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    36 TRUMBULL STREET HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT 06103 James T. Fleming Telephone: (860) 293-2500 President Facsimile: (8600 527-2582

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Diane Alverio

    October, 2008 860 655-9039/860 548-1136


    CAR Launches Safe-Driving Challenge, “Teens Saving Teens,” and Chance to Win a Car

    HARTFORD, (DATE) Driving is the leading cause of death for teenagers. To combat this sad reality

     and to build awareness of Connecticut‟s new laws for teenage drivers – the Connecticut Auto Retailers Association (CAR) has launched a “Teens Saving Teens” Challenge. The Challenge asks Connecticut teenagers 16-18 years old to submit their ideas on safe driving, which then earns them the

    chance to win a car along with an advanced safety driving course at the nationally renowned Skip

    Barber School of Driving.

The safe teen driving ideas submitted by students will be given to the Connecticut Department of Motor

    Vehicles and state legislators for possible action as state statutes. The Challenge, which is sponsored

    by CAR, the Governor‟s Prevention Partnership, and the Connecticut Fire Chiefs Association, runs from

    early November, 2008 through March 15, 2009. Teenagers can enter at any participating dealer (a full

    list of dealers and contest rules can be found on The winner will be randomly selected from all entries at the end of the Challenge, and must have parental permission to participate in the


    The Challenge coincides with Connecticut‟s tougher new laws and penalties for 16- and 17-year-old drivers. These include suspension of the driver‟s license of any teenager convicted of violating a teen

    driving restriction, speeding, reckless driving, street racing or using a cell phone or text messaging

    device while driving. A list of the new laws can be found online at and at DMV locations throughout the state.

“Sadly, accidents involving teen drivers are on the rise and we applaud the state for taking action with

    these new laws,” said Jim Fleming, president of CAR. “We want to do our part to reach teens and their

    parents about the need for proper training and maturity when driving a car. We created the „Teens Saving Teens‟ Challenge to get teens thinking more about driving safely.” The Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association ( represents more than 300

    franchised new car and truck dealers throughout the state. For more than 80 years, CAR has

    supported the automobile retailing industry through business seminars, networking, state agency

    relations, and political action.

    CAR members have a long tradition of supporting local communities through donations to Little League

    teams, charity raffles and golf tournaments, and many other civic causes. Additionally, CAR‟s Greater

    Hartford Dealers Association members have donated nearly $1 million in scholarships and Foundation


    The automotive retail industry (dealership sales, service and parts departments, etc.) employs more

    than 15,000 men and woman statewide making it one of the largest private employers in Connecticut.

    Each year, CAR dealers generate $800 million in payroll taxes and nearly 20 per cent of all sales tax

    revenue for the state. And, CAR dealers pay millions of dollars in local property taxes to support fire

    and police, schools, and other services.

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