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cutter suction dredgerf ...

Qingzhou City Sanlian Mining Equipment CO.,Ltd

     200 Cubic Mechanical Cutter Suction

The Entire Technical Parameter Specification


Prepared by: Qingzhou Sanlian Machinery

    Verified by: Technical Office of Qingzhou Sanlian Machinery

    Approved by:___________

A & Summary

    1.This ship is a shelf-propelled and mechanical cutter suction

    sand dredger. The structure of hull is assembled box type. The

    ship have traverse instrument lifting device for bridge, position

    anchor and deck crane etc.

    1. Sand pump is driven by main diesel engine via gear box.

    2. The generator group provide power for electric machine and

    lighting of the ship.

    3. The traverse winch and lifting winch of bridge are driven by

    motor via gear box.

    4. Mechanical reamer is driven by motor via cyclonical pin gear


    5. There are two anchors in stern for locating the hull.

    6. Hull goes forward through the two electric tractions.

    *Using term

    Operation Environment

     Maximum temperature of atmosphere: 40?

    Minimum temperature of atmosphere: -10?

    Maximum temperature of cabin: 50?

    Maximum temperature of water: 30?

    Relatively humidity: less than 70%

    *Appropriate for Zone

Suction sand in coast water

    *Operation Soil type

    Grade IV and some medium or silver sand

    *Criterion and Requirement

    Design, manufacture and inspection of this ship meet criteric

    regular of CCS. Hull, machinery equipment and other

    equipment meet relatively requirement of ZC

    This ship mostly meet following criterion, regulation and


    Classification of Steel for Ships and Construction Standard *Principle Particulars

    Item Parameters Total length 35.8m Ship length 23.8m Ship width 6.2m Module depth 2.0m Draft full load --1.30m Tonnage full load 138t Maximum dig depth 15.00m Internal diameter of suction/discharge pipe 400/350mm Cant disassemble height on water line --3.0m *Performance

Maximum dig depth 15.0m

    Discharge distance of design 1000m

    Discharge height 8.0m

    Output (concentration is 10-15%) 180-200m3/h

    B& main Equipment Parameter

    Equipment Item Parameter Diesel Engine Type Weichai x6170zc-21

    Power 456kw

    Speed 1500r/min Generator Model TYPE group Power 75kw Sand pump IP PROCON

    Insulation level INS

    Generator power We ichai G 6105 Sand pump Manufacture Hebei Shiang

    Model 14/12G-G

    Exterior size 2096mm*1638mm


    Water flow 1500m

    Head 35m

    Speed 800r/min

    Power shaft 310kw

    Cutter model Internal diameter 850mm

    Speed 34r/min

    Material 35SiMn

    Power Hydraulic motor Position anchor Quantity 2set

    External 15000mm*375mm*100mm



    Lifting winch Steel wire 18mm


    Rope speed 10-15m/min

    Drum capacity 100m Traverse winch Rope speed 10m/min

    Steel wire 16m


    Drum capacity 100m

    Lifting winch Drum capacity 100m

for rear anchor Steel wire 14mm


C&Ship layout

     There are following facilities from bow to stern


    -----Reamer shelf

    -----A shelf

    -----drive motor and reducer for reamer

    -----Lifting winch for bride

    -----Water pump and pipe

    -----Operation and rest room

    -----Sand pump

    -----Deck crane

    -----Main diesel engine and assist device

    -----Generator group and assist device

    -----Anchor piles and lifting winch

    D& stem configuration and function 1hull part

    Hull figure of this ship is square with cross-frame structure. It

designed according to level A of inland river navigation of rules

    and regulations for the construction and classification of

    sea-going steel ships of CCS (2002).hull is steel welding

    structure .whole hull is made of good weld ability of steel.

    The entire hull composed of three pontoons. There are one main

    pontoon and two sides pontoons. Pontoons are connected by

    jointed board and hook which located in deck and hull bottom.

    They are all fastening by high strength bolt and nut .

    2. Main dimensions of hull

    Item Parameter Length 23.8m

    Depth 2.0m

    Width 6.2m

    Main pontoon size 238000mm*2200mm*2000mm

    Main pontoon have four parts: front ballast cabin, middle cabin,

    stock cabin and rear ballast cabin

    Cabin size 14000mm*2200mm*2000mm

    Cabin have two parts :Diesel room and engine room Pontoon material Ship board CCS-B Draft full load --1.30m

    Tonnage full load 138m3

    Main pontoon has four parts: front ballast cabin, middle cabin.

Stock cabin and rear ballast cabin.

    Cabin have two partsdiesel room and engine room.

    3. Hull configuration

    There are water ballast room, stock room and empty room in both sides of the right and left .there is water ballast tanks in frontend and rear-end of the pontoon, in order to regulate the

    state of hull of the floating state.

    4. Fuel tank

    It is mounted on cabin. Its capacity is 5m3

    5. Superstructure

    It adopt compound color steel structure

    6. Operation room

    Operation room is located in front-end of the deck. The floor size of room is 2400 mm*2000 mm. There are two doors, two fixed windows and two moveable windows.

    7. System constitute

    ----main pontoon

    ----two sides pontoon

    ---- connected device for pontoon.


    ----Some bases for fixing equipment and reinforcing ribs of the hull.

E & outfitting part

    Outfitting of this ship are all prepared according to the requirement of sand suction ship

    1. Anchor

    2. Anchor with two claws weighted 150kg F& Machinery of deck

    1. Deck crane

    Deck crane is located on the right of sand pump, which is used to hoist pump body, impeller and accessories. Its maximum hoisting capacity is 2.0 t, and the maximum radius of gyration is 2.0 m. Its rotating, lifting and moving are all manual control. 2. Mooring dogs

    There are four double pole mooring dogs. Its diameter is 115 mm.

    There are two cross mooring dogs. Its diameter is 100 mm. 3. Rigging

    Tight wire for lifting bridge There is one wire rope for lifting. Its diameter is 18mm, length is 60 m.

     Traverse tightwire

    There are two wire ropes of diameter is 16 mm, length is 100 mm.

     Anchor wire

    There are two wire ropes of diameter is 14 mm, length is 50 m.

     Tightwire for fixing A shelf

    There are two ropes of diameter is 26 mm, length is 14 m. 4. Ladders and railing

    There is railing of height 0.9 m around the deck of side pontoon. 5. Doors and windows

    There is a leaf of aluminum alloy door in the gateway of cabin. There are two leafs of aluminum alloy door in operation room There are aluminum alloy windows I operation room. 6. Hatch cover and check hole There is a hatch cover in sand pump.

    There is one check hole in water ballast room and empty room respectively.

    There is a rectangle 600*600 mm water hatch cover in stock room.

    7. Life preserver

    There are four suits life jacket

    8. Fire protection

    There are four MFZ/4 power fire extinguisher.

    One fire axe

    Four fire buckets

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