you also,” she said.

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