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    loneliness(Solitude. c? ?n; hiu qu?nh n.)

    quietus(n.) A silencing, suppressing, or ending. bÊt ?éng; chÕt efficaciousEffective. Cã h/q; sinh lîi (adj.)

    forehead(n.The upper part of the face, between the eyes and tr?n ) the hair.

    cosmographyThe science that describes the universe, including

    (n.) astronomy, geography, and geology.

    transferablCapable of being conveyed from one person or place Cã thÓ di chuyÓn e(adj.) to another.

    innumerableCountless. Kh?ng ?Õm xuÓ (adj.)

    network(n.) Anything that presents a system of cross- lines. m?ng despotism(nAny severe and strict rule in which the judgment of ChÕ ?é chuyªn quyÒn .) the governed has little or no part.

    stimulus(n.Incentive. kÝch thÝch; khuyªn ) khÝch excess(n.) That which passes the ordinary, proper, or required Qu? møc, vuît qu?

    limit, measure, or experience. giíi h?n convalescenThe state of progressive restoration to health and Thêi kú d?íng bÖnh; ce(n.) strength after the cessation of diseas sù l?I søc psychic(adjPertaining to the mind or soul. ?ng ?ång, bµ cèt .)

    monstrosityAnything unnaturally huge or distorted. Qu?I dj, kú qu?i (n.)

    terrapin rïa B?c Mü planetarium cung thiªn v?n, nhµ

    m? h×nh vò trô interpolatiVerbal interference. phÐp néi suy on(n.)

    enlist(v.) To enter voluntarily the military service by formal thu nhËn vµo qu?n

    enrollment. ?éi; tßng qu?n;

    tranh thñ ( cm t×nh,

    céng t?c) orthodoxy(nAcceptance of the common faith. t/c chÝnh thèng .)

    fit võa vÆn intercept(vTo interrupt the course of. ng?n chÆn, chÆn .) ?øng; prediction(A prophecy.


    amusement(nDiversion. tiªu khiÓn; vui chi .)

    caitiff(adjCowardly. HÌn nh?t; hÌn h? .)

    contraction thu nhá; teo; tiªm

    nhiÔm neo-Darwinism as modified and extended by more recent thuyÕt Dacuyn míi Darwinsim(nstudents.


    disreputablDishonorable or disgraceful. lµm ? danh e(adj.)

    transalpineSituated on the other side of the Alps. Bªn kia nói An-p (adj.)

    entirety(n.A complete thing. Toµn vÑn )

    racy(adj.) Exciting or exhilarating to the mind. ?Æc s?c vernal pertaining to spring mïa xu?n orgies(n.) Wild or wanton revelry. truy hoan, tr?c t?ng reck(v.) To have a care or thought for. lo ng?i, b?n kho?n demurrage(nthe detention of a vessel beyond the specified time Gi? tµu qu? h?n .) of sailing.

    planisphereA polar projection of the heavens on a chart. b×nh ?å; ?Þa cÇu (n.)



    evolution(nDevelopment or growth. TiÕn triÓn, tiÕn ho? .) 1 TOEFL

    evangelicalSeeking the conversion of sinners. Kinh phóc ?m (adj.)

    descent(n.) The act of moving or going downward. Xuèng dèc nominate(v.To designate as a candidate for any office. ?Ò cö; chän bæ nhiÖm )

    fungible(adThat may be measured, counted, or weighed. cã thÓ thay thÕ ??îc j.)

    guess(n.) Surmise. ?o?n, ?íc chõng aide-de-An officer who receives and transmits the orders of siz quan phô t?, hÇu camp(n.) the general. cËn joggle(n.) A sudden irregular shake or a push causing such a xãc nhÑ; l?c l?c


    butte(n.) A conspicuous hill, low mountain, or natural ô ??t; m? ??t

    turret, generally isolated.

    episode(n.) An incident or story in a literary work, separable ?o?n, håi, t×nh tiÕt

    from yet growing out of it.

    mettlesome(Having courage or spirit. khÝ kh?i, dòng cm adj.)

    finality(n.The state or quality of being final or complete. H/? cuèi cïng, cøu ) c?nh sore ?au narrate(v.) To tell a story. ThuËt l?i vivify(v.) To endue with life. truyÒn søc sèng tactician(nOne who directs affairs with skill and shrewdness. Nhµ cgiÕn thuËt .)

    buffoon(n.) A clown. Anh hÒ; lµm trß hÒ abdomen(n.) In mammals, the visceral cavity between the bông

    diaphragm and the pelvic floor; the belly.

    vestment(n.Clothing or covering. LÔ phôc )

    neology(n.) The coining or using of new words or new meanings tõ míi

    of words.

    preoccupy(vTo fill the mind of a person to the exclusion of ?m nh; chiÕm gi? .) other subjects. tr?íc exclude(v.) To shut out purposely or forcibly. Ng?n chÆn, lo?I trõ repertory(nA place where things are stored or gathered Kho (tµI liÖu) .) together.

    scorn.() khinh miÖt endurable(aTolerable. Cã thÓ chÞu ?ùng dj.) ??îc clumsy(adj.Awkward of movement. Vông vÒ, lãng ngãng )

    perform(v.) To accomplish. Thùc hiÖn; biÓu diÔn chamber buång, phßng federate(v.To league together. tæ chøc thµnh liªn ) ?oµn, liªn bang overdo(v.) To overtax the strength of. qu? trín; háng v×

    c?êng ?iÖu debut(n.) A first appearance in society or on the stage. LÇn xuÊt tr×nh ?Çu

    tiªn packet(n.) A bundle, as of letters.

    blimp khÝ cÇu nhá solicitor(nOne who represents a client in court of justice; an LuËt s?; .) attorney.

    anagram(n.) The letters of a word or phrase so transposed as to phÐp ?o ch? c?i

    make a different word or phrase.

    frankincensA gum or resin which on burning yields aromatic h?ng trÇm e(n.) fumes.

    sameness ?n ?iÖu; ?Òu ?Òu convertibleInterchangeable. Cã thÓ ?æi, thay thÕ (adj.)

    crustacean(Pertaining to a division of arthropods, containing LoµI gi?p x?c adj.) lobsters, crabs, crawfish, etc.

    suave(adj.) Smooth and pleasant in manner. Ngät ngµo, tinh tÕ,

    khÐo lÐo (?µn ?ng) obsolescentPassing out of use, as a word. cò ?i; teo ?i (adj.)

    apostle(n.) Any messenger commissioned by or as by divine t?ng ?å; ng?êi l?nh 2 TOEFL

    authority. ??o ci c?ch natal(adj.) Pertaining to one's birth.; ex: natal day, natal (thuéc sinh, ngµy

    place sinh) outcast(n.) One rejected and despised, especially socially. Ng?êi bÞ x? héi

    ruång bá expanse(n.) A continuous area or stretch. më réng;ph?t triÓn pledgeor(n.One who gives a pledge. Ng?êi lµm tin )

    endanger(v.To expose to peril. G?y nguy hiÓm )

    Calvinize(vTo teach or imbue with the doctrines of Calvinism. d?y thuyÕt Can-vin .)

    estrange(v.To alienate. lµm xa l?; ly gi?n )

    inexpensiveLow-priced. Kh?ng ??t, rÎ (adj.)

    decent(adj.Characterized by propriety of conduct, speech, Hîp khu?n phÐp; ?oan ) manners, or dress. trang, ?øng ??n dinosaur

    sanguineousConsisting of blood. Cã m?u (adj.)

    omnipotenceUnlimited and universal power. QuyÒn tuyÖt ?èi, v? (n.) h?n humanize(v.To make gentle or refined. Nhan tÝnh ho?; nh?n ) ??o thoroughbreBred from the best or purest blood or stock. Gièng thuÇn chñng d(adj.)

    gigantic(adTremendous. Khæng lå j.)

    advisory(adNot mandatory. T? vÊn j.)

    sapience(n.Deep wisdom or knowledge. kh?n khÐo; kh?n ) ngoan efflorescenThe state of being flowery, or a flowery ná hoa ce(n.) appearance. adj efflorescent; V effloresce

    parse(v.) To describe, as a sentence, by separating it into Ph?n tÝch, ph?n tÝch

    its elements and describing each word. c?u nestle(v.) To adjust cozily in snug quarters. Êp ñ, ?m chÆt prejudice(nA judgment or opinion formed without due ?Þnh kiÕn, thµnh .) examination of the facts. kiÕn decasyllablA line of ten syllables. 10 ?m tiÕt e(n.)

    impersonateTo appear or act in the character of. Nh?n c?ch ho? (v.)

    convalesce(To recover after a sickness. L?I søc, phôc håi v.)

    norm(n.) A model. tiªu chuÈn; quy t?c prophecy(n.Any prediction or foretelling. tiªn ?o?n )

    negligee(n.A loose gown worn by women. QuÇn ?o xuÒnh xoµng )

    amatory(adjDesigned to excite love. Yªu ??ng,biÓu lé t/y .)

    parentage(nThe relation of parent to child, of the producer to Nguån gèc ttæ tiªn; .) the produced, or of cause to effect. hµng cha mÑ, t? c?ch

    cha mÑ realism(n.) The principle and practice of depicting persons and Chñ nghÜa hiÖn thùc

    scenes as they are believed really to exist

    rationalismThe formation of opinions by relying upon reason Chñ nghÜa duy lý (n.) alone, independently of authority.

    bronchus(n.Either of the two subdivisions of the trachea PhÕ qun ) conveying air into the lungs.

    motive vËn ?éng; chuyÓn

    ?éng panoply(n.) A full set of armor. Bé ?Çy ?ñ indicant(adThat which points out.


    intolerant(Bigoted. Cè chÊp, kh?ng khoan adj.) dung 3 TOEFL

    deduce(v.) To derive or draw as a conclusion by reasoning from Suy luËn

    given premises or principles.

    cereal(adj.Pertaining to edible grain or farinaceous seeds. ngò cèc; mãn ?n tõ ) ngò cèc

    naval(adj.) Pertaining to ships. HI qu?n

    precedence(Priority in place, time, or rank. ?u tiªn; ?Þa vÞ trªn n.)

    moralist(n.A writer on ethics. Nhµ ??o ?øc häc, )

    icily(adv.) Frigidly. B?ng gi?; l?nh lïng forth(adv.) Into notice or view. PhÝa tr?íc; lç ra inmost(adj.Deepest within. TËn trong cïng; tËn ) ??y lßng, th?m t?m contrivanceThe act planning, devising, inventing, or adapting S?ng kiÕn; (n.) something to or for a special purpose.

    fungous(adjSpongy. nÊm; mäc nhanh nh? .) nÊm

    dusk bãng tèi; nh? nhem radix(n.) That from or on which something is developed. Nguån gèc, c?n


    modify(v.) To make somewhat different. Söa ?æi; gm bít countervailTo offset. phn t?c dông (v.)

    dissentiousContentious. Hay sinh sù (adj.)

    symphoniousMarked by a harmonious or agreeable mingling of Hoµ ?m

    (adj.) sounds.

    hypnosis(n.An artificial trance-sleep. th?i miªn; )

    massacre(n.The unnecessary and indiscriminate killing of human Cuéc tµn s?t, thm ) beings. s?t

    sink(n) plumbed in basin; place where foul liquid; place of bån röa b?t; ni bïn

    vice lÇy n?íc ?äng; æ téi


    sacrilege(nThe act of violating or profaning anything sacred. Ph?m th?îng; b?ng bæ .)

    detract(v.) To take away in such manner as to lessen value or Lêy ?I, khÊu trõ;

    estimation. chª bai, giÌm pha,

    lµm gim gi? trÞ myth(n.) A fictitious narrative presented as historical, but ThÇn tho?i

    without any basis of fact.

    conjoin(v.) To unite. kÕt hîp l?i; ch?p


    collide(v.) To meet and strike violently. Va ch?m, xung ?ét advertiser(One who advertises, especially in newspapers. ng?êi qung c?o n.)

    balsam(n.) A medical preparation, aromatic and oily, used for Nhùa thm


    overshadow(To cast into the shade or render insignificant by Lµm lu mê; che bãng v.) comparison.

    specialize(To assume an individual or specific character, or chuyªn gia v.) adopt a singular or special course.

    senile(adj.Peculiar to or proceeding from the weakness or L?o suy

    ) infirmity of old age.

    outdo(v.) To surpass. v?ît tréi; giái hn dugout thuyÒn ?éc méc; hÇm

    tró Èn; sÜ quan t?i


    gyrate(v.) To revolve. håi chuyÓn, xoay


    micrometer(An instrument for measuring very small angles or dông cô ?o vi l?îng n.) dimensions.

    earthenwareAnything made of clay and baked in a kiln or dried ?Êt nung (n.) in the sun.

    participateTo receive or have a part or share of. Tham gia, tham dù (v.)



    myth A fictitious narrative presented as historical, but thÇn tho?i; hoang 4 TOEFL

    without any basis of fact. ??êng, chuyÖn t?ëng


    pauperism(nDependence on charity. BÇn cïng .)

    hoop vßng; vµnh ?ai nausea(n.) An affection of the stomach producing dizziness and buån n?n; kinh tëm

    usually an impulse to vomit

    definite(adHaving an exact signification or positive meaning. Râ rµng; x?c ?Þnh râ j.)

    tenant(n.) An occupant. TÊ ?IÒn

    diffusible(Spreading rapidly through the system and acting Cã thÓ khÕch t?n adj.) quickly.

    memorable(aNoteworthy. ??ng ghi nhí; ko dj.) quªn

    melodious(aCharacterized by a sweet succession of sounds. Du d?ng , ªm tai dj.)

    interpositiA coming between. ?Æt vµo gi??; can on(n.) thiÖp

    homonym(n.) A word agreeing in sound with but different in ?ång ?m kh?c nghÜa

    meaning from another.

    (adj.) Denoting electricity produced by heat. ?IÖn tim latish(adj.Rather late. HI trÔ,kh? muén )

    trammel(n.) An impediment. Ng?n trë, g?y trë


    vegetative(Pertaining to the process of plant-life. Sinh d?ìng adj.)

    lexicographThe making of dictionaries. Tõ ?IÓn häc y(n.)

    squeeze Ðp, v?t,nÆn; ?m

    chÆt, xiÕt sneaker ng?êi lÐn lót; dÇy

    ?Õ mÒm

    ceremonial(Characterized by outward form or ceremony. nghi lÔ, nghi thøc; adj.) long träng anteroom(n.A room situated before and opening into another, Phßng ngoµI, phßng ) usually larger. ?îi

    prima(adj.) First.

    valedictoriStudent who delivers an address at graduating ??i biÓu h/s ?äc an(n.) exercises of an educational institution. diÔn v?n tõ biÖt

    trong lÔ tèt nghiÖp exhaustibleCausing or tending to cause exhaustion. Lµm c?n kiÖt, suy (adj.) kiÖt

    baton(n.) An official staff borne either as a weapon or as an Gëy chØ huy; dïi cui

    emblem of authority or privilege. cnh s?t

    weird sè phËn, sè mÖnh;

    huyÒn bÝ, kú l? ambitious(aEagerly desirous and aspiring. NhiÒu tham väng dj.)

    rookery A place where crows congregate to breed. hßn non bé guzzle(v.) To swallow greedily or hastily; gulp. ?n uèng lu bï underrate(vTo undervalue. ??nh gi? thÊp, coi .) nhÑ

    phenomenon(Any unusual occurrence. HiÖn t?îng n.)

    confinementRestriction within limits or boundaries. Giam h?m, h?n chÕ; ë (n.) c?

    purse(n) tói nhá; tói x?c skepticism(The entertainment of doubt concerning something. hoµi nghi n.)

    deponent(adLaying down. Ng?êi lµm chøng j.)

    remunerate(To pay or pay for. tr c?ng; tiÒn thï v.) lao

    cosmogony(nA doctrine of creation or of the origin of the thuyÕt nguån gèc vò .) universe. trô

    altar(n.) Any raised place or structure on which sacrifices Bµn thê, bÖ thê

    may be offered or incense burned.

    5 TOEFL

    bide(v.) To await. chê ?îi mouthful(n.As much as can be or is usually put into the or miÕng ()?Çy måm ) exercise.

    bearable cã thÓ chÞu ?ông,

    khoan dung almanac(n.) A series of tables giving the days of the week Niªn lÞch, niªn gi?m

    together with certain astronomical information.

    typography(The arrangement of composed type, or the appearance Kü thuËt t?o ch?,in n.) of printed matter. trªn m?y ordnance(n.A general name for all kinds of weapons and their Qu?n nhu ) appliances used in war.

    forethoughtPremeditation. chñ t?m; tÝnh tr?íc (n.)

    necrosis(n.the death of part of the body. ho?i th? )

    irrefrangibThat can not be broken or violated. ko hÓ x?m ph?m le(adj.)

    witling(n.) A person who has little understanding. ChËm hiÓu municipalitA district enjoying municipal government. ChÝnh quyÒn tù trÞ y(n.)

    fluential(aPertaining to streams. tr?i chy, l?u lo?t dj.)

    necessity(nThat which is indispensably requisite to an end b?t buéc; cÇn thiÕt .) desired.

    ire(n.) Wrath. næi iËn, giËn d? panorama(n.A series of large pictures representing a Toµn cnh ) continuous scene.

    conscious(aAware that one lives, feels, and thinks. Cã ý thøc, nhËn thøc dj.)

    extraordinaUnusual. kh?c th?êng; ?Æc ry(adj.) biÖt

    redound(n.) Rebound. nh h?ëng l?I, ?ua


    photometry(The art of measuring the intensity of light. Tr?c quang häc, ?o n.) s?ng

    unbearable(Unendurable. Kh?ng chÞu næi adj.)

    surmise to conjecture; guess; N. pháng ?o?n; gi ?Þnh lawn bÉi cá; vi gai mÞn

    (batit) Epicurean(aIndulging, ministering, or pertaining to daintiness H?ëng l?c dj.) of appetite.

    bole(n.) The trunk or body of a tree. Th?n c?y landholder(Landowner. ?Þa chñ, ng?êi cho n.) thuª ?Êt recognize(vTo recall the identity of (a person or thing). c?ng nhËn, thïa nhËn .)

    epidemic(n.Wide-spread occurrence of a disease in a certain BÖnh dÞch; lan ) region. truyÒn disappoint(To fail to fulfill the expectation, hope, wish, or thÊt ?íc; lµm háng v.) desire of.

    discipline(a control or order exercised; way of life aimed at kû luËt; sù hµnh n) self-control and conformity; branch of learning; x?c; rÌn luyÖn trÝ

    punishment ãc; trõng ph?t quarto(n.) An eight-page newspaper of any size. GiÊy khæ 4; viÕt t?t intercede(vTo mediate between persons. hoµ gii; can thiÖp .) gióp

    euphonious(Characterized by agreeableness of sound. ªm tai, thuËn tai adj.)

    prohibitoryInvolving or equivalent to prohibition, especially Cã xu h?íng ng?n cÊm (adj.) of the sale of alcoholic beverages.

    head(foremoadv. Precipitately, as in diving. cao nhÊt, ?Çu tiªn st)

    epicycloid(A curve traced by a point on the circumference of a H×nh trô n.) circle which rolls upon another circle.

    transmit(v.To send trough or across. TruyÒn, dÉn )

    (adj.) Showing inexperience. C bn, ?n gin; kh?ng

    tinh vi 6 TOEFL

amateur(adjPracticing an art or occupation for the love of it,

    .) but not as a profession.

    pontiff(n.) The Pope. Gi?o chñ, gi?m môc binoculars èng nhßm overproductExcessive production. Khñng hong thõa ion(n.)

    exhaustive(Thorough and complete in execution. ThÊu ??o, toµn diÖn adj.)

    element(n.) A component or essential part.

    underwrite(To issue or be party to the issue of a policy of bo hiÓm ; ký tªn ë v.) insurance. d?íi loot(v.) To plunder. C?íp bãc wantonness(Recklessness. Bõa b?I, nghÞch ngîm n.)

    esthetic(adPertaining to beauty, taste, or the fine arts. thÈm mü j.)

    proscriptioAny act of condemnation and rejection from favor cÊm, bµi trõ; trôc n(n.) and privilege. xuÊt necrosis(n.the death of part of the body. ho?i th? )

    anticycloneAn atmospheric condition of high central pressure, vïng xo?y nghÞch (n.) with currents flowing outward.

    henchman(n.A servile assistant and subordinate. Tay sai, ng?êi hÇu ) cËn material(n.That of which anything is composed or may be vËt chÊt; th?n thÓ; ) constructed. quan träng disyllable(A word of two syllables. tõ 2 ?m tiÕt n.)

    RenaissanceThe revival of letters, and then of art, which thêi phôc h?ng (n.) marks the transition from medieval to modern

    contrapositA placing opposite. Sù t?ng phn ion(n.)

    impetuosityRashness. m?nh mÏ, d? déi (n.)

    compensate(To remunerate. PhÇn bï; ?Òn bï; v.)

    fiscal(adj.Pertaining to the treasury or public finances of a c?ng khè, tµi chÝnh ) government.

    litigate(v.To cause to become the subject-matter of a suit at kiÖn, tranh chÊp ) law.

    disinherit(To deprive of an inheritance. t?íc quyÒn thõa kÕ v.)

    badger pester; annoy continually with demands; persuade by lµm phiÒn. quÊy rÇy;

    asking again and again; Ex. The children badgered ng?êi b?n hµng rong;

    me into taking them into the cinema; N: a kind of con löng

    mountain animal

    pervade(v.) To pass or spread through every part. trµn ngËp, to kh?p inquisitionA court or tribunal for examination and punishment ?IÒu tra, thÈn tra (n.) of heretics. chÝnh thøc (cña toµ

    ?n) pant thë hæn hÓn; kh?t

    khao executor(n.A person nominated by the will of another to ng?êi thi hµnh, thùc ) execute the will. hiÖn sacrifice(vTo make an offering of to deity, especially by cóng; tÕ lÔ .) presenting on an altar.

    forethoughtPremeditation. chñ t?m; tÝnh tr?íc (n.)

    flection(n.The act of bending. Sù uèn )

    siege(n.) A beleaguerment. Bao v?y deformity(nA disfigurement. mÐo mã, dÞ d?ng .)

    congregate(To bring together into a crowd. TËp hîp, tô hîp v.)

    unfavorableAdverse. ?IÒu bÊt lîi (adj.)

    grimy ?Çy bôi bÈn; c?u

    ghÐt 7 TOEFL

    bedaub(v.) To smear over, as with something oily or sticky. Lem luèc;loÌ lo?t superlativeThat which is of the highest possible excellence or bËc nhÊt (n.) eminence.



    impermissibNot permissible. cÊm; ko cho phÐp le(adj.)

    commodity(nSomething that is bought and sold. Hµng ho? .)

    bombard(v.) To assail with any missile or with abusive speech. dån dËp, tíi tÊp lateral(adjadv. laterally ë nh?nh (hä hµng); ) bªn c?nh bitterness(Acridity, as to the taste. chua cay; ??ng; rÐt n.) buèt

    exhaust(v.) To empty by draining off the contents. c?n kiÖt, suy kiÖt makeup(n.) The arrangements or combination of the parts of ?å ho? trang; bn

    which anything is composed. chÊt, t/c; cÊu t?o,

    thµnh phÇn overleap(v.To leap beyond. Nhy v?ît qua )

    lingo(n.) Language. ng?n ng? l?, khã


    reminiscentPertaining to the recollection of matters of nhãm l?i; gîi l?i; (adj.) personal interest. håi t?ëng ill-Surly. C?u kØnh, g?t gáng natured(adj


    immature(adNot full-grown. non nít, ch?a chÝn j.) muåi

    loch(n.) A lake.

    corruption(Loss of purity or integrity. Tham nhòng, thèi n?t n.)

    hypotenuse(The side of a right-angled triangle opposite the C?nh huyÒn n.) right angle.

    prominence(The quality of being noticeable or distinguished. låi lªn, næi lªn; n.)

    oversee(v.) To superintend. Tr?ng nom, quan s?t Iliad(n.) A Greek epic poem describing scenes from the siege Thiªn anh hïng ca

    of Troy.

    subjection(The act of bringing into a state of submission. KhuÊt phôc; ?ua ra n.) (gãp ý)

    hexapod(adjHaving six feet. LoµI 6 ch?n .)

    curt(adj.) Concise, compressed, and abrupt in act or Céc lèc; ng?n gän


    interrupt(vTo stop while in progress. Gi?n ?o?n, ?øt qu?ng .)

    elasticity(That property of matter by which a body tends to Co gi?n

    n.) return to a former shape after being change

    portfolio(nA portable case for holding writing-materials, cÆp giÊy; danh môc; .) drawings, etc.

    poignant(adSeverely painful or acute to the spirit. cay; sÇu thm; ??ng j.) cay; buèt nhãi; lµm

    mñi lßng Darwinism(nThe doctrine that natural selection has been the häc thuyÕt ??c uyn .) prime cause of evolution of higher forms.

    judiciary(nThat department of government which administers the bé m?y t? ph?p; ph?p .) law relating to civil and criminal luËt, toµn ?n tact(n.) Fine or ready mental discernment shown in saying or TÕ nhÞ, khÐo lÐo,

    doing the proper thing. tµI øng biÕn penetrable(That may be pierced by physical, moral, or Cã thÓ x?m nhËp, adj.) intellectual force. xuyªn quan, hiÓu


    deprave(v.) To render bad, especially morally bad. Lµm h? háng, lµm suy


    vindicativeRevengeful. DÔ chøng minh, dÔ (adj.) bµo ch?a gourd(n.) A melon, pumpkin, squash, or some similar fruit C?y bÇu

    having a hard rind.

    8 TOEFL

    waddle ?ia l?ch b?ch palinode(n.A retraction. Sù co rót )

    enfeeble(v.To debilitate. lµm yÕu


    iciness(n.) The state of being icy. l?nh lÏo; l?nh ??m denote(v.) To designate by word or mark. Cã biÓu hiÖn, chøng


    conduct.() H?nh kiÓm; h?íng


    sibilance(nA hissing sound. ?m xuýt


    anatomy(n.) That branch of morphology which treats of the gii phÉu

    structure of organisms.

    ailment(n.) Slight sickness. Èm ?au, bÖnh tËt disciplinarHaving the nature of systematic training or ?ua vµo kû luËt; rÌn y(adj.) subjection to authority. luyÖn trÝ ãc transplant(To remove and plant in another place. Di thùc; cÊy ghÐp v.)

    expository explanatory; serving to explain; N. exposition: cã t/c m? t, gii

    explaining; exhibition thÝch

    opinion(n.) A conclusion or judgment held with confidence, but ý kiÕn; d? luËn;

    falling short of positive knowledge. ??nh gi? muggy(adj) oppressively humid; N. Mugginess oi

    brisk nhanh nhu; lanh lîi;

    næi bät, sñi bät resistance(The exertion of opposite effort or effect. Chèng l?i n.)

    recollect(vTo recall the knowledge of. nhí l?i, håi t?ëng; .) nhËn ra

    revocation(Repeal. Huû bá, thñ tiªu n.)

    arbor(n.) A tree. C?y

    extremity(nThe utmost point, side, or border, or that farthest ?Çu, mòi; bÊt h?nh .) removed from a mean position. tét ?é

    blithe(adj.Joyous. than thn v? t? )

    panic(n.) A sudden, unreasonable, overpowering fear. hong sî, kinh hoµng tranquilizeTo soothe. lµm dÞu, mª, yªn (v.) lÆng; lµm yªn t?m superheat(vTo heat to excess. nãng giµ .)

    inhume(v.) To place in the earth, as a dead body. ch?n cÊt, mai t?ng weasel con chån; lÈn tr?nh generally(aOrdinarily.


    evolve(v.) To unfold or expand. Më ra; suy luËn ra veto(n.) The constitutional right in a chief executive of QuyÒn phñ quyÕt

    refusing to approve an enactment.

    heartbeat nhÞp tim; xóc ?éng,

    i rèi

    mismanage(vTo manage badly, improperly, or unskillfully. Qun lý tåi .)

    lawgiver(n.A legislator. Ng?êi lµ luËt )

    (adj.) Deviating from the normal form or standard type. Kh?c h×nh compulsory(Forced. gi?o dôc phæ cËp adj.)

    deform(v.) To disfigure. bãp mÐo, xuyªn t?c thermoelect


    dwindle teo, thu nhá; tho?i


    pollen(n.) The fine dust-like grains or powder formed within PhÊn hoa; thô phÊn

    the anther of a flowering plant.

    indefinitelIn a vague or uncertain way. MËp mê; v? h?n ?Þnh y(adv.)

    cosmopolitaCommon to all the world. CN thÕ giíi; giang 9 TOEFL


    bore(v.) To weary by tediousness or dullness.

    sweater ?o vÖ sinh, ?o nÞt;

    ng?êi ra nhiÒu må

    h?i; kÎ bãc lét c?ng


    irritancy(nThe quality of producing vexation. V irritate l?m c?u


    vendible(adMarketable. s?n sµng ?Ó b?n; vËt j.) ?Ó b?n

    populace(n.The common people. c?ng chóng; quÇn ) chóng

    indiscreet(Lacking wise judgment. V? ý kh?ng cÈn träng adj.)

    antiphony(nAn anthem or other composition sung responsively. h?t ?èi, tiÕng vang; .) th?nh ca hereditary(Passing naturally from parent to child. Di truyÒn adj.)

    forejudge(vTo judge of before hearing evidence. xö tr?íc, quyÕt ?Þnh .) tr?íc

    miter(n.) The junction of two bodies at an equally divided Mò tÕ (gi?m môc);

    angle. méng vu?ng gãc (?å


    pose tue thÕ, ?iÖu bé;

    yªu s?ch nimble(adj.Light and quick in motion or action. Nhanh nhÑn, nhanh ) trÝ

    cabalism(n.Superstitious devotion to one's religion. ThuËt phï thuû )

    disseminatespread gieo r?c, phæ biÕn (v)

    semiannual(Recurring at intervals of six months. Quý (6 th?ng ) adj.)

    transcript(A copy made directly from an original. bn sao nguyªn bn n.)

    Calvinism(nThe system of doctrine taught by John Calvin. ThuyÕt Calvin .)

    calorie(n.) Amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 calo

    kilogram of water 1 degree centigrade.

    festal(adj.Joyous. Ngµy lÔ; vui nhén )

    medieval(adBelonging or relating to or descriptive of the Thêi trung cæ j.) middle ages.

    sense(n.) The signification conveyed by some word, phrase, or Gi?c quan,ý thøc;


    permissibleThat may be allowed. ChÊp nhËn ??îc; dïng (adj.) ??îc

    enshrine(v.To keep sacred. CÊt gi?u thiªng ) liªng

    elusion(n.) Evasion.

    aeronaut(n.One who navigates the air, a balloonist. ng?êi l?i khÝ cÇu )

    pantoscope(A very wide-angled photographic lens. m?y chiÕu toµn cnh n.)

    engrave(v.) To cut or carve in or upon some surface. kh?c, chËm, træ, in


    oar m?i chÌo gauge(n.) An instrument for measuring. M?y ?o

    crag(n.) A rugged, rocky projection on a cliff or ledge. V?ch ?? lëm chëm exclamationAn abrupt or emphatic expression of thought or of dÊu !

    (n.) feeling.

    decrepit(adEnfeebled, as by old age or some chronic infirmity. Giµ yÕu, hom hem; ?æ j.) n?t

    witchcraft(Sorcery. Ma thuËt n.)

    oaken(adj.) Made of or from oak. b?ng gç såi protoplasm(The substance that forms the principal portion of ChÊt nguyªn sinh n.) an animal or vegetable cell.

    acquiescencPassive consent. B?ng lßng; phôc tïng 10 TOEFL

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