For immediate release May 9, 2007

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For immediate release May 9, 2007

     For Immediate Release: May 9, 2007



Carson City To further encourage the production of renewable energy in Nevada, Governor

    Jim Gibbons has established a Nevada Renewable Energy Transmission Access Advisory

    Committee and named its 14 members. The governor created the committee through executive

    order today.

“Renewable energy development is good for Nevada and good for the nation,” said

    Governor Gibbons. “Much of Nevada's renewable energy resources are located away from

    the grid. In order for companies to locate in Nevada and develop our renewable energy

    resources, we need to ensure they have access to the transmission infrastructure that

    will allow them to bring their energy to the marketplace.

The Advisory Committee will report directly to the governor by December 31st, 2007. Its

    members will work with the governor’s energy advisor, Dr. Hatice Gecol. It is Governor Gibbons’ third executive order furthering the cause of renewable energy in Nevada.

“It is great to see our Governor getting directly involved in and supporting the

    development of our renewable energy resources. I am looking forward to working with

    the committee to develop our renewable energy resources,” said Gecol.

The committee includes representation from the key industries and interest groups that will

    work together to further that development. The 14 members are:

    ? Daniel (Dan) Schochet, Vice President, Ormat (chair) ? Carolyn Barbash, transmission executive, Sierra Pacific and Nevada Power (vice chair)

    ? Jeneane Harter, president, HiTech Communications (vice chair) ? Marion Barritt, director, American Solar Energy Society

    ? Tim Carlson, president/CEO, Powered by Renewables

    ? Gilbert Cohen, senior vice president, Acciona Solar Power

    ? Thomas Fair, renewable energy executive, Nevada Power and Sierra Pacific

    ? Joseph Greco, vice president, western region, Caithness Energy

    ? Erin Iping Kuo, director, Next Generation Etak and president of the Board of Directors,

    Nevada EcoNet

    ? Dr. Raj Mehta, deputy director, Nevada State Office of Energy

    ? Christy Morris, Oil, Gas and Geothermal Program manager, Nevada Division of Minerals

    ? Rebecca Wagner, commissioner, Public Utilities Commission of Nevada

    ? Gary Wayne, director of strategic projects, SunPower Corporation

? Brian Whalen, transmission planning manager, Nevada Power and Sierra Pacific

“I applaud Governor Gibbons for taking this important step toward bringing our State’s

    abundant renewable resources to the utility grid. The availability of transmission

    access will keep more of our energy dollars in our state and provide a buffer to help

    insulate our consumers from volatile and often increasing fossil fuel prices,” said

    Chairman Schochet.

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