Emily Saves The Orchestra

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Emily Saves The Orchestra

    Emily Saves The Orchestra


     (August 2006 please destroy all previous versions)

Please include the following text in the concert program:

    Platypus Theatre’s


    Written and Directed by Peter Duschenes

    Designed by Cathy Stubington

    Choreography by Robert Bergner

    Produced by Michael Duschenes

    Performed by

    Danielle Desormeaux, Peter Duschenes and TBA

    Stage Manager:

    Wendy Rockburn

    (N.B. Logo must be included in program and is available on the Platypus website at

Platypus Theatre would love to hear from you! Please contact them through their website:


Includes excerpts from:

    Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker (Danse russe Trepak) Beethoven: Symphonies No. 6 (“Storm” & “Shepherd’s Song”)

    Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 (“Ode to Joy”)

    Duschenes, Mario: Organized Chaos

    Kabalevsky: Comedians Gallop

    Khatchaturian: Sabre Dance

    Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite (Morning)

    Dukas: Fanfare from La Péri

    Rossini: William Tell Overture

    Pachelbel: Canon

    Dvorak: Slavonic Dance No. 1, op. 46

    “Emily Saves the Orchestra” – Presenter’s Package – August 2006 p.1


    N.B: Please include photographs of the actors and Stage Manager. High-resolution photographs of the artists are available on the Platypus website at:

Platypus Theatre

    Canada’s Platypus Theatre has been garnering rave reviews from critics, educators, musicians, parents and children around the globe for over 15 years. Founded in 1989 the company has performed more than 300 times with over 50 orchestras including the symphonies in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary, Houston, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Seattle, Buffalo and Utah as well as the National Arts Centre Orchestra, the Minnesota Orchestra, the Hong Kong Philharmonic, the Singapore Symphony and the Malaysian Philharmonic.

    Combining live actors, masks and puppets the company has been lauded for its immensely creative productions and its unique ability to educate young audiences about classical music in an intelligent, entertaining and interactive way. Last season, in collaboration with the Toronto Symphony and Television Ontario, Platypus shot a television version of “How the Gimquat Found Her Song” which is scheduled to be aired on TVO in December 2006. In Addition to “Gimquat” the company has six other original productions to its credit: Emily Saves the Orchestra, Rhythm in Your

    Rubbish, Bach to the Future, Song of the Forest, Charlotte and the Music-Maker

    and A Flicker of Light on a Christmas Night.

Peter Duschenes, Artistic Director, Writer and Actor

    Co-founder and Artistic Director of Platypus Theatre, Peter Duschenes has been widely praised for his innovation in presenting symphonic music to young audiences. His ability to bring the concert stage to life by combining theatre and music has led to numerous commissions with orchestras from coast to coast. An award winning playwright, Peter’s writing credits include all seven of Platypus’ symphony plays as well as the one-act play, Lost River, which was the 1991

    winner of the Theatre BC’s Canadian National Playwriting competition. As an actor Peter has performed with companies across Canada and the United States appearing most recently as Richard in Shakespeare’s Richard II at Quantum

    Theatre in Pittsburgh and as Louis Ironson in Angels In America at the Centaur

    Theatre in Montreal. Peter received his MFA in theatre from the California Institute of the Arts in 1988 and now lives in Ottawa with his wife, Sarah and their two children; Magda and Theo.

    “Emily Saves the Orchestra” – Presenter’s Package – August 2006 p.2

Danielle Desormeaux, Actor

    Danielle Desormeaux is a Montréal actor who has appeared on stage, in both English and French, in theatres across Canada and abroad. These days her voice can be heard on TV and radio in The Bellflower Bunnies, The Kids From Room

    402, Kitou the Six-Eyed Monster, Arthur and Elsie Reford (Radio

    Canada). Recent film and television credits include René Lévesque, Big Sugar,

    Stardom and Affliction. Ms. Desormeaux’s work in improvisation, collective theatre and clown has lead to the creation of several new plays including Rhythm In Your Rubbish for Platypus Theatre and Umloüt and MöcShplat for

    Clowns Gone Bad. Her French/English adaptation of The Anger in Ernest and

    Ernestine will be produced as a full production in the spring of 2007. Ms Desormeaux has been a member of Platypus Theatre’s touring company since 1998 and is thrilled to be back.

TBA, Dancer

Wendy Rockburn, Stage Manager

    Wendy Rockburn is an Ottawa-based stage manager with over 16 years in the business. She has worked in theatres mostly in eastern Canada, including The National Arts Centre and Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa, Centaur Theatre in Montreal, Thousand Islands Playhouse in Gananoque, Neptune Theatre in Halifax, and Canadian Stage and Tarragon in Toronto. The tremendous opportunity to work with the world-renowned Platypus Theatre is a wonderful meld of her two loves, stage managing and travelling.

    “Emily Saves the Orchestra” – Presenter’s Package – August 2006 p.3

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