Maria Consuelo Ruiz Ortiz

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Maria Consuelo Ruiz Ortiz

    55a Witherington Road, Highbury, London, N5 1PN Home: 020 7697 8001, Mobile:07989 540443, E-mail:

    Maria Consuelo Ruiz

Computer Scientist and IT Engineer with research experience in the area of Computer Vision and Graphics with:

    ? Strong research skills

    ? Experience managing IT projects

    ? Excellent knowledge of the latest software developing and web designing tools

    ? Bilingual English-Spanish

    Oct 2000 Feb 2002 University College London London Career History

    Research Assistant

    ? Designed and Implemented Online Database for the National Sizing Survey, SizeUK.

    ? Researched and developed techniques to analyse human body shape using SizeUK


    ? Collaborated in projects making use of body scan technology.

    Dec 1994 Oct 1996 Corporacion Financiera Union Bogotá, Colombia

    Systems Manager

    ? Managed IT projects for the improvement of customer services and daily operations.

    ? Planned strategies to keep the IT infrastructure updated with the latest technology.

    ? Redesigned, with other heads of departments, the main operational processes for the

    company’s re-engineering programme.

    Jun 1992 Nov 1994 Corporacion Financiera Union Bogotá, Colombia

    Systems Analyst

    ? Administration and support for a 100-user countrywide computer network.

    ? Analysis, design, and implementation of computer applications to deal with a whole

    range of financial services.

    1999 2000 University College London London Education

     Master in Computer Vision, Image Processing, Graphics and Simulation

    ? Obtained distinction for research project “Fitting a Surface to Scans of Clothed People”

    19911995 Universidad Catolica Bogota, Colombia

    BSc in Computer Science (First Class)

    1989 1991. Universidad Catolica Bogotá, Colombia

    Technician in Data Management and Systematisation

    ? M.C.Ruiz, B.Buxton “A Model-Based procedure for fitting a Surface to Scans of Clothed Research

    People”, Scanning 2001, Paris, 2001. Papers ? M.C.Ruiz, B.Buxton, I.Douros, P.Treleaven. “ Web Based Software Tools for 3D Body

    Database Access and Shape Analysis ”, Scanning 2002, Paris, 2002.

    Jan 1997- Aug 1999 Other Courses England

    ? Stanton School of English

    ? Bournemouth Business School

    ? University of Westminster - writing and speaking skills in English

    ? IELTS Examination

    ? Cambridge Advanced Certificate


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