GS-6, Masters Plan of Study - Graduate School Form 6

By Timothy Mitchell,2014-05-07 15:33
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GS-6, Masters Plan of Study - Graduate School Form 6

Graduate School Form 6 PURDUE UNIVERSITY (Please type) (Revised 6/06) GRADUATE SCHOOL

    Request for Master’s Degree Advisory Committee and Plan of Study Approval

    (Please read instructions on reverse side.)

    Pg. of Pgs. Date Degree Expected 1. NAME OF STUDENT PUID No. 2. DEPARTMENT Thesis OptionNonthesis OptionDept. Code

     Degree Title Degree Code Research Area 3. AREA OF SPECIALIZATION (if any) AOS Code 5. METHOD OF 4. COURSES 6. DATE ESTABLISHING CREDIT Area COMPLETED OR TO BE Subject Course Cr. Regular Non- Other or OFFICIAL TITLE ABBREVIATION COMPLETED Abbr. No.* Hours Regis. degree Transfer From + Please group courses into “Primary” (P) & “Related” (R) areas. Regis.

     7. LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS Method to be used to meet language requirements + Transfer course must be described as on original transcript. * Mark course number with asterisk (*) if B or better is required. a. a. b. b. 8. NAMES OF ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEMBERS 9. GRADUATE APPROVED BY ADVISORY 10. DEPARTMENT 11. ADVISOR (Please type full name.) FACULTY COMMITTEE MEMBERS IN AREA OF: IDENTIFIER (Signature) Abbr. Code

     Chair Chair

     13. APPROVED BY: Check here if supplemental notes or other requirements are attached.

    Head of the Graduate Program Date

    12. SIGNATURE OF STUDENT Date Academic Dean (if required) Date Graduate School Dean

Submit original plus one copy to the Graduate School.

Comments, special notes, or other requirements: Degree Codes Nonthesis Thesis Nonthesis Thesis Option Option Option Option 07 -- Master of Accountancy (Calumet) 45 46 M.S. Education 09 10 Master of Agriculture 51 52 M.S. Electrical & Computer Engr. 13 14 Master of Arts 53 54 M.S. Engineering 17 18 Master of Arts in Teaching 57 58 M.S. Forestry 19 20 Master of Fine Arts 61 62 M.S. Industrial Admin. 21 22 Master of Science 65 66 M.S. Industrial Engr. 25 26 M.S. Aero. and Astro. 67 68 M.S. Management 27 28 M.S. Agricultural & Biological Engr. 69 70 M.S. Mechanical Engr. 31 32 M.S. Biomedical Engr. 71 72 M.S. Materials Science 33 34 M.S. Chemical Engr. 77 78 M.S. Nuclear Engr. 37 38 M.S. Civil Engr. 92 -- Master of Business Administration

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