Minutes of a meeting of the Hook Parish Councils Amenity Committee

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Minutes of a meeting of the Hook Parish Councils Amenity Committee

    Minutes of a meeting of

    Hook Parish Council thWednesday 5 July 2006

    Hook Community Centre, Ravenscroft

    At 8. 30 pm

    Present: Councillors: Mrs J Bonnin

    Mr N Carpenter

    Mr T Colman

    Mr P Comley

    Mrs J Deller

    Mr F Kirkham

    Mrs G Morgan

    Mr A Taylor arrived at 8.45

    at the end of 06.128

    Chairman: Mr A Hunter

    Clerk: Mrs A Atkins


    06.118 Apologies for Absence

    Apologies were received and accepted from Councillors D Ridley, A

    Saltmarsh and M Whittaker.

    06.119 Declaration of Interests


    06.136 Chairman’s Emergency Item - Amendment to Project Management

     Contract for Rebuild of the Elizabeth Hall

    Councillor Carpenter reported that Hook Parish Council had been advised

    that Calleva Design, who are the contracted Project Managers for the stElizabeth Hall rebuild, will cease trading on 31 July. He outlined the two

    courses of action available and assured members that the transferred

    contract would be continued to a limit of ?55,000k and this was agreed

    with both directors of the current supplier.

    In accordance with Standing Order 11.15, a motion was proposed without

    notice by Councillor Carpenter to issue a new contract directly with Rob

    Wilson or his new trading company.

    The motion was seconded by the Chairman and was carried


    06.128 Police Report

    The Chairman welcomed PC Dave McDonald and SC Steve White and

    thanked the police for their help at the Summer Festival.

    PC McDonald reported that there had been a slight increase in incidents

    reported, possibly football related. The pubs were taking steps to help cut

    down the alcohol related problems. The police were working hard to

    reduce the number of incidents, including increased patrols. There had

    been 12 arrests and 30 young people stopped and parents contacted. He

    Minutes v1 pc 060705 A Atkins, Parish Clerk

    showed members photographs of a substantial quantity of alcohol seized from under age drinkers in preceding two weeks. One young lad had been caught with cannabis and he went to court and received a ?250 fine. Councillor Colman remarked that there had been a positive community

    response to the increased presence and offered thanks.

    PC McDonald commented that they still had a few items of lost property, including wallets and keys which had been handed in during the Summer

    Festival and were still not claimed.

The Chairman thanked the officers for the report and they left the


    06.120 Ten Minute Rule Mr Paul Lock thanked Hook Parish Council for the hard work on their part in organising the Hook Summer Festival and remarked on the success of

    the event.

    Mr Roy Sweeby thanked the Parish Council and Highways for the

    footpath from the Chemist to Band Hall place. He reported that residents of Band Hall Place are pleased with the new path.

    06.124 Hook Summer Festival Initial Feedback

The Chairman thanked the Clerk for her hard work in putting the event

    together for the Parish Council. The final cost was not yet available, but

    was expected to be within the ?3,000 previously estimated. It was not yet

    known what profit was made by HSPA or the total attendance, although

    first estimates suggested 4,000-4,500 attended during the day.

    Councillor Kirkham remarked that one resident had complained about the police sirens which were going on all day on the school site. The person had to go to work early on Sunday and was trying to rest.

    Councillor Deller remarked that the schools had attended the circus/green Roadshow and both children and adults gained a lot from the exhibits.

Members who attended on the Saturday generally felt the event had

    attracted people who had never been to a previous school event and they

    were delighted with the event.

    Councillor Carpenter, whilst acknowledging it as a good event, was not supportive of the Parish Council being involved in organising a future

    event due to the amount of labour resource required.

The Chairman commented that it would be premature to form a view as to

    the future at this stage. A further report on the outcome of the event will be made at a future meeting including all financial information

Councillor Morgan left at 9 pm following this item.

    06.129 Highways Report

     The Chairman welcomed Mr Steve Pellatt from Hampshire Highways. He

    reported that:

B 3349 speed reduction no update.

    Garage entrance on A30 - alterations to the entrance had been done.

    Minutes v1 pc 060705 A Atkins, Parish Clerk 2

    Holt Lane cycle way - this has had to be delayed due to funding. Elizabeth Hall access road there have been some reported near

    misses where vehicles leaving the hall do not stop for vehicles on Raven

    Road. Work to indicate the need to Give Way has been ordered.

    Hedge on Station Road - Last year it was cut but is growing again. The proposal is that the properties involved will be invited to claim ownership. If they do not, Highways will remove the hedge as far as possible and

    probably grass the area.

Railings on South Side of Bow Field - Replacements have been


    Station Road block paving - In late July the road markings in these areas will be repainted with a new material to try to improve the durability

    of the marking.

    Councillor Colman thanked Highways for the repairs to the pavement near Bow Field/Griffin Way junction.

    06.129.1 Traffic calming/ gateway on A30

    Footways and road finished apart from the signs on the gateway/

    build out which are a special order.

    06.129.2 Newnham Road pavement

    Road markings have been looked at by Richard Hague and order

    should be raised in the next few weeks. The funding which is

    expected to be needed had been identified. Given the likely project

    cost and time to go through the system he would expect work to be

    done early 2007.

    06.129.3 Overgrown hedge on A30

    A meeting has been arranged with the properties involved

    06.129.4 Unsafe railing on A30

    The chicken wire and hedge have been dealt with.

    The Chairman thanked Mr Pellatt for a very useful and full update. Mr Pellatt then left the meeting.

     06.121 Ratification of Full Council Minutes

     th June 2006 Minutes of the meeting held on 7

    The Chairman proposed and Councillor Carpenter seconded and

    the Council being in agreement, minute numbers 06.97 to 06.117

    were accepted and signed as a true record of the meeting.

    06.122 Ratification of Committee Minutes

     stMinutes of the Planning Committee meetings of 7th and 21 June


    The Chairman proposed and Councillor Bonnin seconded and the

    Council being in agreement, minute numbers 06.74 to 06.93 were

    Minutes v1 pc 060705 A Atkins, Parish Clerk 3

    accepted and as a true record of the meeting. st June 2006 Minutes of the Amenities Committee meeting of 21

    The Chairman proposed and Councillor Kirkham seconded and

    the Council being in agreement, minute numbers 06.20 to 06.28

    were accepted and as a true record of the meeting.

    06.123 Committee Updates

    06.123.1 Amenities

    In answer to a question the Clerk commented that it was expected

    that the multicourt floodlighting would be installed before the

    clocks were changed in October.

    06.123.2 Development Strategy

    Councillor Carpenter reported that ?46,000 has been granted by

    the Biffa award scheme toward the Elizabeth Hall. This means

    that approx ?900,000 is available to enable the project to go

    ahead with the build in April 2007.

    06.125 Bassett’s Mead and Dave Deadman Play Area Openings Chairman to report

     rdThe Chairman reported that Bassetts Mead was opened on 23 June by Rob Stoneman, Chief Executive of the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife

    Trust. 4 dog bins are on order.

    The Dave Deadman play area was opened by Mrs Valerie Deadman on th26 June. This was attended by about 23 guests and children. Hook Parish Council do not yet actually own either as the land transfer is taking longer than ideal. George Wimpey are continuing to maintain the site. Four dog bins have been ordered in readiness for the land transfer

    to be completed.

     thIt is proposed to open the Anne Pitcher play area on 18 July.

    Councillor Taylor remarked that it was a shame there was not more notice of the Bassetts Mead opening as this would have allowed meetings to be re-arranged to enable members to attend.

    The Chairman apologised and explained that there were constraints related to the land transfer and unfinished work. Until the last minute

    there were debates about whether the opening was going ahead.

    06.126 Resolution to approve the Parish Council Accounts for the year stended 31 March 2006

    The Statement of Assurance from the Annual Return was read and

    agreed. The Statement was then signed by the Chairman and Clerk. Councillor Carpenter referred to the wording of the section on 137 Expenditure which he felt was confusing. The Clerk agreed to discuss the

    wording with the auditor to ensure that this is clearer next year. The Chairman moved to adopt the Accounts for 2005-6 and Councillor Carpenter seconded. The Accounts were signed by the Chairman and the Clerk (Responsible Financial Officer).

    Minutes v1 pc 060705 A Atkins, Parish Clerk 4

    06.127 Discussion on the Concept of a Community Service Award for Hook

     The Chairman asked for members’ reaction to the suggestion that Hook

     Parish Council should present such an award to nominated people.

     Nominations would be drawn from the community as a whole and the

     presentation could be made at the Annual Village meeting.

     During the discussion there was a view that whilst the recipient would be

     delighted it may be difficult to prevent disappointment from those who also

     deserve recognition but are unsuccessful.

     Members generally felt that it would be more appropriate for Hook to

    AA make recommendations for MBE’s and the Clerk was asked to investigate

    the procedure for such nominations and report back.

     06.130 District Councillor’s Report

Councillor Henderson sent apologies. The Chairman welcomed District

    Councillor Sean Haffey, who went on to report:

A petition from Fleet and Church Crookham to establish its own Parish th July. Council will be put to a vote on 28

    During September there will be a Planning tour of the district and any suggestions of sites would be welcomed. Councillor Kirkham commented

    that in the past, when the tour took place, nominations were made for

    buildings to be given an award to recognise the work. This seems to have

    disappeared which he felt was a pity.

    At the end of June, just before final submissions for the Local Plan the government suggested that the number of houses for Hart would double.

    We are hoping that this will not happen, but we will have to wait. We

    planned to agree to 200 pa but the GOHSE number would be nearer 400,

    which is what has been built in previous years.

    At the last Council meeting there was a debate on whether to re-open the debate on ABC. The vote was to continue with the planned scheme.

The Chairman thanked Councillor Haffey for his report.

    06.131 Accounts for Payment

     Cheque Supplier Cost Centre Amount ? 2634 F Sopwith Cemetery admin 35.00 2635 Relate Grants 250.00 2636 GreenOvations Ltd Parish Events 12,978.75 BACS HVCA Office rent 1,500.00 BACS Anne Atkins Staff pay 1,258.39 BACS Christine Randall Staff pay 775.15 BACS Marian Bright Staff pay 468.65 DD Plusnet Telephone & internet 32.89 DD CPRE Associations etc 26.00 2637 Sign A Rama Holt Park signs 216.20 2638 A V Gosling Grounds maintenance HtP 3,804.35 2639 S Brown Parish Events 100.00 2640 LexisNexis Butterworth Journals & publications 53.45 2641 Countrywide Sports pitches HP 634.50 2642 P G Payroll Professional fees 45.00

    Minutes v1 pc 060705 A Atkins, Parish Clerk 5

    2643 Viking Direct Ltd Printing, Post & stationery 32.03

    2644 British Telecom Telephone & internet 122.05

    2645 British Telecom Telephone & internet 130.67

    2646 DESTROYED

    2647 Countrywide Grounds maintenance 235.00

    2648 Countrywide Sports pitches HP 1,069.25

    2649 VOID

    2650 Countrywide Sports pitches 399.50

    Eagle Horburne

    2651 Security Services Ltd Security 139.83

    2652 Anne Atkins Staff expenses 31.26

    2653 Base Youth Centre Grants 2,527.68

    2654 Petty cash Office and Oher Expenses 25.15

    2655 M Kilroy Holt Park Sculpture 300.00

    2656 H M Customs & Excise PAYE/NI 2,397.56

     06.132 Chairman’s Correspondence

    There was no correspondence

    06.133 Clerks Correspondence

    Community Action - News Update July 2006 Number 74

    HAPTC Bulletin 219 June 2006

    Relate Letter of thanks for donation and copy of 2005-6 Annual Report

     thOCHRE Notice of AGM to be held on 11 July at 7.30 pm and Annual


    Highways Agency Notice of Thames Valley Journey Time Reliability

    Study Public Exhibition dates, times and venues, including Basingstoke thFestival Place on 13 July 9 am to 8 pm

    06.134 Date of Next Meeting

     ndThe next meeting will be held on Wednesday 2 August 2006.

    06.135 Chairman to Close Meeting

    The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.55 pm

    Signed …………………………………………. Dated …………………………..


Minutes v1 pc 060705 A Atkins, Parish Clerk 6

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