Millennium Development Goals in Southern Sudan

By Audrey Rose,2014-05-14 03:21
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Millennium Development Goals in Southern Sudan


    Организация Объединенных Наций


    Scary Statistics - Southern Sudan


    HIV/AIDS ? More than 90% of the population in

    Southern Sudan currently live on less than ? In 2007 the HIV/AIDS prevalence in

    1 dollar a day. Southern Sudan was estimated at 3.1%,

    but increasing. ? Although chronic hunger in Southern Sudan

    has reduced, it still stands at 33%. ? More than 70% of the population aged 15-

    49 has no knowledge about HIV ? 1.2 million vulnerable people in Southern prevention. Sudan are facing food insecurity and are in need of food aid during 2008.

    Water and Sanitation

    ? More than 50% of the population in Maternal Mortality Southern Sudan does not use improved ? One out of six women who become drinking water. pregnant in Southern Sudan will die. ? Only 6.4% of the population use improved ? Only 10% of all deliveries in Southern sanitation. Sudan are assisted by skilled health personnel, compared to 57% countrywide. ? There are only 10 registered midwives in Primary Education Southern Sudan.

    ? Less than 50% of all children in Southern Sudan receive 5 years of primary school education, compared to 93% in Darfur. Infant Mortality ? While 1.3 million children are enrolled, only ? Although the under-five mortality rate has 1.9% completes primary school education. decreased from 250 (per 1000 live births) ? For every 1,000 primary school students in 2001 to 135 in 2006, one out of every 6 there is only one teacher. children will die before their first birthday.

    Gender Immunisation

    ? 92% of women in Southern Sudan cannot ? Southern Sudan has the lowest routine read or write, compared to 62% in Darfur immunisation coverage rate in the world. and 54% nationwide. ? Only 13% of children are fully vaccinated, ? Only 27% of girls in Southern Sudan are compared to 29% in Darfur and 41% attending primary school. nationwide.

    ? A 15 year old girl has a higher chance of ? Only 39% of children in Southern Sudan dying in childbirth than completing school. receive measles vaccination before their

    first birthday.

     Displacement Malaria ? Since January 2008, 187,000 people have

    ? Malaria is considered hyper-endemic in been displaced by tribal and armed conflict

    Southern Sudan; endemic at a high level, in Southern Sudan, compared to 310,000

    in all age groups, accounting for more than people in Darfur.

    40% of all health facility visits.

    ? 88% of households in Southern Sudan do

    not have an Insecticide-Treated Net.


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