Question Pack by Holy PHUT (Zhan, Justin, Rishi, Michelle, Emily)

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Question Pack by Holy PHUT (Zhan, Justin, Rishi, Michelle, Emily)

Question Pack by Holy PHUT (Zhan, Justin, Rishi, Michelle, Emily)

    TOSSUPS for VETO 2003, Toronto Mirror

    1. Allied to the pop art movement through its coolness and lack of emotional affect, this was a groundbreaking gathering of many who would later be labelled as Minimalists. The exhibitors, who included Donald Judd and Carl Andre, were interested in sculpture as a group of ‘specific objects’ and placed as much emphasis on the viewing situation as the objects themselves. For ten points, name this 1966 exhibition which took place at the Jewish Museum in New York. Answer: PRIMARY STRUCTURES

    2. This bacteria’s virulence factors lie on two plasmids: one which encodes genes necessary for sporulation and one with genes encoding its characteristic AB toxin. It was the first disease to fulfill Koch’s postulates, and the first for which immunization was available. There are three major modes of entry. For ten points, what caused a scare in Washington following the terrorist attacks against the United States in 2001?

    Answer: ANTHRAX

    3. It was officially opened on May 30, 2003 with a concert headlined by Treble Charger and Snow. Too bad it was still under construction when R.E.M. played their free concert in 2001. It has twenty-two water fountains and is the centrepiece of Toronto’s Regeneration Project. For ten

    points, what is this public venue named after one of Toronto’s busiest intersections, opposite the Eaton Centre?

    Answer: Yonge-DUNDAS SQUARE

    4. Herodotus tells of this man's story in Histories where he and two co-conspirators argue over the best way to rule an empire. One conspirator argues for democracy, and the other argues for rule by a small group of the most capable citizens, but his argument for monarchy prevails. He ruled for nearly forty years after taking part in a successful plot to assassinate his predecessor. He and his conspirators falsely claimed that Smerdis, the son of Cyrus the Great, was an impostor and that the real heir had been murdered years ago. For ten points, name this King who ruled over the Persian Empire at its apogee and died not long before the Empire was conquered by Alexander the Great.

    Answer: DARIUS the Great

    5. About twelve thousand of these animals were introduced to the Western Australia gold fields and other parts of the country in the 19th century for pioneering, and transporting goods. By the 1930s, they were replaced by motor vehicles and most had escaped or been released into the wild. They thrived in the Australian terrain and caused problems through the destruction of fences and aggressive behaviour towards sheep and cattle. Their feral population of three hundred thousand is still growing despite creative culling efforts including harvesting for human consumption. For ten points, name this animal whose "Arabian" variety outnumbers the rarer "Bactrian" variety both in Australia and the rest of the world.

    Answer: CAMEL

    6. This author has penned diaries expressing the struggle of a young man during turbulent social times: years of unrequited love for a woman named Pandora, difficulties with a pensioner named Bert, measurements of the penis and finally, marriage to a Nigerian woman and the birth of 2 sons. For ten points, name the author of "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole" and its sequels. Answer: Sue TOWNSEND

    7. Between 1996 and 2000, she was among the top of her class in the social services diploma program at Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario. By 2000, the local welfare authorities discovered that she had simultaneously collected social assistance while receiving undeclared student loans a violation of welfare regulations. She was banned from receiving welfare benefits. For ten points, name the woman who, at 8 months pregnant, was found dead in the sweltering apartment where she was serving six months of house arrest for welfare fraud? Answer: Kimberly ROGERS

    8. The title of this book is taken from an exchange with Mrs. Eisenhart at Princeton when she asks if he’d like cream or lemon in his tea. She exclaimed the title when he responded that he’d have both! Aside from tea additives, other subjects in the book deal with safecracking, how to get laid, Los Alamos from below, and Brazil. For ten, name this bestselling collection of memoirs from a Nobel prize winning physics professor.


    9. Born in Russia in 1869, this activist emigrated to America, and became a well-known radical. She was arrested, but not imprisoned, for the attempted murder of Henry Frick, and eventually imprisoned a number of times for urging the starving to take bread, distributing birth control literature, and organizing a No Conscription league with her good friend Alexander Berkmann. The publisher of the anarchist magazine Mother Earth, for ten points, name this famous woman whom Hoover described as ‘the most dangerous woman in America’.

    Answer: Emma GOLDMAN

    10. An initiative by women’s groups in the 1960s, this group was instituted by Lester B. Pearson. Given a broad mandate to examine all areas of women’s lives affected by the federal government, it heard from 468 briefs and much additional testimony from many women. Appropriately the first Canadian Commission to be chaired by a woman, for ten points, name this group which defined the status of women as a legitimate social problem.


    11. Much of her research is documented in her two books "Through A Window" and "In the Shadow of Man". Not trained as a scientist, she named the animal subjects that she studied over her forty year career. During this time, she made such spectacular discoveries as civil war and tool usage among her animals. For ten points, name Louis Leakey’s prodigy who studied chimpanzees in Gombe.

    Answer: Jane GOODALL

     th 12. It was one of the 20century’s most highly attended exhibitions of modern art, and featured

    more than 650 works. It featured such artist as Max Beckmann and Emil Nolde. Assembled by

    Adolf Zigler, Head of the Chamber of Visual Arts under Hitler, for ten points, name this exhibition held in Munich in 1937 featuring derogatory polemics against the very art exhibited. Answer: The Exhibit Of DEGENERATE ART (or ENTARTETE KUNST)

    13. Francis Crick, first made a name for himself not with DNA, but by solving the structure of this important biomolecule with Dr. Ramachandran. If you’ve eaten Jell-O, you’ve probably

    eaten it in its denatured form - despite the fact that its one of the most stable proteins. A major location of hydroxy-proline, its triple helical structure is unique to this protein class. For ten points, what might actors use before appearing in front of the cameras to enhance their lips? Answer: COLLAGEN

    14. This writer during the English Regency period was known for translations of leading French and German writers into English. Her biography was later published by her husband William Godwin, and her daughter married Percy Bysshe Shelley. For ten points, name this author of "The Vindication of Rights of Woman."


    15. Between 1972 and 1975 she taught at the University of British Columbia. In April 1981, she was appointed to County Court and sat on The Supreme Court of British Columbia less than five months after. Her career did not end there. She wrote judgements invalidating the "rape shield" provisions which prevented an accused from cross-examining a complainant on her past sexual history, and striking the criminal offence of "spreading false news" under which Holocaust-denier Ernst Zundel had been prosecuted. For ten points, name this the first woman Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

    Answer: The Right Honourable Beverley MCLACHLIN (she still holds this position)

    16. This novel, set in California, is a thinly disguised account of the author’s foray into screenwriting. It includes such characters as Jean-Luc Modard, a caricature of a French director with a similar name, and Jon Pinchot, who stands in for Barbet Schroeder. For ten points, name this book by Charles Bukowski which concerns the making of the movie ‘Barfly’.

    Answer: HOLLYWOOD

17. In the May 24 issue of this year’s The Lancet, it was proposed that this disease originated

    from an extraterrestrial virus . Most say that the coronavirus causing this disease is certainly evolved from other known viruses. Not only has this disease spawned this bizarre hypothesis, it has also spawned two charity concerts. For ten points, name this disease which has crippled businesses in Toronto, especially in Chinatown.


    18. Anomalous Walker circulation is cited as a cause of this phenomenon. It may cause a shift in the Intertropical Convergence Zone, causing widespread drought in parts of Africa. An associated phenomenon is associated with cooler than normal equatorial Pacific waters. For ten points, what is the name of the weather phenomenon called a little boy in Spanish, blamed for bad winter weather in Canada?

    Answer: EL NINO

    19. This ‘immortal poet’ was conceived of air and sea, struggled to be born for 30 years, sowed all the trees of his homeland, sang all challengers into the swamp, returned from the River of Death (‘Tuonela’), and lead the campaign to reclaim the Sampo from Louhi. For ten points, name this hero of the Finnish myth saga ‘The Kalevala’.


20. A philosopher associated with the Ash’arite Islamic theologians, this man criticised

    Aristotelian and Neoplatonic ideas which had been incorporated into Islamic philosophy. Instead he stressed a more literal belief in the Koran. As part of his criticism, he rejected the natural sciences as tools for predicting events on earth, and removed all causality from the earthly realm, a doctrine known as occasionalism. For ten points, name this author who lived from 1058-1111, the author of ‘The Incoherence of the Philosophers’.

    Answer: Abu Hamid AL-GHAZALI

    (NOTE: read this question only if bonus 12 has been read, otherwise use the next tossup) 21. There have been seven tossup questions about them so far in this question pack with answers Sue Townsend, Kimberly Roger, Jane Goodall, Emma Goldman, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Beverly Mclachlin, but not Darius the Great. For bonuses, they were Barbara Gowdy, Edna Staebler but not Rohinton Mistry, the Williams sisters, Steffi Graf, and Rosalind Franklin, but not Linus Pauling. For ten points, what do all these answers have in common and thanks to the famous five, are considered persons in Canada?

    Answer: WOMEN (accept equivalents)

    22. This man was given a portion of his father’s kingdom by the Treaty of Verdun with other portions going to his two brothers. His own kingdom was then subdivided between his own three sons. For ten points, name this grandson of Charlemagne who gave his name to the modern day region of Lorraine, France.

    Answer: LOTHAR I (accept LOTHAIR)

23. Some people affectionately refer to this company as Mike and Terry’s Lawnmowers even

    though they make telephone equipment. Terry eventually went on to found Newbridge Networks and Mike eventually married Marlen and founded Corel. For ten points, name this telecommunications company located in Kanata, Ontario founded by Terry Matthews and Michael Cowpland.

    Answer: MITEL Networks

    24. First played on the local CBC outlet in Vancouver in 1961, it was produced by Dick St. John and hosted by Terry Garner. Based on the British television serious "Top of the Form", it first became a national T.V. show in 1966, with separate local productions across the country and national finals series played by the regional winners. For ten points, name this famous trivia show that many of you have played in.

    Answer: REACH FOR THE TOP (do not accept School Reach!!!)

Question Pack by Holy PHUT (Zhan, Justin, Rishi, Michelle, Emily)

    BONUSES for VETO 2003, Toronto Mirror

    1. Women’s tennis is getting almost as boring as men’s tennis. Answer these questions for the stated number of points:

    A) For five points, who has won five of the last six Grand Slam tournaments on the WTA tour? Answer: SERENA WILLIAMS (prompt on "Williams")

    B) She played the same opponent in each of those five victories. Name her for five points. Answer: VENUS WILLIAMS (prompt on "Williams")

    C) For ten points, when Serena Williams won all four Grand Slams in a row, but spanning two calendar years, what did she call it?

    Answer: SERENA SLAM

    D) A true "Grand Slam" is winning all four majors in a single year. For ten points, who was the last player to do so, also capturing the Olympic gold medal in the same year, 1988. Answer: Steffi GRAF

    2. Identify these concepts in Zen Buddhism for the stated number of points. A) For five points, what is the word for a ‘public document setting up a standard of judgement’, such as the question "what is the sound of one hand clapping?"

    Answer: KOAN

    B) When a person’s view into the nature of self is not attached to a specific state of consciousness, which is in itself a ‘thing’, then the person’s view is considered to be this

    negatively defined state.

    Answer: The Doctrine of NO-THOUGHT (or NO-MIND or WU-SHIN)

    C) This writer introduced Buddhism to the West, as well as lecturing at Columbia University, and he influenced both Carl Jung and Aldous Huxley.

    Answer: D.T. SUZUKI

3. Answer these questions about Douglas Coupland’s "Souvenir of Canada" for ten points each.

    A) Coupland discusses this American city as Canada’s fourth largest.

    Answer: LOS ANGELES

    B) Following the chapter on "The Yukon," this is the aptly named final chapter. I hope the Americans pronounce it properly.

    Answer: ZED (do not accept "Zee" :)

    C) (Moderator, give the team the picture at the back of this pack.) Refer to the picture. This corresponds to a chapter about what North American defensive strategy, also a song by Rush? Answer: DEW Line or DISTANT EARLY WARNING

    4. Answer these question on quantum mechanics for the stated number of points: A) For five points, what property of matter is the cause of uncertainty in quantum mechanical measurements?

    Answer: de Broglie wave-particle DUALITY

    B) For ten points, what two quantities, which predict the future behaviour of a particle in Newtonian mechanics, can only be determined with relative accuracy in a quantum mechanical paradigm due to this uncertainty?

    Answer: POSITION and MOMENTUM (also accept TIME and ENERGY)

    C) For fifteen points, this extension of quantum mechanics to more than one nucleus, known as molecular orbital theory, is dependent upon what approximation, named for two famous physicists?

    Answer: BORN-OPPENHEIMER approximation (also accept: "heavy mass of nuclei implies

    that they are stationary relative to the electronic configuration" and equivalents)

    5. (Moderator: Hand out ALL THREE Ziploc bags at the beginning of the question) For ten points each, identify the following white powdery substances from my kitchen. You may use any sense except for taste. Hint, none of them is Anthrax. You have 15 seconds to start your answer. A) Answer: CORN STARCH


    C) Answer: Table SALT or SODIUM CHLORIDE

6. Identify these Canadian artists for the stated number of points.

    A)This French Canadian artist, famous for his mosaic-like abstracts, was a member of the Automatistes. He died in 2002.

    Answer: Jean-Paul RIOPELLE

    B) This Canadian photographer and Ryerson Alumnus is best known for his large-scale photographs of industrial land and its impact on nature, shown with stunning clarity. Answer: Ed BURTYNSKY

    C) Although his first love was mathematics, this Vancouver born artist went on to become a member of the Painters Eleven and an abstract painter. He died in 2002.

    Answer: Kazuo NAKAMURA

7. Identify these Modern Writers.

    A)The author of "Less than Zero", he is better known for having written a book banned during the 1990’s. Name the banned book and author for five points each.

    Answer: "AMERICAN PSYCHO" by Bret Easton ELLIS

    B) The man in the white suite, this southern gentleman has been writing kandy coloured prose since the 1960’s. Name him for ten points.

    Answer: Tom WOLFE

    C) This novel was one of the first of its kind. Written by Joseph Conrad and published in 1907, name this book for ten points.


    8. 2003 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Watson and Crick’s discovery of DNA’s double helix structure. Answer these questions related to the event for the stated number of points. A) For ten points, in what prestigious scientific journal was their paper published? Answer: NATURE

    B) For ten points, who was the female crystallographer whose data helped Watson and Crick elucidate the structure of DNA, although it was without her knowledge?

    Answer: Rosalind FRANKLIN

    C) For ten points, who was the Nobel Peace Prize winning Caltech chemist who incorrectly proposed the triple-helix structure?

    Answer: Linus PAULING (yes, he won the Peace Prize in 1962 in addition to his one in Chemistry)

9. Identify the following modern artists for the stated number of points.

    A) For five points, paintings by this artist include a pebble which fills an entire room, many images of bowler hats and a depiction of a pipe with the caption ‘this is not a pipe’ in French.

    Answer: Rene MAGRITTE

    B) For ten points, this Russian was featured in the "0, 10 (Zero-Ten) The Last Futurist Exhibition" in 1915, where his painting ‘The Black Square" hung in a position of honour.

    Answer: Kazmir (Kazemir) MALEVICH

    C) For fifteen points, An exponent of environmental art, this man’s best known work is the Spiral Jetty, an earthwork installation in Great Salt Lake, Utah.

    Answer: Robert SMITHSON

    10. Answer these questions about Canadian history following questions for the stated number of points:

    A) Which province, thanks to the intervention of Nellie McClung, was the first to give women the right to vote?

    Answer: MANITOBA

    B) In 1940, this was the last province to give women the right to vote?

    Answer: QUEBEC

    C)What group of women were denied the right to vote until the 1960’s?

    Answer: NATIVE women (accept equivalents)

11. Are you a 24 hour party person? Let’s find out for ten points each.

    A) Name the Manchester nightclub owned by New Order that was the home of Madchester. Answer: The HACIENDA

    B) What eccentric band featured Bez on maracas?

    Answer: The HAPPY MONDAYS

    C) What other Madchester band shook the world with such hits as "Fools Gold" and "I Wanna Be Adored."

    Answer: The STONE ROSES

12. Identify these Canadian writers.

    A) One of her previous books was "We So Seldom Look on Love", and a short story of hers was the basis for the film "Kissed". Name the author and her most recent book about elephants for five points each.

    Answer: Barbara GOWDY, "THE WHITE BONE"

    B) For ten points, this award winning Canadian author, known for his novels set in India, and whose first novel was short listed for the Booker prize, has refused to ever again enter the USA, because of his treatment at the US-CAN boarder.

    Answer: Rohinton MISTRY

    C)To honour this writer, Wilfred Laurier University created an award for creative non-fiction. Name this food writer who shmecks for ten points.

    Answer: Edna STAEBLER

    13. Answer these questions about political upheaval for ten points each. A) In 1911, what political movement led Kano Suga and Kotuko Shusui to attempt to assassinate the Emperor of Japan, only to end up with Suga yelling ‘Museifu Shugi Banzai!’ from the


    Answer: ANARCHISM (do not accept anarchy)

    B)This Roman emperor, who ruled for about 30 years, created a secondary court at Ravenna, completed the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, and codified Imperial law. Answer: Emperor Flavius Petrus Sabbatius JUSTINIAN

    C)The T’ang Dynasty (618-907AD) followed the Age of Disunity in China, and although

    cosmopolitan, firmly re-established the system of Imperial Confuscianism. Name the preceding dynasty which allowed them to do so.

    Answer: the SUI dynasty

    14. Blogs are all the rage on the Internet these days. Answer these questions about blogs for ten points each.

    A) "Blog" is a shortened version of what two word phrase?

    Answer: WEB LOG

    B) Google recently purchased which popular blogging website?


    C) Commonly referred to as "Blogging from Baghdad" name this blog about Salam Pax looking for his friend.

    Answer: WHERE IS RAED?

    15. Answer these questions about the Toronto Maple Leafs for the stated number of points. A) For five points, who is the only player ever to score 10 points in a game? Answer: Darryl SITLER

    B) For ten points, Nikolai Borschevsky scored on what Detroit Redwings goaltender in game seven of the first round of the playoffs in 1993?

    Answer: Chris OSGOODE

    C) What is the seating capacity of Maple Leaf Gardens for a Maple Leafs’ game? You’ll get fifteen points for within 50, ten points within 100 and five for within 1000. Answer: 15847, exactly.

    Accept any number between

    15797 to 15897 for fifteen points

    15747 to 15947 for ten points

    14847 to 16847 for five points

16. Did you get straight A’s in astronomy? Let's find out if you can ace these questions.

    A) This is a chart indicating the sun's declination and the equation of time for every day of the year and usually found on sundials and globes. It is easily recognized because it forms a figure 8. Answer: ANALEMMA -10 B) This is a unit of length equal to ten to the negative ten metres (10m) often used for

    measuring wavelengths of visible electromagnetic emissions.

    Answer: ANGSTROM

    C) This is the point of greatest separation between two stars which are in orbit around each other--the opposite of a periastron.

    Answer: APASTRON

17. Identify these philosophers for the stated number of points.

    A) For five points, this philosopher, called the ‘subtle doctor’ is well-known for reintroducing

    the concept of ‘univocity’ which had been rejected by Thomas Aquinas. His name is the etymological root of the word ‘dunce’, which was coined in the Renaissance by those who valued a less subtle approach.

    Answer: John DUNS SCOTUS

    B) In a al tract about the absurdist hero, this philosopher remarks ‘One must imagine Sisyphus happy’.

    Answer: Albert CAMUS

    C) This philosopher theorized that in order to obtain ‘ontological anarchy,’ tools such as poetic terrorism and art sabotage would be useful.

    Answer: Hakim BEY

    18. Answer these questions about proteins for the stated number of points. A) There are two major driving forces of protein folding, both of them are weak chemical interactions. Name them for five points each.


    B) For another five points, what is the major force opposing protein folding, relating to the number of states in the polypeptide chain?


    C) A number of neurological disorders are rooted in the formation of amyloid-like plaques and folds. For ten points, what is the predominant topology of amyloid proteins. Answer: BETA-pleated SHEET

    D) For five points, who discovered that all proteins may form amyloid under the correct conditions?

    Answer: Charles DOBSON

19. Answering the following Canadian questions for ten points each.

    A) It was completed in 1963 with the paving of Rogers’ Pass in Glacier National Park.


    B) For five points each, name the terminating cities of the Trans-Canada Highway. Answers: VICTORIA and ST. JOHN’S

    C) In what province is the midpoint of the highway?

    Answer: ONTARIO (Batchwana Bay)

20. For these William Gibson characters.

    A) Forfive points, Musashi, Parkaboy and Cayce Pollard


    B) For ten points, Kumiko, Mona and Angie


    C) For fifteen points, Laney, Chia Mackenzie and Rei Toei

    Answer: IDORU

21. Name these Queens in European History.

    A)During the rule of the Roman Empire in Britain, these two women emerged as Celtic queens, one ruling as a client of Rome, the other leading a rebellion against it. Name them for ten points each.

    Answer: CARTIMANDUA (client) and BOUDICEA (or BOUDICA (rebel))

    B)For ten points, name this woman who was married to a Saint, a King of England, and the king of France during one lifetime in the 1200’s.


22. Answer these questions about Chaos theory for ten points each:

    A) The Mandelbrot set is marks the set of points in complex plane such that this corresponding set is connected and computable. In other words, the Mandelbrot set contains all possible of this set.

    Answer: JULIA set

    B) What mapping are the Julia sets composed of? 2Answer: z=z + C, where z is a complex number and C is a complex constant (Accept n+1nn


    C) (pen and paper ready) Feigenbaum’s number, delta, is a universal constant for functions -1;approaching chaos via period doubling. One approximation is ;+tan(e) (read as: pi plus arctan

    of e to the pi). What is Feigenbaum’s constant to three significant figures?

    Answer: 4.67 (exactly 4.669201609102990…)

23. 30-20-10. Identify the comic book series based on the key issue.

    30) The Punisher is introduced in issue #129.

    20) The red and blue costume is replaced with a black and white costume in issue #252. 10) In issue #290, Peter proposes to Mary Jane...again!

    Answer: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (original series, do not accept "Spider-Man" because

    it is a separate series.)

    NOTE: The full exact answer must be given, including "The"

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