Plan of Study - Graduate School Form 6

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Plan of Study - Graduate School Form 6

Graduate School Form 6 PURDUE UNIVERSITY (Please type) (Revised 5/00) GRADUATE SCHOOL

    Request for Master’s Degree Advisory Committee and Plan of Study Approval

    (Please read instructions on reverse side.)

    Pg. of Pgs. Date Degree Expected 1. NAME OF STUDENT Student ID No. 2. DEPARTMENT Thesis OptionNonthesis OptionDept. Code Degree Title Degree Code Research Area AOS Code 3. AREA OF SPECIALIZATION (if any) 5. METHOD OF 4. COURSES 6. DATE ESTABLISHING CREDIT Area COMPLETED OR TO BE OFFICIAL TITLE ABBREVIATION Subject Course Cr. Regular Non- Other or COMPLETED Please group courses into “Primary” (P) & “Related” (R) areas. Abbr. No.* Hours Regis. degree Transfer From + Regis.

     7. LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS Method to be used to meet language requirements + Transfer course must be described as on original transcript. * Mark course number with asterisk (*) if B or better is required. a. a. b. b. 8. NAMES OF ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEMBERS 9. GRADUATE APPROVED BY ADVISORY 10. DEPARTMENT 11. ADVISER (Please type full name.) FACULTY COMMITTEE MEMBERS IN AREA OF: IDENTIFIER (Signature) Abbr. Code

    Chair Chair

     13. APPROVED BY: Check here if special notes or other requirements are specified in the comments section on the reverse.

    Head of the Graduate Program Date

    12. SIGNATURE OF STUDENT Date School Dean (if required) Date Graduate School Dean

    Submit original plus one copy to the Graduate School.

     INSTRUCTIONS ADVISORY COMMITTEE: The Advisory Committee shall consist of a minimum of three faculty members approved by the major department from a list previously approved by the heads of the departments, academic deans, and the Graduate School dean. The composition of this committee will be mutually acceptable to the student and the committee members and will be representative of the general field of study in which the student expects to do his or her work. PLAN OF STUDY: The student and the advisory committee shall prepare a plan of study which must be approved by the head of the graduate program, the school dean (if required), and the Graduate School dean. A plan should be appropriate to meet the needs of the student’s chosen field as determined by the advisory committee. The dean of the Graduate School reserves the right to refer any or all plans of study to the Council for review and approval when deemed to be advisable. A plan of study should specify the general field of interest in which the student proposes to conduct major research. A plan shall list appropriate courses. It shall list the language(s) in which proficiency is to be established and the method(s) by which it is to be met. It should also list all other specific requirements of the department or program. The Graduate School does not impose any minimum number of required course credit hours. However, courses with pass/not pass grades are not acceptable on the plan of study. Only 12 hours of credits taken as a nondegree student may be included.

     The plan of study should be typed and the original plus one copy submitted to the Graduate School. The original will be considered the official plan of study and will be retained by the Graduate School after it is approved. The approved copy will be returned to the department, where sufficient copies should be made for the student and appropriate departmental distribution. The following instructions correspond to the numbered areas on the plan of study. 1. Enter the student’s full legal name and student identification number. 2. Enter the official graduate program name and code, as well as the official degree title and code, as outlined in the table below. Also indicate a short title of the research area chosen and if this degree is a thesis or nonthesis option. 3. If applicable, indicate the area of specialization that is to appear on the student’s transcript and the area of specialization code. 4. Enter the exact title and number of the courses as they appear in the Graduate Bulletin or, in the case of variable title courses, as they will appear on the academic record. Group all courses in the primary (P) area first; then group each related (R) area separately; and designate by placing a (P) or (R) in the “area” column on the far left. 5. Check the method by which credit will be established for each course. Enter transfer courses from other accredited institutions, credit by exam, certified undergraduate excess, etc., under the column titled “Other or Transfer From.” Attach official transcripts showing transfer courses unless already on file in the Graduate School. 6. Enter the month and year the course was completed or is expected to be completed (e.g., May 2001). 7. Designate specific language requirements and the method to be used to satisfy the requirements. 8. Enter the full name of each advisory committee member. 9. The Graduate Faculty Identifier is the unique number assigned to each faculty member approved to serve on graduate committees. Once assigned, this identifier normally will remain the same from year to year for as long as a faculty member is at Purdue. 10. Please utilize the departmental abbreviations and codes shown in the table below. 11. Indicate the particular area of expertise that each faculty member will contribute to the advisory committee. 12. Check the small box if special notes or requirements are specified on the back of the plan of study. The student must sign the plan of study. 13. Approvals must be secured of the head of the graduate program or designee for all plans. The signature of the school dean is only required in those areas that the academic dean reserves the right to review. Final review and approval will be made by the graduate dean.

     After a plan of study has been approved, all changes require submission of Graduate School Form 13, “Request for Change to the Plan of Study.” Graduate Program Abbr. Code Graduate Program Abbr. Code Graduate Program Abbr. Code Aeronautics & Astronautics A&AE E20 Curriculum & Instruction EDCI D30 Mathematics MA P65 Agribusiness AGMB U93 Earth & Atmospheric Sciences EAS P51 Mechanical Engineering ME E30 Agricultural & Biol. Engr. ABE E22 Economics ECON N91 Med. Chem. & Mol. Pharm. MCMP O84 Agricultural Economics AGEC B01 Educational Studies EDST D32 Neuroscience PUN U91 Agronomy AGRY B02 Electrical & Computer Engr. ECE E25 Nuclear Engineering NUCL E32 American Studies AMST J67 English ENGL J63 Nursing NUR O90 Animal Sciences ANSC B03 Entomology ENTM B07 Organizational Behavior and Audiology & Speech Sciences AUS J40 Food Science FS B10 Human Resource Mgmt. OBHR N92 Basic Medical Sciences BMS R20 Foods & Nutrition F&N G45 Pharmacy Practice PHPR O82 Biochemistry BCHM B04 Foreign Languages & Lit. FLL J66 Philosophy PHIL J68 Biochem. & Mol. Biology BMB U99 Forestry & Natural Resources FOR B08 Physics PHYS P67 Biological Sciences BIOL P50 Genetics PGP U92 Plant Biology PBP U90 Biomedical Engineering BME E21 Health, Kinesiology &. Political Science POL J69 Botany & Plant Pathology BTNY B05 Leisure Studies HKLS J58 Psychological Sciences PSY J70 Chemical Engineering CHE E23 Health Sciences HSCI O88 Restaurant, Hotel, Inst., Chemistry CHM P56 History HIST J64 and Tourism Mgmt. RHIT G47 Child Dev. & Family Studies CDFS G44 Horticulture HORT B09 Sociology and Anthropology SOC J77 Civil Engineering CE E24 Industrial Engineering IE E27 Statistics STAT P62 Communication COM J78 Industrial & Physical Pharm. IPPH O83 Veterinary Clinical Sciences VCS R16 Comparative Literature CL J65 Industrial Technology IT T37 Veterinary Pathobiology VPB R17 Computer Sciences CS P57 Linguistics LING J62 Visual & Performing Arts VPA J41 Consumer Sciences & Ret. CSR G42 Management MGMT N90 Non-Academic Depts. GRAD U00 Continuing Engineering Educ. CEE E33 Materials Engineering MSE E31

     Comments, special notes, or other requirements: Degree Codes Nonthesis Thesis Nonthesis Thesis Option Option Option Option 07 -- Master of Accountancy (Calumet) 45 46 M.S. Education 09 10 Master of Agriculture 51 52 M.S. Electrical & Computer Engr. 13 14 Master of Arts 53 54 M.S. Engineering 17 18 Master of Arts in Teaching 57 58 M.S. Forestry 19 20 Master of Fine Arts 61 62 M.S. Industrial Admin. 21 22 Master of Science 65 66 M.S. Industrial Engr. 25 26 M.S. Aero. and Astro. 67 68 M.S. Management 27 28 M.S. Agricultural & Biological Engr. 69 70 M.S. Mechanical Engr. 31 32 M.S. Biomedical Engr. 71 72 M.S. Materials Science 33 34 M.S. Chemical Engr. 77 78 M.S. Nuclear Engr. 37 38 M.S. Civil Engr. 92 -- Master of Business Administration

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