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8A Chapter 1 Water 同步练习


    1. He eats _____ ice-cream, so he is _____ fat.

    A. too many, too much B. much too, too much

    C. too much, much too D. too, enough

    2. Please remember ______ off the lights when you leave the room. A. turning B. to turning C. to turn D. turn 3. Mr. Wang must be at home. Look, the light is _____. A. in, B. on C. with D. out 4. ---How _____ money do you have?

     ---Only _____ dollars.

     A. many, a little B. much, a few C. much, little D. many, a few 5. It’s so cold today that there are ______ in the pool.

    A. a few swimmers B. few swimmer

    C. a little swimmers D. few swimmers

    6. Could you please give me ____ pieces of bread? I’m hungry.

    A. a few B. few C. a little D. little

    7. Mrs. Black is a friend of _______.

    A. Mary’s mother’s B. Mary’s mother

    C. Mother’s of Mary D. Mary mother’s

    8. Linda is a popular teacher among the students. She is never ____ her students.

    A. angry to B. impatient to C. impatient with D. patient with 9. When we are driving on the high-way, we can see many cars ______. It’s really dangerous.

    A. are speeding away B. run away C. go away D. speeding away 10. About ______ of the students in our class are boys. A. one-thirds B. two-thirds C. first third D. two-third 11. The president ______ the reporter’s question at once yesterday.

     A. replied B. answered to C. replied to D. reply to 12. Water poured ______ the sink and vanished _____ the drain. A. in, out B. into, up C. into, down D. on, down 13. The girl is ____ to dress herself.

     A. enough old B. old enough C. too old D. not old 14. His mother is _____.

    A. cleaning up him B. clean in him

    C. cleaning him up D. clean him in

    15. The music sounds _____.

    A. beautifully B. beautiful C. beauty D. beautify


    A little boy wanted to meet God, so he started his trip with some cakes and orange juice. On his way he saw an old woman 1 in the park. The boy sat down next to her. The old lady looked 2 , so he offered her a cake. She accepted it thankfully and smiled __3__ him.

    Her smile was__4_pretty that the boy wanted to see it again, so he gave her a bottle of orange

    juice. Once again she smiled at him. The boy was very happy! They sat there all afternoon eating


and smiling, but they never say a word. As it got dark, the boy got up to leave.__5_ he left, he had

    given her a kiss. She gave him her __6__smile.

     When the boy__7__home, his mother saw the look of joy __8__his face. She asked him, "

    __9__ are you so happy?" He replied, "I had lunch with God. She's got the most beautiful smile

    I've ever seen!" The old woman also returned to her home __10__. Her son asked, "Mother, why are you so happy?" She answered, "I ate cakes in the park with God. You know, he's much

    younger than I expected."

     1. A. sits B. sat C. to sit D. sitting

     2. A. thirsty B. tired C. hungry D. angry

     3. A. to B. for C. at D. in

     4. A. so B. too C. very D. quite 5. A. Before B. After C. Since D. Until

     6. A. big B. bigger C. biggest D. the biggest

     7. A. got to B. got C. reaches D. arrived in

     8. A. on B. with C. at D. in 9. A. Which B. What C. Where D. Why

     10. A. happy B. happiness C. happily D. happier


    1. What do you mean by PRC?

    She waited here until 11am.

    Switch the tap off.

    I froze when I saw the lion in the zoo.

    There was no reply.

    一,15 CCBBD 610 AACDB 1115 CCBCB



四,1What does PRC mean? / What’s the meaning of PRC?

     2. She didn’t leave here until 11 am.

     3. Turn the tap off.

     4. I was frightened when I saw the lion in the zoo.

     5. Nobody answered.

    Chapter 2 School newspapers


    1. Please give me ______.

    A. two bread B. two breads C. two pieces of bread D. two pieces of breads 2. ---- There was an earthquake in Wenchuan on May 12, 2008 and lots of people lost their lives.

     ---- ______.

    A. I’m sorry to hear that B. What’s the matter with them?

     C. Never mind D. Are they all right?

    3. ---- Thank you for offering us such a good meal!


---- ______.

    A. I didn’t cook so well B. I’m glad you all enjoy it

     C. Don’t mention it D. Come here next time

    4. ---- I'm going to act in Jack Chan's new movie!

     ---- Congratulations! You're really ______. A. a lucky dog B. a black sheep C. a gold fish D. a white elephant 5. The cars made in Japan are much cheaper than ______ made in America. A. ones B. those C. that D. it

    6. Jane looks so ______ today because she has got an ―A‖ in her maths test.

    A. happy B. happily C. angry D. angrily

    7. ---- Dad, look at the building. It is on fire.

     ---- Call 119 ______ mobile phone right now. A. at B. for C. in D on.

    8. Physics ______ more interesting than maths, I think. A. are B. is C. was D. were

    9. I believe that trees will cover these mountains ______ a few years’ time.

    A. on B. after C. in D. at

    10. Because their head teacher went away last week. Wang Ming, their monitor _____ their school


    A. take charge of B. took charge of C. took charge in D. take charge in 11. It’s our duty to keep us ______.

    A. health B. healthy C. healthily D. healthyly

    12. ---- How often ______ your school sports meeting ______?

     ---- Once a year.

    A. does, hold B. was, held C. is, held D. did, hold

    13. ---- you're a beautiful girl. ---- ______. A. Thank you B. Not at all C. No, I'm not beautiful D. I'm not so beautiful as you

    14. In the coming summer holidays, my family ______ going to take a oneweek trip to Qingdao.

    A. is B. are C. was D. were

    15. Look left and right before you cross the road, ______ you may be hit by a car.

    A. and B. so C. but D. or

    16. They ____ a meeting last week, and they will ____ another meeting tomorrow. A. hold, hold B. held, hold C. have, had D. had, had 17. The class was not good enough until she ____ it.

    A. in charge of B. takes the charge of

    C. took charge of D. in the charge of

    18. She’ll finish the work ____.

    A. in one week’s time B. in one weeks’ time

    C. in one week time D. in one’s week

    19. How much did you ____ for the book?

    A. take B. pay C. cost D. spend

    20. ____ do you go to see your grandparents?

    Every weekend.

    A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. When


21. Did you break the window?

    Yes, I did. But I have already ____ it.

    A. taken B. paid for C. spent on D. cost 22. ―____!‖ the teacher said to his student when he managed to pass the exam. A. Well done B. Well C. That’s not bad D. All right

    23. How do you know that Joe was a popular ____ as chief editor? A. choice B. choose C. chance D. choosing 24. I ______ my bike to him yesterday.

    A. lent B. borrow C. lend D. borrowed 25. Our classmates elected me monitor.


    A. Yes, thank you. B. I see. C. Sorry to hear that! D. Congratulations!

    26. Students are complaining ____ too much homework. A. about B. with C. to D. on 27. You will _________ the meeting.

    A. be responsible to B. responsible to C. be responsible for D. responsible for

    28. We ____ the meeting after we talked over all the problems. A. conclude B. concluded C. begin D. began 29. They made a ____ to work hard.

    A. decide B. decision C. mind D. way 30. —What’s up ____ today’s newspaper?

    Nothing new.

    A. in B. on C. with D. to


    1. He made a ______;决定?to learn Chinese medicine after finishing school. 2. The girl is ______;害怕?to meet strangers.

    3. After supper, my father like reading ______;报纸?.

    4. Our classmates ______;选举?me monitor yesterday.

    5. They often ______;抱怨?about the hot weather.

    III. 练习巩固!用How\What\What a填空.

    1.________ fine weather it is!

    2.________ fine day it is!

    3.________ fine the weather is!

    4.________ beautiful the flowers are!

    5.________ naughty boys they are!

    6.________ quickly he is running!


    1. I paid five yuan for the book.

    It _________ me five yuan _________ buy the book. 2. My father will come back in two weeks’ time.

    My father will come back _________.

    3. He took charge of the farm after his father’s death.


He was _________ the farm after his father’s death.

    4. We will make a decision about the name at the next meeting. We will _________the name at the next meeting. 5. They concluded the meeting when it began to rain. They_________ the meeting when it began to rain. Chapter 3 Detectives and Crime


    1. He________ a teacher and writer.

    A. work as B. works as C. works on

    2. This dictionary __________ me 30 dollars. A. spent B. paid C. cost

    3. _______ you success!

    A. Hope B. Wish C. cost

    4. The shirt is yours, it __________you.

    A. belongs to B. is belonging to C. is belonged to 5.The teacher wanted us to_________ our test papers according to the standards.

    A. examine B. text C. check

    6. ―The thief should be __________ at once!‖ the detective suggested.

    A. in prison B. in the prison C. in prisons 7. I admitted _________the window. It was my fault. A. to have broken B. breaking C. to break 8. I often go to school on foot_________ by bus. A. instead of B. instead C. in the place of 9. The robbers robbed ________ .

    A. the money from the bank. B. the bank of the money C. the bank for the money

    10. On Children’s Day, boys and girls _________ their beautiful clothes.

    A. put on B. dress C. wear

    11.Today is ________unusual day for me because my dream of entering _______ come


    A. a, a B. an, an C. an, a

    12.The cars made in Japan are much cheaper than________ made in America.

    A. ones B. those C. that

    13.----Is this book_______?

     ----No, it isn’t . It must be Mary’s. Mark Twain is ________ favorite author . And it has her

    name on it.

    A. yours, hers B. your, her C. yours, her 14. When shall we meet again?

     --Make it________ day you like. It’s all the same to me.

    A. one B. any C. other

    15. Have you finished all your exercise?

     ---Yes. _________ is left.

    A. None B. Nothing C. Neither

    16. --- What else do you need, Linda?


---_______ else, I think, we’ve got enough.

    A. Anything B. Something C. Nothing

    17. ---Excuse me, is there a repair shop near here for MP3? ---- Well, turn left at the crossing, then you can find_________. A. that B. this C. one

    18. ----When shall we go to the space museum, tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon?

    ---- ________is OK. I am free tomorrow.

    A. Either B. Both C. Neither

    19. It is good for students to play computers. ______, it is sometimes bad for them if they play too


    A. On the other side B. At the other side C. On the other hand 20. ----Who taught _______ English?

     ---- Nobody, we taught________

    A. you, yourselves B. you , ourselves C. your, ourselves 21. We had a ________ that the one who lost the game must sing a song. A. rule B. goal C. notice

    22.---My grandfather likes vegetables very much, so he grows some in his vegetable garden every


    ---- Eating more vegetables ___________ good for our health. A. is B. are C was

    23. We should have ________ in ourselves and we will make it if we have a try. A. success B. confidence C. progress

    24.The waiter or waitress usually gives us a _________ before we order dished in a restaurant.

    A. menu B. list C. form

    25. ---How far is it from the school to your home?

    ---- Not very far. It’s about _________ walk.

    A. twenty minutes B. twenty minutes’ C. twenty-minutes

    26. Today Mary ________ a new dress. How beautiful!

    A. is wearing B. is having on C. is putting on 27. The room is _________ audience. The speech is starting soon A. filled of B. full of C. full with

    28.My father often sleeps with the windows__________

     A. opened B. opening C. open

    29. The student_________ Jack is waiting for you.

    A. calling B. calls C. called

    30. Her parents died in the earthquake, ______ her an orphan. A. to leave B. left C. leaving

    八年级上册 Chapter4 Computer technology


    Sea water _______ salt.

    A. include B. contains C. contain

    2. The boy is ________ naughty _________ clever.

    A. as, as B. so, that C. more, than

    3. ________ we are clever than computers.


    A. For a moment B. In a moment C. At the moment 4. We want to know what will __________ our lives in the future. A. happen on B. happen C. happen to

    5. _________, there are six other students.

    A. In addition to B. In addition C. expect for 6._______ students often ask me to assist them.

    A. Others B. The other C. The others 7. Her driver always takes her ________ after school. A. to home B. at home C. home

    8. He has______ eaten dumplings, has he?

    A. never B. just C. yet

    9. My uncle has jut bought a house_________ just 40 sqm.

     A. with B. of C. in

    10. Whom has the book ________?

    A. wrote B. written C. written by

    11.Canada is the second ______ country in the world. A. large B. larger C. largest

    12. He make the ________ mistakes in the dictation exercises. A. least B. fewer C. fewest

    13. Which is _______country, China or Australia? A. a larger B. larger C. a large

    14. Which do you think tastes________, the chicken or the fish? A. well B. good C. better

    15. ---If you don’t like the red coat, take the blue one.

    ---- Ok, but you have ________ size in the blue? This one is a bit tight for me.

    A. a big B. a bigger C. the bigger

    16. John has three sisters. Marry is the-________ of the three. A. most clever B. more clever C. cleverest 17. Tom’s home is far from school. Jack’ s is _______ than Tom’s.

    A. far B. more far C. farther

    18. It takes a long time to go there by train. It’s ________by road.

    A. quicker B. much quick C. more quick

    19. How beautifully she sings! I have never heard ________. A. a better voice B . a good voice C. the best voice 20. The experiment was ________ easier than we had expected. A. more B. much more C. much

    21.I found _______ difficult to learn English grammar. A. it B. that C. this

    22. --________ do you have an English party?

    ---- Once a month

    A. How far B. How often C. How long

    23. He didn’t study hard, so he was afraid________ in the exam.

    A. fail B. to fail C. failing

    24. Can you learn English ________ chatting on the Internet?


     A. with B. by C. for

    25. Jerry has a good ______, and sings well.

    A. voice B. sound C. talk

    26. My brother is ________ young _______ to school. A. too, can’t go B. too, to go C. so, not to

    27. If you want to learn English well , you should practice _______English.

    A. speak B. to speak C. speaking

    28. It took the workers half a year________ the high building. A. builds B. to build C. building

    29. Mr. Wang is our head teacher and I am afraid of_________ A. he B. him C. his

    30.Have you heard such__________ news before?

    A. an exciting B. exciting C. an excited


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