Learn To Make A Dish Rack

By Annie Powell,2014-04-26 09:19
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Learn To Make A Dish Rack




    GOSIA SUCHODOLSKA Tools and Materials Needed: ; Cutting Mat

    ; Glue: Fast Drying Super Glue Type ; Paint Brush

    ; Paint: Model Type: Matte Black or Silver ; Plastic Hair Curler/Roller (The inner part, the diameter about 2.5 cm)

    ; Sharp Knife

    Close-up images of materials needed


    Make sure you've got everything you're going to need. If possible use a new blade in your knife. The sharper it is the better the final effect. Good light is also essential.

    1. Take the inner part of your hair curler. Carefully trim off all those comb-like pieces along the ribs. Please, don't press your knife too hard. This type of plastic is usually pretty soft. Take your time while doing it. You will probably have to correct some places to achieve a really smooth finish.

    2. Cut off the thick circle as shown in the photo.

    3. You should now have two separate pieces.

    Enlarge picture showing cut end

    4. Turn the curler. Begin cutting the curler / roller after counting off six sections. Count them carefully and cut off the rest.

    5. In my case I have to get rid of three sections.

    6. Place the curler on your mat vertically. Slowly cut it through along one of the long ribs.

     Again don't press the knife too hard.

    7. Count four sections across and again cut down along the long rib.

    8. You will now have two separate parts as shown in the photo below. Keep both of them, please.

    Enlarge picture showing two separate piece to the roller

    9. Take the part consisting of four sections and remove the fragments of the ribs between the bows.

    10. Keep working until you get a smooth surface as shown in the picture.

    11. We're going to make the base now. Take the other part of your curler.

     Count two ribs and cut them off as demonstrated in the picture.

    12. Roller after cutting should look like this.

    13. Place it flat on your mat and remove the fragments of the bows on both sides leaving only the first and the last one.

    14. After cutting the roller piece should look like the image here.

    15. At this stage you should have two parts, as shown that have been cut from the one roller.

     If necessary correct your work and smooth all possible imperfections.

    16. Trim off any ribbing on the curler pieces.

    17. Take your super glue and and lay them opposite each other.

     Dab the two parts to each other as shown in the photo.

    18. Roller pieces after gluing.

    19. Paint your rack anyway you like. I use black matte model paint for that wrought iron effect.

     If you prefer you might use white or metallic paint.

    20. Here you have a 1/12 scale kitchen dish rack!

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