Mr Navin Suraphakdee MD

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Mr Navin Suraphakdee MD


    THE UK

    23 27 JUNE 2008

Mr Navin Suraphakdee MD

    Director of Emergency Medicine Department

    BMA Medical College and Vajira Hospital

    681 Samsaen Road

    Dusit Bangkok 10300

    Tel: 66 (0) 2 244 3189

    Mobile: 66 (0) 81 556 2070



BMA Medical College and Vajira Hospital

    BMA Medical College and Vajira Hospital is an organisation providing hospital care service as well as medical education operating under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) supervision. Other hospitals operate under the same umbrella include:

- BMA General Hospital (Klang Hospital) - Taksin Hospital

    - Charoenkrung Pracharak Hospital - Sirindhorn Hospital

    - Rachapiphat Hospital - Ladkrabang Hospital

    - Luang Poh Taweesak Hospital - Nongchok Hospital

    The pre-hospital service of Vajira Hospital was founded in 1994 under “S.M.A.R.T.”(Surgical Medical Assessment and Resuscitation Team).

    Amongst the group, the hospital owns the largest ambulance center authorised by Medical Services Department of BMA and has good co-operative network with ambulance center of Bangkok. The objective is to provide on scene and on transfer medical care before hospital phase.

    Being located on the first floor and mezzanine floor of its Petcharat Emergency Medicine and Heart Center building, the unit could provide full-scale services as well as education and training in the field of emergency management.

    On the education side, the organisation provides training courses on the pre-hospital care for both public and private organisations. The college also focuses on residency training programme, and academic activities, which focus in producing competent ER specialist and medical student to provide efficient service to the community.

    BMA Medical College and Vajira Hospital is the only medical school and super tertiary center amongst the 9 BMA hospitals. They aim to provide the best possible quality regarding both medical technology and patient care and treatment. The hospital plan be the excellent center in 6 areas;

Trauma and Emergency center, Heart center, Oncology center, Maternal

    and Child center, Nephrology and Diabetes center. Their mission is to

    provide humanise health care for urban population without inequity.


    Innovation Technology in pre-hospital service system and equipment

    Disaster plan and management

    Paramedic Training

    Ambulance network how to manage and equipment using in the van

Dr Anurak Amornpetchsathaporn, Deputy Director

    Dr Anuchar Sethasathien, Deputy Director

    National Institute for Emergency Medical Service

    Ministry of Public Health, Office of Permanent Secretary

    Nonthaburi 11000

    Tel: 66 (0) 2 590 2801

    Fax: 66 (0) 2 590 2802

    Dr Anurak’s mobile: 66 (0) 81 533 0061

    Dr Anurak’s Email:

    Dr Anuchar’s Email:

National Institute for Emergency Medical service (Narendhorn Center)

National Institute for Emergency Medical Service or Narendhorn Center is

    a division under the office of permanent secretary of ministry of public

    health of Thailand established on 2nd April 2001 to enhance countrywide

    EMS development. The center was nominated by naming after Prince

    Chainatnarenthorn who dedicated all of his life for health system of

    Thailand and is recognized by the Thai as the founder of Thai Public Health.

The bureau main responsibility is to establish and develop Emergency

    Medical Service System for Thailand, to organise training course for EMS

    personnel and to act as a co-ordinating center for medical management in

    disaster situation. They also manage the nation-wide Call Center for

    emergency Health Care using number 1669 for those need emergency

    care. Additionally, they take the responsibility for the health

    communication system countrywide.

As the bureau are the focal point for EMS establishment and development

    of Thailand, we are heading toward linking all local resources to

    strengthen community capability and enhance local responsibility with

    partial central involvement to set up the best coverage and standardised

    model of EMS for the Thai people.


    ? Call center and dispatch center management system

    ? Ambulance organisation how to manage fleet, staff development

    and training, and equipment.

    ? Disaster preparedness procedure and system

    ? Trauma Center how to manage the center efficiently and what

    system/equipment they use

Ms Sakaowrat Somsakulrungrueng

    Honorary Secretary

    Ruamkatanyu Foundation

    19 Moo 13 Ladkrabang-Kingkaew-Bangplee Road

    Bangplee-yai Bangplee

    Samutprakarn 10540

    Tel: 66 (0) 2751 0944-8

    Fax: 66 (0) 2751 0944-8 ext 2102



Ruamkatanyu Foundation

    Mr Somkiat Somsakulrungruang is a pioneer in the form of Ruamkatanyu Foundation in 1959. Its purpose are working for the public benefit throughout the country, establishing the cemeteries and the crematories, gathering up the alone and poor corpses and performing a traditional cremation. Ruamkatanyu Foundation was legally registered on June 22, 1970. At the present, Mrs Rattana Somsakulrungruang is the foundation’s

    committee chairman.

    Ruamkatanyu Foundation under a management of Mrs Rattana, the committee chairman, aims for rescuing the disasterridden victims, the whole of accident, flood, storm and fire. The aid of the foundation spreads all over the kingdom. Apart from this aid, the foundation also help the poor, the fear of alone death including the public charity without nationality, religious and caste segregation by expecting no return.

    Nowadays, Ruamkatanyu Foundation has more than 50 rescue cars and 15 ambulances with the rescue staff and emergency medical technicians who are ready to work 24 hours a day. The foundation has more than 4,000 rescue staffs, EMT and volunteers throughout the country. In addition, the foundation has the fire fight equipment, the water rescue equipment, the rescue boat, the rescue equipment for collapse building, the excavators, the extrications which are prepared for an emergency case when the foundation receive a report.

    Whenever there are a natural peril, a disaster or an accident, Ruamkatanyu Foundation is always ready to help the victims though they are in the inaccessible place. When we are informed, our officers and volunteers will hurry to extremely eliminate the victims’ suffering with our strength and the necessary things for example the consumer goods.

    The foundation also provides the clothing and the consumer goods for mre than 10,000 families of the distressful people caused by flood and cold disaster and the impoverished people in the remote area every year.


    ? Emergency medical services system and equipment ? Communications system and equipment

    ? New techniques/equipment for rescue and EMS services ? Rescue & EMS plan and procedures

    ? Visit EMS center to see how they operates and equipment being

    used at the center

Mr Srichai Saiwaree, Head of Emergency Medical Service

    Dr Phurin Sutanthavibul, ER Doctor & PCU Director ER & EMS

    Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

    301 Moo 6

    Sukhumvit Road KM 143

    Naklua Banglamung

    Chonburi 20150

    Tel: 66 (0) 38 259 999

    Fax: 66 (0) 38 427 770.

    Mr Srichai’s mobile: 66 (0) 81 845 5700

    Mr Srichai’s email: srichaisai@ or

    Dr Phurin’s email:


Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

    Bangkok Hospital Pattaya was founded in 1990 with only 100 beds. 10 years later, a new building for specialized clinic with 200 beds was built to provide care for a huge number of patients with special and complicated medical necessities. Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, now 400 beds facility, has become the center of speciality health care wich provides special diagnostic and curative services. Such as, the heart center which is equipped with special diagnostic instrument to help analyzing heart disease including coronary artery anglograms detecting blocked arteries around the heart and even carry out coronary bypass surgery without using the artificial heart/lung machine. We are the first in the Eastern region with these technologies the same as hospitals in Bangkok. Today, we also established Brain center, Emergency Medical Services Center and Beauty Center.

    Since we have strived for excellence from the start, we recruit more than 90 specialists and have invested in modern high-tech medical equipment to help them make dianosis and treatment more accurately, such as MRI, 64 Slice CT, PACs system (Pictures Archive Communication System). The hospital is now known as the most highly advanced in the eastern region. To create more convenience and comfortable atmosphere for our customers and their relatives, the area of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is expanded from 13 sq. rai to 23 sq. rai and the new 15 storey building is added to the original complex. Being a 400 beds facility, we improve all interior and landscape, we also train our staff and recreate the services to pamper our customers like 5 stars hotel with superb medical care from our specialists.

    Pattaya city is a tourist resort known around the world. A huge number of international tourists visit this city each year. In addition, Pattaya is connected to the important industrial estates of the country on the Eastern Seaboard. Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is trusted by 100,000 international patients each year (40 percent of total number of all our patients). The hospital provides interpreters covering more than 20 different languages to assist patients in all matters covering communication with the medical personnel, health insurance translations,

    and embassy liaison and also referral services. The hospital also has a cultural and language training courses for the staff to make sure they understand the cultural differences and develop their language skills to provide the best service for the international patients. Of course, we also service Thai patients, who are equally important for us, with the same standards and medical technology.

    Bangkok Hospital Pattaya was certified ISO9002 in 1997 (and now the certificate has been updated to ISO 9001 2000), and in the same year, the hospital was officially recognised as the best provide of goods and services, in the field of businesses servicing the high number of foreign customers. Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is only the third hospital that has been awarded this accolade. As the continuous development of the hospital continues, in 2004 the hospital was approved by the Hospital Accreditation Institute of Thailand. Recognising the excellent service we provide to the patients, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya has been given the best hospital management Asia awards, the HMA Awards, for 3 consecutive years; 2004, 2005 and 2006.

    These awards are the result of the effort of the administrators, the physician and all staff of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. We will continue developing our medical service standards and quality to be one of the best health care providers in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

    Our Emergency Medical Service Centre is available 24 hours a day for any emergency case. Specialists in all areas of disease and injury, using high-technology medical equipment for accurate diagnosis, are also ready. Trained staff are there for speedy primary treatment of mass casualties, acute myocardial infarction or brain stroke patients. A rescue team of doctors, nurses and drivers is available to go directly to the accident site. All of our staff are trained and well experienced in rescue, how to treat severe injuries and how to move the patient via land and air.

    Our mobile ICUs are ambulances which have the same ability as the hospital based ICU. There is a complete set of medical equipment, such as ventilators, defibrillator, intravenous medicines, etc, including high communication technology between the ambulance and the hospital.

    Our mobile CCU are ambulances which have the same standard as the coronary care ward and can initiate treatment on the way to the hospital.


? Pre-hospital service - equipment and how to manage the center


    ? Ambulance development equipment used in a van and how to

    manage the team in providing efficient services

    ? Air Ambulance equipment use in air ambulance transport and how

    to manage the team in providing efficient services

    ? Management system in EMS it and communication systems used

    in the EMS centers in terms of procedure on each case starting

    from receiving telephone call until release the patient

Mr Petchpong Kumjornkijjakarn MD

    Acting Director of Bangkok EMS Centre

    Medical Service Department, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration


    514 Loueng Road


    Bangkok 10100

    Tel: 66 (0) 86 889 3424

    Fax: 66 (0) 2 265 5066


Bangkok EMS Centre (Erawan Centre)

The Bangkok EMS Centre is a government organisation with a similar role

    to the National Institute of Emergency Medical Service (operating under

    the Ministry of Public Health). However, the centre operates under the

    Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and is responsible for

    establishing and developing Emergency Medical Service System for

    Bangkok and Greater Bangkok, to organise training course for EMS

    personnel and to act as a co-ordinating centre for medical management in

    disaster situation.

The Bangkok EMS Centre was established in August 2007 and is still under

    the process of setting up its offices and call centre facilities. The call centre team and facility currently operating is the part of the Narenthorn Centre (former operating under the National Institute of Emergency

    Medical Service); however, an officially announcement has yet to be

    publicised. Additionally, they manage their own small ambulance service

    as well as co-ordinate with ambulance services owned by the hospital

    operating under the BMA.


    ? Ambulance equipment

    ? Pre-hospital care for Heart Attack case; procedure and equipment

    ? Mass Casualties Preparedness Drill; plan, procedure and equipment

    ? Pre-hospital care system and equipment

Dr Petchpong would like to visit a trauma centre and learn how they

    operations. A well-equipped centre with efficient staff would be a good

    model for BMA to introduce a policy for EMS unit operating with the

    Erawan Centre.

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