Emily Armstrong

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Emily Armstrong

    Emily Armstrong

    #2 5760 Inglis Street, Halifax, N.S., B3H 1K6

    tel. (902) 425-9121 cell. (902) 488-2169

    March 2003

    Career Objective

    To pursue new challenges that inspire passion, creativity and strategic thinking within a supportive environment that recognizes effort and achievement.


    ; Self-motivated and resourceful; commonsense approach to problem solving

    ; Ability to coordinate with many players to meet time and budget guidelines ; Big-picture perspective with attention to, and management of, detail

    ; Exceptional analytical and communication skills


    February 2002 present: St. Vincent’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC

    Central Intake Nurse

    Responsibilities: (Same as the Community Support Services Nurse responsibilities, below.)

    The position of Central Intake is a newly created job designed to increase the efficiency of access to all geriatric programs within Providence Health Care. Currently, Central Intake is responsible for coordinating admissions to eight programs providing acute medical and psychiatric care as well as outpatient appointments, home visits and ongoing support services to the geriatric population.

October 1998 - February 2002: St. Vincent’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC

    Community Support Services Nurse


    ; Establish and maintain waitlists and coordinate all aspects of patient admissions to three elective

    inpatient programs: Geriatric Medicine, Psychiatry and Refractory Psychosis.

    ; Identify and prioritize referrals, arrange admission accordingly, or identify alternative community

    resources for those for whom St. Vincent’s Hospital is not an appropriate setting.

    ; Facilitate admissions by providing pertinent details to all involved.

    ; Education and resource provider with regard to services available at Providence Health Care for

    the geriatric population.

    ; Assist with the coordination and scheduling of the Outpatient Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Program.

November 2000 - January 2002: St. Vincent’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC

    Research Coordinator

    This position was an opportunity to explore new challenges within the St. Vincent’s Hospital site and was held down in conjunction with the Community Support Services Nurse position from April 2001 until January 2002.


    ; Conduct patient interviews in order to complete assessments and maintain all patient records in

    accordance with Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FIPA) legislation

    ; Monitor ongoing research studies sponsored by pharmaceutical companies in the context of Good

    Clinical Practice guidelines and in accordance with Health Protection Branch of Canada and FDA

    regulations (United States of America)

    ; Principle on-site liaison between the Ethics Board for Providence Health Care and the University

    of British Columbia and all study sponsor companies. Responsibilities include applications for

    Site and Study Protocols, Study Approvals and Financial Agreements.

    July 1995 - October 1998: St. Vincent’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC

    Staff Nurse


    ; Direct care, education and support of patients and their families within the acute care ward setting

    of Geriatric and Adult Psychiatry and Geriatric Medicine.


    Dalhousie University

    2003 Master of Health Informatics (first year of the program)

    British Columbia Institute of Technology

    1997 Perinatal Nursing Specialty, Levels I and II

    University of British Columbia

    1995 B. Sc., Nursing

    1990 B.A., French Literature

    Crofton House School

    1986 Graduated

    Skills and Accomplishments

    Presentation and information session to Community Mental Health Teams (Vancouver-Richmond Health Region), Vancouver, B.C., October 2000

    ; Coordinated Osteoporosis Conference, Whistler, B.C., May 2000

    ; Speak and write French; working knowledge of Spanish

    ; CPR “C” Ticket

    Extracurricular Activities

    Cycling, running, field hockey, cross-country skiing, kayaking

    Emily Armstrong 2/2

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