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    1. Since we are (society) beings, the quality of our lives

    (relate). (depend) on in large measure on our interpersonal 2. One strength of the human condition is our (possible) to give

    (stress)conditions. and receive support from one another under 3. Studies over types of illness, from (depress)to heart disease, show that the (present)of social support helps people themselves against illness, and the (absent)of such support

    health) more likely. makes poor (

    4. They help to (definition) and understand our problems and find (solve)to them.

    5. He changed the American peoples (tradition)view of Chinese leaders and China.

    6.As we move in to autumn with the hot summer behind us, it is not easy

    to forget the problems (bring)by chinas electricity (short).

    7. Nuclear technologies are (apply) in china in health, agriculture, environmental (protect)and public (secure)


    8. It is (hard)to make friends when you come from a (diffrence)


    9. There are other (culture)differences.

    10. (lonely)is almost certain to (happen) when you are a

    stranger in a stange country.

    11. Eecotourism is (cause)a lot of damage to wildlife and

    may be (endanger) the (survive) of the very

    (accord)to researchers. animals people are flocking to see, 12. Pparties (hold) by the (wealth)seldom welcome

    poor guests.

    13. It was a good chance to share the world powers (think) about

    (economy) issues and (promotion)understanding. critical

    14. Chinas (participate)is a natural part of its (increase)

    important role in the global economy. 15. Up to now Chinese economic (stable) has beenclosely (relate)

    to world (develop).


    1. 在有些人的眼里?毕加索;Picasso?的绘画显得十分荒谬。

    2. 他们利润增长的部分原因是由于采用了新的市场策略。

    3. 把药放在最上面的架子上?这样孩子们就够不着了。

    4. 有钱不一定幸福。

    5. 我买不起那辆小汽车。


    Why is computer so important? Please at least list three possible

reasons.(80 words)

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