Management In Project Motivation

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Management In Project Motivation

    Management in Project Motivation


    With this assignment we recognize the importance of keeping employees and workers very well motivated as the base to build a competitive organization. One very significant point that we want to mention is that people is the most important resource in every company. Every company is different but they have something in common: they can only work with people. Keeping the employees highly motivated is the most important challenge for today’s managers. Motivation in fundamental to keep a company working

    and producing not only material benefits (money, profits, etc.), but also to give people an opportunity to learn and improve their skills and knowledge. As organizations are different and have different goals, needs, problems and objectives, people are also different and they need different ways to be motivated. General speeking, if an organization wants to achieve its goals, the first and main step is how to motivate and keep its personnel motivated. When people are well motivated nothing is impossible to achieve.

    Do you have a company? Are you a manager? Do you think that only money can be the most important motivation for all of your employess? If you do, you have to analize/know every employee has different motivations and for this reason is very important for every organization, managers or leaders unsterstand how motivation it works in any kind of company or work situation. Employees are the most important resource of every company because with their efforts and cooperation organizations can achive thier goals. Both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations are very useful tools for managers who are trying to encourage employees to get organizations' objectives. With this assignment we are going to explain how motivation has a very critical role in these days when companies are facing the difficult mission of renewing the work enviroment.

     Lucile Packard Children's Hospital History

Lucile Packard Childres Hospital traces its roots to the Stanford Home for Convalescent

    Children, which was officially established in 1919. By 1970, the Convalescent Home had

    moved to larger quarters and changed its name to Childrens Hospital at Stanford,

    although it remained a separate entity from the Stanford Hospital and Clincs.

In 1986, David and Lucile Packard donated $40 million for the construction of a new

    childrens hospital, and in 1988, groundbreaking began. The facility was ultimately

    named in memory of Mrs. Lucile Packard, who died in 1987. The hospital officially

    merged with Stanford Health Services in January 1997.

2.1 A Place Built for Children

Built in a circular design around a central courtyard, the hospital has 27 gardens and

    outdoor play areas, including a spacious roof garden. It was important that there be a

    connection with the outdoors and nature. It's an important part of the healing process for

    children and their families.

In fact, almost everything about the hospital seems to be designed to accelerate this

    healing process. Half-moon shaped indentations are cut into the countertops at nurses'

    stations, so children can see those on the other side of the counter. A recreational therapy

    room provides a place where patients and families can do arts and crafts projects, play

    with toys, and interact with other children. No medical treatment ever happens here - it's

    a "safe zone."

In addition to creating a nurturing environment for the children who come into the

    hospital, LPCH also makes an effort to go out to the community it serves. Outreach

    services include a 38-foot mobile health van that offers immunizations and physical


examinations to children in the community; participation in the Santa Clara/San Mateo

    SAFE KIDS Coalition; and a variety of health education classes.

2.2 Mission

    To serve our communities as an internationally-recognized pediatric and obstetric

    hospital that:

    ? Advances family-centered care

    ? Fosters innovation

    ? Translates discoveries

    ? Educates health care providers and leaders

    ? And advocates on behalf of children and expectant mothers. 2.3 Values

    Lucile Packard Children's Hospital CARES through:

    ? Collaborating to reach goals

    ? Advancing a family-centered approach to treatment

    ? Respecting our patients, their families and our co-workers

    ? Educating, innovating and translating discoveries in pediatrics and obstetrics

    ? Serving our community through outreach and advocacy Joann Murphy is the Accounting Supervisor, Accounts Payable/Funds-Grant Accounting

    in the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

    Currently the Hospital is in the mode of cost containment. Therefore, we refrain from

    spending the Hospital’s money to motivate staff. In spite of this, the staff are still quit

    motivated. Here are some of the motivators that we use.

    2.4 Intrinsic Motivation 1) Belief- our employees’ belief in the mission and vision of this company.

    2) Passion- our staff are self motivated to do quality work.


    3) Challenge- the volume of work that we have creates challenge daily. Along with volume is complexity. Our processes are complex which also creates challenge. 4) Curiosity- our staffs are engaged in their work and strive to learn new skills on an ongoing basis.

    5) Control- each staff is able to control their own work within the framework of our policies and procedures.

    6) Competition- each staff member competes with themselves to strive to improve the process used for their job.

    7) Cooperation- our staff have their own work to do but feel part of the entire department as we work together to get the collective job of our department done. 2.5 Extrinsic Motivation

    8) Reward- We offer a level of flexibility in work schedules. Typically a cost of living increase is given annually.

    9) Recognition- We celebrates birthdays with lunch and a cake. Also staff can be nominated for a Recognition of Service Excellence (ROSE) Award by any employee of the hospital for providing excellent customer service to their internal customers. A certificate is given which is often framed along with a rose sticker that can be adhered to the security badge. We also give verbal recognition for a job well done. 10) Growth- our staffs have opportunities to take courses each year. Each have a continuing education allowance of $1000.00. We also use goal setting which each employee takes part in and agrees to a set of goals for the coming year. I believe that the motivators that we use are enough for some of our staff. Others have left us after a short time for a variety of reasons. Some left for advancement opportunities, others to return to school for advanced degree.


3. Motivation of “Stanford University School of Medicine”

    Stanford University School of Medicine is a leading medical school located at Stanford University Medical Center in Stanford, California. Originally based in San Francisco, California as Cooper Medical College, it is the oldest continuously running medical school in the western United States. The medical school moved to the Stanford Campus in 1959.

The School of Medicine’s mission is to be a premier research-intensive medical school

    that improves health through leadership, collaborative discoveries, and innovations in patient care, education, and research.

    Nicole Ng, the person who works as Administrative Associate in Stanford University School of Medicine. She works in Health Research and Policy Department for 5 years, which is the research of all kinds of cancer, they need to analyze data, find out the new method to prevent the cancer, such as Brest Cancer, Liver Cancer and so on.

    How does Stanford motivate the employees? According to her experience, the most useful motivation is the extrinsic motivation indicated the employee benefits, she said because Stanford University is educational services, Stanford provides matching program for retired plan for 403K which only can use by education organization and differ in 401K. With the program, what ever they put down on the retired plan, Stanford will do the match which up to 10%, for example if she put 5%, her institute will put 5% for her to match and this money is nontaxable.

    As an education organization, Stanford would provides $800 pre year for each employee to take class in Stanford University and the employees also be sponsored $5,500 per person if he/she peruse a degree program study. Nicole said this is the very important method to encourage employee to improve and enlarge their knowledge.


    Furthermore, Stanford University provides free Caltrans and Light Rail transportation to encourage employee take the public transportation instead of drive car.

Nicole said they have 15 days vacation every year, after she took the 15 days vacation

    and went back to work, she feel she got much more energy than before.

Nicole loves her job intrinsically because of the extrinsic motivation which Stanford

    University offered. She has more and more opportunity to study and improve her life

    value. Finally, she is taking another master’s degree in Berkeley University now.

4. Taiwan VW AUDI Car Company

4.1 Management framework

    BPR (Business Process Reengineering) set Process-Oriented Organization to take over

    Function-Organization. Swire Company is a HONG KONG company (the Licensing of

    the German VW AUDI PORSCHE car company)

4.1 Taiwan VW Company (Distributor)

    ? North VW

    ? Midest VW

    ? South VW

    These three companies has each own president, and general manager, they control

    their own shops in many cities.

    Shops in many cities

    ? Sell wings

    ? Accounting wings

    ? Repair wings

4.2 Core value:

    ? Provide the high- tech products (Cars and related products) to customers ? Customer is everything- the customers have right to evaluate the company’s product


    quality, not manager

    ? Create a Environmental protection circle, and accord this to produce products

    ? Human, Car, and Earth have a peaceful coexistence ? Three factors

    ? The education of Employees

    ? Social environment

    ? Traffic safe

4.3 Motivating:

    ? Life planning

    ? Career training

    Combine these two points (Not only for the employees motivating, but also for the

    company growing) - If must continue to grow must with the trade or craft competition,

    must innovate the product function or the marketing technique attract the competition the

    customer, expands own market domain.

    ? Good working environment: ? Healthy promotion system:

    ? Insurance

    ? Encourage the creative thinking about company : Have a inner activities for creative ? Extra-curricular activities for adventure experience-

    Kevin Lin: Taiwan’s ultra-marathon experience:

    ? River Tracing

    ? Rappelling

    ? Hiking

    According the G4 variety activities to achieve the sells confidence reengineering

    ? On a regular time schedule to mail the popular movie tickets to employees. ? Coupon for special Chinese festival


5. Cal-Bay Marble, Inc.

    5.1 The organization: Cal-Bay Marble, Inc. is a residential decorative company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Good services and high quality are the important standards, they

    always center with the benefit of their customers, usually they would think of themselves

    as consumers and provide with excellent living environments in order to satisfy the needs

    of customers. Till now, it becomes one of the top-notch residential decorative companies

    in the San Francisco Bay Area within 10 years.

    5.2 The managers often encourage workers to develop new method to achieve efficiency so as to save the project period, and authorize the project manager the power to deal with

    the unexpected situations. A typical employee in Cal-Bay Marble is that he/she should

    have skill variety, what means he/she can do most of kinds work in the residential

    decorative by training in the practice, and they should get feedback from customers to

    improve the quality as it is the top priority to satisfy their requirement.

    5.3 There are three levels in the organization’s hierarchy. And the authority is centralized. The span of control of the top manager is: he has ultimate responsibility for Cal-Bay

    Marble, and the office director, sales manager and project managers report directly to the

    general manger.

    5.4 The distribution of authority is not appropriate for Cal-Bay Marble due to lack of higher educational managers. As the organizational structure is so simply, it should not

    flat the hierarchy any more. But it is should decentralize authority and empower

    employee in case most of the staffs have high self-management skills.

5.5 Motivation:

    ? Enterprise Belief: the business what they deal with is worthwhile, and “Customer

    satisfaction is our greatest achievement.”


? Rewards: hard working deserves well pay, it has been set employee will be rewarded

    as long as the hard work.

? Regular meetings: hold regular meetings to discuss the issues and problems

    encountering recently. This could make the employees to actively participate in the

    affairs and feel their importance.

? Educational opportunity: establish education funds to support employees to further

    their skills and knowledge to better accomplish the company goals.

? Vocation: each employee gets 15 days vocation to revitalize from the hard working.

5.6 The advice to make more motivation to improve the organizational performance:

? Strengthen quality control, aim at the customers satisfaction for the highest.

? Increase vocational training, improve employees’ professional ethics.

? Appropriate decentralize authority and empower employees, motivate the enthusiasm

    of staffs.

6. Conclusion and Recommendation

6.1 Motivation is everywhere

    As long as there is business, there is motivation whether it is a profit-making enterprises

    or non-profit charitable institution. Motivation is only one factor among many factors that

    contributes to employees job performance.


6.2 Which is more powerful?

    Intrinsic Motivation

    Which is more powerful

    Extrinsic Motivation

    This is very difficult to figure out. Under different circumstance or situation, there may be different effect which is opposite to your thought. But after our investigation, we get that maybe intrinsic motivation is more appropriate, as the employee with high intrinsic motivation will perform for his or her own sake other than high pay or something else. It is from your deep heart. Certainly, extrinsic motivation is effective either.

    6.3 Create a motivating work setting to reach the full potentials at work.

    Meaningfulness High Intrinsic

     Goalsetting Responsibility High Performance

     Good outcomes High Job Satisfaction

    Motivation is one of the key determinants of performance in organizations. Although above is an ideal model, we can do our best to achieve it.


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