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    The 11th Int’l Computer Communication & Consumer

    Electronic Products Exposition (Dongguan, China)

    Buyer Registration Form




    Tel Fax

    Liaison Mobile



    ? Computer Peripherals / Component Business: Computer Case, Power Source,

    Connecting Wire, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, Earphone, Camera,

    CD-ROM, CD writer,CP, Mainboard, Video Card, Memory Card, Audio Card,

    Network Card, Radiator, Hard Disk etc.

    ? Electronic Components & Equipment: IC, semiconductor, Optical

    Instruments, electric components/SCR, Resistance & capacitance, diode/audios,

    inductance/transformer/magnetism element, resonance/surge/rejecter, AV,

    linker/switch, relay, Micro&Special Motor, wire & cable, electric components,

    Laser processing technologies and equipment, other e-manufacturing &materials Product etc. Categories ? Digital&Communication Product: Computer, Mobile Phone, 3G products &

    service, GPS Navigation and Countermeasure Technology, Video Conference

    System, Bluetooth Technology, Network Product, Multi-media, Multimedia

    Home System and Personal Hand Held Digital Products like PDAMP4MP5


    ? OA Office Facilities & Software: Exhibit Categories: Printer, Projector,

    Scanner, Fax Machine, Copier, Bar Code Printer, CRM, ERP, Application etc.

    ? Others__________________________________________________

    Applying Items

    Buyer Card ? Pre-email ? Get on pot

    Fair Directory ? Book ? Not book

    Free Room ? One night ? Two nights ? Not Book

    Opening Ceremony Banquet ? Participate ? Not Participate

    Buyer Match Party ? Participate ? Not Participate

    China E-Information Developing Trend Topic Report!? Participate ? Not


    Brand Marketing Summit Forum ? Participate ? Not Participate


    Please fill out and we will give you more considerate service. ? 1We will purchase these products(Multiple Choice)

    Computer Peripherals / Component Business:

    ?Computer Case, ?Power Source, ?Connecting Wire, ? Monitor, ?Keyboard, ?Mouse,

    ?Speakers, ?Earphone, ?Camera, ?CD-ROM, ?CD writer, ?CP, ?Mainboard, ?

    Video Card, ?Memory Card, ?Audio Card, ?Network Card, ?Radiator, ?Hard Disk etc. Electronic Components & Equipment:

    ?IC, ? semiconductor, ?Optical Instruments, ?electric components/SCR, ?Resistance & capacitance, ?diode/audios, ?inductance/transformer/magnetism element, ?

    resonance/surge/rejecter, ?AV, ? linker/switch, ?relay, ?Micro&Special Motor, ?wire &

    cable, ?electric components, ?Laser processing technologies and equipment, ?other

    e-manufacturing &materials etc.

    Digital&Communication Product:

    ?Computer, ?Mobile Phone, ?3G products & service, ?GPS Navigation and Countermeasure Technology, ?Video Conference System, ?Bluetooth Technology, ?Network

    Product, ?Multi-media, ?Multimedia Home System and Personal Hand Held Digital Products

    like PDAMP4MP5 etc.

    OA Office Facilities & Software:Exhibit Categories: ?Printer, ?Projector, ?Scanner, ?Fax Machine, ?Copier, ?Bar Code Printer, ?CRM,

    ERP, Application etc.

    ?Others(pls note) ____________________________________________________________

    ? 2Our company ownership is

    ?state-ownership ?private-owned ?Foreign-funded

    ? 3Our companys annual purchase amount is (RMB)

    ?50000 ?50000-100000 ?100000-200000 ? 200000-500000 ?500000-1000000 ?More than 1000000

    ? 4Our companys annual sales amount is (RMB)

    ?Less than 500000 ?500000-1000000 ?1000000-2000000 ?200000-5000000

    ?5000000-10000000 ?More than 10000000

    ? 5Our employee amount is

    ?Less than 50 Persons ? 50~500Persons ? 500~1000 Persons ? 1000~5000 Persons ? 5000~10000 Persons ?More than 10000 Persons

    To save your time, you can download the application form and fill out then fax or email to

    buyer service center(fax : 86-769-22813256, email: We will provide you best service at first time.)

Int’l Computer Communication & Consumer Electronic Products Exposition (Dongguan,

    China) Organizing Committee

    Buyer Service Center

    Address: Dongguan International Conference & Exhibition Center (Hongfu Intersection,

    Dongguan Road, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province)


    Post code: 523071 Tel: (86) -769-2242319722814615 Fax: (86) -769-22813256 Website:


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