Minutes of the Meeting of Bentley Parish Council held in Bentley

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Minutes of the Meeting of Bentley Parish Council held in Bentley


    Minutes of the Meeting of Bentley Parish Council held in Bentley thMemorial Hall on Monday 24 November 2008 at 7:30pm

Present: Mr. C Mace Chairman

     Mr. M Bowler (to 9:40pm)

     Mr. R Leonard

     Mr. M Houghton

     Mrs. L Garrett (to 9:30pm)

     Mrs. L Coney Clerk

Also present were 4 members of the public, District Councillor Ken Carter and PC Simon Dear (until


Item 1 Apologies for absence. Received from Cllr. Price (work), Cllr Darrah (illness) and Cllr. Halton


Item 2 Disclosure of Pecuniary and other interests.

    The Chairman reminded members who have an interest to disclose, in relation to any item included in the

    agenda for this meeting, that it is their duty to do so at the appropriate agenda item. (As required to be

    disclosed by the Parish Council Code of Conduct 2007)

     thItem 3 Minutes of the meeting of the Meeting of Parish Council held on 13 October 2008

    051/08 (distributed previously). There being no alterations to the minutes it was RESOLVED that these were

    accepted as a true record and signed accordingly.

On completion of item 3 the meeting recessed to allow questions and comment from the public.

There were no questions.

Item 4 PC Simon Dear. Unfortunately PC Warwick was unable to attend to talk about traffic issues but

    would try and reschedule for another month. In particular councillors were keen to look at speed

    enforcement through the village in both the 20mph and 40mph areas and average speed cameras. These

    requests would be passed to PC Warwick

    PC Dear introduced himself as PC Grays successor. He has been a Police officer for 28 years and in the

    Alton area for the past 14 years and Selborne for the last 6 years. He adds PC Grays area in addition to his

    own which makes for a very large beat. Supported by PCSO Andy White he said that people should not

    hesitate to get in touch with him. He is slowly learning about this area and in particular the traffic problems.

    Generally Bentley seems quite a tranquil place although when he first arrived there was some low level anti-

    social behaviour which he hoped was nipped in the bud by a trip to the Police Station with the offending


    Cllr Mrs Garrett asked if he could drop into the Youth Club as they now have 30 -35 members and it would

    be good to introduce himself. It would be especially helpful if he could be present for their Christmas Disco thon Thursday 18 December. With regard to contacting PC Dear it was suggested that his e-mail address and the 0845 number be out in

    the Parish Magazine and on the Parish Council website. He should soon have some contact cards printed

    which he will pass to the clerk for councillors.

Item 5 - Bentley Fete Committee. Councillors were asked to consider the possibility of bringing the fete

    committee under the umbrella of the Parish Council and making it an official committee of the council

    primarily for financial reasons. Members of the Fete Committee explained that they paid ?750 each year for

    ?5m liability cover for the fete. Given that the Bonfire was covered on the PC insurance this year the clerk

    had been asked if the fete could be covered as well. The response received from Norwich Union was that so

    long as the fete is run by a committee of the Parish Council, has at least one councillor on that committee

    and has formally minuted meetings then yes, the current Parish Council insurance policy would cover the

    fete inclusive within the existing premium. The clerk stated that the committee would need to have delegated

    powers to enable the committee to take actions as before without recourse to the full Parish Council. An

    addition would need to be made to Standing Orders to formalise this, and enquires would have to be made

    to check whether the bank account could remain as is or whether it would have to be renamed as Bentley

    Parish Council Bentley Fete Account. Councillors were happy to give their agreement in principle for this proposal to be put to the full fete

committee for their consideration.

    Item 6 - District Councillor’s Report. Cllr Carter reported that there had been an Alice Holt Group meeting last week where the arboretum was discussed and the possibility of a local parish council taking it


    Hampshire County Council are getting involved in rural affairs and as part of that are currently asking people

    to complete a questionnaire which people can find on the Hantsweb site.

    There will be a press release issued tomorrow by EHDC to say that it will be putting in place its own rural

    community transport scheme, aimed at commuters, shoppers and young people. It will run 6 days a week

    and Bentley Station will be on one of the routes. The scheme will be ready for implementation by the end of

    2009 and has enough budget to run for the next five years.

    Finally, there is new planning training for Parish Councillors details of which will be coming out soon and to

    that end Chris Murray will be giving a talk on the planning process at the Alton Community Forum tomorrow

    evening (Cllr Houghton attending for Bentley Parish Council)

Item 7 Finance

    052/08 1) It was proposed by Cllr Houghton and seconded by Cllr Mace and RESOLVED to approve the following

    payments, which had been made since the last meeting:

    1. ?13.58 Abacus HR (October)

    2. ?535.80 Nigel Jeffries (Grasscutting)

    3. ?500.00 Bentley Youth Club (grant payment)

    4. ?63.45 Countrywide (Grasscutting BRGC)

    5. ?35.00 Information Commissioner (Data Protection)

    6. ?467.59 HM Revenue and Customs (Clerks Tax & NI Q2)

    7. ?492.33 Nigel Jeffries (Grasscutting)

    8. ?63.24 English Landscapes (Dog waste)

    9. ?126.90 Countrywide (Grasscutting BRGC)

    10. ?40.00 Dataprint (Newsletter)

    11. ?61.60 Mrs. L Coney (Clerks Expenses September)

    12. ?435.54 Mrs L Coney (Clerks Wages October)

    13. ?16.50 Royal British Legion (Poppy Wreath S137)

    14. ?67.67 South East Water ( Allotments)

    15. ?40.00 HALC (VAT & Employment Training)

    16. ?10.00 Mr. D Darrah ( Chairman’s Allowance- Newsletter)

    17. ?10.00 Mrs. L Garrett (Chairman’s Allowance)

    18. ?178.60 Nigel Jeffries (Grasscutting)

    19. ?126.90 Countrywide (Grasscutting BRGC)

    20. ?235.00 Poulsom (Hedgecutting)

    21. ?334.88 Audit Commission (Audit 2008)

    22. ?28.00 CPRE (Subscription)

    23. ?38.75 Mr Wright (Recreation Ground Gate Lock)

    24. ?1341.85 Andrew Wood (Heater for Memorial Hall- Grant)

    053/08 2) It was proposed by Cllr Houghton and seconded by Cllr Mrs Garrett, and RESOLVED to approve the

    copy of the receipts and payments for October 2008.

    054/08 3) It was proposed by Cllr Houghton and seconded by Cllr Leonard and RESOLVED to approve the Clerk’s

    expenses of ?55.22 as at 31st October 2008

    055/08 4) Grant application by Bentley School for 2008/09. ?750. Talking Books CD. APPROVED.

    056/08 5) Grant application by Bentley PCC for 2009/10 ?2000 for grasscutting. It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Garrett

    and seconded by Cllr Bowler and APPROVED ( 4 in favour, 1 against), subject to the condition that it is

    clearly stated that it is a one-off grant, given “without prejudice” and that the PCC informs the Parish Council as to how the remaining money required will be secured.

    057/08 6) Precept 2009/2010. Councillors considered the proposed budget and precept request for 2009/2010

    and resolved to APPROVE it ( See appendix A)

Item 8 Planning Matters

1.Planning Applications.

    35328/003 PORCH TO SIDE Old Baileys Farm, School Lane, Bentley, Farnham, GU10 5JW. NO


    Cllr Bowler requested that clerk put the matter of planning applications and site visits on the next meeting


2.Results of Planning Applications.


    CONSERVATORY Orchard House, Church Lane, Bentley, Farnham, GU10 5NA. NOTICE OF


3.Tree Applications.

    34097/009 FELL ONE WILLOW AND PRUNE ONE CHERRY TREE - Elder is exempt. Linden Cottage, Hole

    Lane, Bentley, Alton, Farnham, GU10 5LW NO OBJECTION

    4.Tree Results

    33352/003 PRUNE THREE CONIFERS 2 Crocks Cottages, Main Road, Bentley, Farnham, GU10 5NF. NO


5.Land next to A31 western end of the village. Article 4 direction and Tree Preservation Order.

    It was noted that the Article 4 Direction has been issued by EHDC and the clerk had written in support of the District Council's decision.

    It was also noted that a TPO had been issued on the site for one oak tree and two other clusters of trees.

     th October. 6.Report from the meeting with Daryl Phillips 20Cllr Bowler reported that the meeting , attended by himself and the clerk,had been interesting. He noted that if the Parish Council objects to an application and the case officer is minded to approve it, then the only officer allowed to authorise the permission notice is Chris Murray as head of North Planning. The case officer can refer it to committee if there are five individual objections. It is now proposed that if parish councillors go on and complete planning training their objection will count as five objections rather than one. In addition, if the Parish Council objects to an application, we can always ask our District Councillor to refer it to North Planning Committee.

    Finally, it was noted that EHDC can acquire land under Compulsory Purchase for affordable housing if required, although the procedure is lengthy and as yet, has not been tried in this area.

    Item 9 Reports by Officers, Councillors and village groups. It was requested that the Tennis Club be asked to come along to the February meeting to update councillors on their progress.

    Gill Thallon noted to the clerk via e-mail the following Rights of Way issues, which have all been reported to Hantsweb.

    Footpath 10 behind Bentley School from the Recreation Ground - sign is missing - was broken.

    Footpath 13b by sewage works - diversion in terrible state - so full of puddles!

    Footpath from Station Road by crossroads across the field that comes out in Talgarth drive way the fence is in a poor state and the sign is leaning.

    Footpath 15 just in front of the Marelands farmhouse where the footpath from the field joins the track the top step of the stile is missing and then the stile into the field adjacent to the by pass is also missing the top step. Further down footpath (which is the track to the river) 13b a tree has fallen across the path. Mrs Joy said she would pass on details of the Marelands footpaths to ensure these were dealt with.

Item 10 Clerks Notices. It was noted that Alan Todd from Hampshire Highways has generously agreed to

    repair the path between Babs Field and Eggars Field to make it easier for pushchairs to progress along the footpath.

    It was also noted that following an e-mail sent from Mill Farm, the clerk has written back to Mr Mayhew to confirm the Parish Councils agreement that should Mr Mayhew decide to replace the bus shelter on the A31 at Isington, then the Parish Council would have no objection to his placing advertising upon it, subject to the consent of Adam Craig at Hampshire County Council. Mr Mayhew would be responsible for the maintenance of the shelter.

    Finally to note the playground repairs to the flat swing and zip slide swing by Hand Made Places were carried out last Friday.

Item 11 Appointment of the new clerk. For APPROVAL. To include approval of the new clerks

    contract and handbook prepared by Abacus HR. Deferred to next meeting. The clerk noted that the

    gentleman who had been offered the position of clerk had subsequently turned down the offer. Councillors were given the option of asking the second choice candidate or re advertising the position. It was AGREED

    to offer the position to the second candidate who was felt to be thoroughly appropriate for the position.

    058/08 Item 12 New Publication Scheme. For APPROVAL. Councillors APPROVED the new publication

    scheme (as circulated to councillors in advance of the meeting), without alteration. This will be in effect

    st January 2009. from 1

    059/08 Item 13 Bentley Recreation Ground Gate Locking. Councillors RESOLVED to cease locking of the

    Recreation Ground gate during the winter months; this will be reviewed again at the Parish Council thmeeting on the 16 March. The clerk was asked to write to the Recreation Ground Committee to inform

    them of the decision, stating that it is not felt necessary to lock the gate over the winter months. The clerk

    was also asked to request that the lock be given to her to prevent anyone inadvertently locking it during this


    060/08 Item 14 Bentley Bus Stop by The Star. At the site meeting attended by Cllrs Mace and Leonard,

    consideration was given as to whether there was a possible alternative site for re-positioning the bus stop

    from The Star, other than by the notice board at The Quinta. It was decided that there was not. Therefore,

    despite the objections raised by residents to the location by The Quinta, it was decided that this location was

    the safest place to relocate the stop. The clerk was asked to write to the residents informing them of the

    Parish Council's decision and informing them that their objections were given careful consideration. The

    clerk was also asked to speak to Adam Craig at HCC to see when the bus stop would be moved.

    061/08 Item 15 Bentley Parish Council meeting dates for 2009. The meeting dates for 2009 were confirmed as


     thth5 January 2009 27 July 2009 thth9 February 2009 7 September 2009 thth16 March 2009 19 October 2009 th27th April 2009 (Annual Parish Meeting*) 30 November 2009 th18 May 2009 (Annual General Meeting**) nd22 June 2009

Item 16 Bentley Parish Council 4 year Plan 2007 2011. Consideration was given to the purchase of a

    wooden sports wall which could be installed cheaply and quickly as the clerk had struggled to obtain further

    quotes for brick walls. Cllr Houghton said he would like to give one last attempt to obtaining quotes for a

    brick sports wall and would report back to the next meeting. Councillors were in agreement with Cllr

    Houghton that a brick wall would be preferred if at all possible, even it it were to be more expensive. The

    clerk pointed out that Developers Contributions could be used if necessary. The clerk was asked to write to

    Steven Proctor at EHDC to get an update as to the amount of Developers Contributions due to Bentley.

Item 17 Ongoing Matters

Traffic Calming A31 meeting at Farnham House Hotel. Cllr Leonard reported that he and Cllr Darrah had

    attended the meeting which was to consider the Surrey side of the A31 towards Farnham. To reduce the

    accident rate they are looking at shutting the central reservation turnings on the Surrey side. There are

    currently 400 car movements over a Friday Sunday period and 200 per day on other days to the Hotel which would mean an unacceptable increase in traffic through Bentley should traffic be made to come up

    to the slip road to return down the A31 to access the Farnham House Hotel. The Surrey engineers have said

    they will consult with the Hampshire Highways engineers before reaching a decision.

    Many feel that the real accident culprits are speed, poor road surface and camber and would prefer to see a

    60mph speed limit rather than the closing of central reservations. Whatever the outcome, Surrey would look

    to implement their scheme in Spring 2009.

    Hatching by Bentley crossroads. The clerk was asked to request to Highways that this really should be a


Planning Policy. Update from request to change EHDC policy to give more weight to PC objections. NO

    update. Cllr Houghton will circulate any relevant information following tomorrows Community Forum meeting.

     thVillage Parking, Cllr Mace reported from meeting at the Pollards held on the 15 November. Most people

    have adequate parking. There are however two properties that have an issue with parking to the rear of the

    houses. The clerk was therefore asked to write to all households at the Pollards to ask that in the interests

    of road safety off road parking should be maximised so if anyone does have any spare hard standing that

    could be offered for parking to a neighbour who needs it, it would be very much appreciated.

    Item 18- Correspondence (For Information) I) Consultation paper reviewing the code of conduct for members and consideration of a code of conduct for themployees. Issued by the CLG. Responses are invited prior to the 24 December. NOTED.

    Item 19 - Matters raised by Councillors In accordance with LGA 1972 In accordance with Local Council Administration there will be no resolution made on matters arising from this item. If action is required the matter will be placed upon a future agenda

     thItem 20 Date of next meeting January 2009 at Bentley Memorial Hall at 7:30pm. The date of the next meeting is the Monday 5

The Meeting Closed at 9.58pm

    Signed.............................................Chairman Dated............................

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