The American Flag By Emily Hendrix

By Victoria Gonzales,2014-05-27 06:19
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The American Flag By Emily Hendrix

    The American Flag

    By Emily

     The American Flag is a symbol of our country. It stands for so many things including peace and war, hope and love, but most of all, freedom.

     America is not always in peace, but we’re not always in war. At the moment be are kind of both. The war right now isn’t for

    helping the U.S. It’s for helping other countries so that they can have peace like ours in America.

     Hope and love is another meaning of the American Flag. We hoped to be free from Britain, and we love that now, we are. Hope and love are two very important things in this country. I know I couldn’t live without them.

     Freedom though, is what the flag mostly stands for. It stands for our growth of freedom and how it’s an American right. It stands for the people who died for our freedom and other ways that interact with that.

Even though the flag comes across as nothing more than a

piece of cloth, it’s so much more than that. It’s simply peace and

war, hope and love, and also freedom.

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