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Model downloaded from CurriculumVitaesample

    Dora Olivia Vicol

Personal Information

Name: Dora Olivia

    Surname: Vicol

    Address St. Mihai Bravu, No 315A, Bl SB prim, Ap 49, Sector 3, Bucharest

     994 Pershore Road, Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

    Telephone: 0040726477655


    Nationality: Romanian

    Date of birth: 24/10/1990

Education and training

    ? Starting Sept. 2009 - Media, Culture & Society with French, The University of Birmingham ? 2009 Baccalaureate Diploma 9.56/10 - Sf. Sava National College, Bucharest, Romania

    ? 2009 DELF B2, Diplome d’Etudes en Langue Francais

    ? 2009 IELTS 8/9 International English Language Test

    ? 2008 CAE A/A Certificate of Advanced English

    ? Junior Trainer of Soft Skills Certificate, issued by Human Synergistics

Work experience:

Phenomenon Media

    ? August 2008 December 2008 - PR Manager in Romania for the Future Shorts

    International Film Festival

    ? About the employer: The organization develops through franchise international projects in the

    field of creative industries..

    ? My main responsibilities: As PR Manager, my main task has been to communicate the project

    throughout the country, to establish and sustain media partnerships and, of course, to keep a

    good relation with our international partners and sponsors. Apart from the "office work" i also

    participated at the hands on organisation of our events countrywide and coordinated the team

    of volunteers.

    ? Recommendations: Razvan Crisan, CEO Phenomenon Media :tel: 0040727719303,


     CODECS Foundation for Leadership

    ? September 2007 October 2008 - JUNIOR TRAINER AND PR

    ? About the employer: The Foundation develops an educational program which teaches

    Leadership and social skills to children aged 13-18.

    ? My main responsibilities: As Junior Trainer, I coached classes of 15 students on

    communication and leadership skills. As PR of the Foundation i planned and produced a series

    of promotional materials and communicated the programs countrywide.

    ? Recommendations: Gabriela Solomon, Project Manager : Tel: 0040745499371


    Additional Information:

Extensive voluntary work, in Romania, organizing summer schools for teenagers, in Greece,

    promoting a wildlife reservation and in Belgium, organizing a Sustainable Music Event (LaSemo).

The most notable is my participation at the Bucharest Conference on NATO issues, affiliated to the

    NATO Summit held in Bucharest, April 2008.

    Personal skills and competences:


    ? Mother tongue: Romanian

    ? Other language(s):

    ? English (understanding - excellent, listening - excellent,, speaking - excellent,);

    ? French (understanding - very good, listening very good,, speaking - very good)

    Computer skills and competences

    ? Microsoft Word, PPT, Excel, Video editing

    Additional information: Other skills:

    ? passionate, creative and entertaining;


    ? Interested in history and social issues, discrimination, human rights, popular cultures,

    globalization etc.

Future Plans

    ? To play an active role in a social network that would allow me to always meet new and

    interesting people and at the same time deepen my understanding of social mechanisms.

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