Emily Malone

By Jeanne Bailey,2014-05-27 06:15
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Emily Malone

Emily Malone

During my first semester at Penn State York I realized that I could no longer just scan

    through my required reading. In high school, I would quickly read over the texts and not

    really pay attention to what the authors true message was. I am an auditory learner, so I

    always relied on the teachers lesson rather than reading over the section myself.

    Another one of my struggles with reading was that I would always get so nervous when I

    was asked to read in front of a group of people. Even out of school I was never interested

    in books. I could never find a book that interested me. Reading was not something that

    came naturally to me and I felt like I was the only one that felt this way. Now I know that

    I am not the only one that cant stay focused and Im not the only one that cant

    comprehend what Im reading.

FLIRT, DRIVE and RELAX have given me so many new techniques. I now know

    reading is not impossible. Before I read I look at the text features: titles, headings,

    captions, special fonts, photographs, key words, maps and illustrations. These text

    features help me become clearer on the author’s message. I also learned how different

    genres require different types of reading. With nonfiction, a text based on fact, I need to

    read slow and stop to learn unknown vocabulary. I can also skip pages that don’t contain

    relevant information. When reading fiction, texts not based on fact, I could read fast and

    skip words yet I need to read all of the pages in order. I also learned how to read

    biographies. I need to read slow and stop to learn unknown vocabulary. Knowing the

    genre was another key step for me to understand my college readings.

While I read, I like to highlight the important parts of the passage. This technique helps

    me stay focused and it also helps me with organizing my notes. I also like to use two or

    more colored highlighters. This lets me put my notes into more specific categories. For

    example if I were to come across a vocabulary term that Im not familiar with I would

    highlight it with a green highlighter. When I came to the information that I thought was

    important and information that had to do with the author’s message, I would highlight it

    with a yellow highlighter. This type of organization helped me stay focused and help me

    stay grounded with the text. After I finished reading the passage I like to show my

    creative side by making an illustration or graffiti. This helps put a picture with the new

    information and made it easier for me to study for an exam. I also like to link the new

    information with the old information by answering any questions that I had while I was

    FLIRTing with the text. All of these strategies were creative and fun ways to help me

    remember the text that I had just read.

One of the ways that I like to clear my confusion is to use talking to the text. When I talk

    to the text it allows me to keep my mind on the text and prevents my mine from

    wondering. I dont keep my talking to the text limited to just what Im reading. If I

    were to see a sentence or even a word that would remind me, for example of what I did

    last weekend, I would write it on the paper. Doing this helped me get that thought out of

    my mind so that I could continue to focus on the passage. I use pens, pencils and

    highlighters when I talk to the text.

Some bad habits I have cut out are being late for classes and not staying focused. When I

    am late to my classes I know that I have missed the professors introduction to that

    days class. I feel lost and sometimes I never get the chance to catch up to the rest of the

    class. My other struggle is my lack of being able to focus. I need to keep my goals in

    mind and keep my mind on track. My strengths include putting my best effort into

    everything I do. I dont like to hand in sloppy work or not succeed. One of the people I look up to for their abilities to fail and still succeed is Michael Jordan. He keeps his

    number one goal in mind and nothing could come in his way of him achieving that goal.

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