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    Job Interview

    Anna: So, let’s get it started. Why do you want to work as a teacher?Isee: I have been dreaming to be a teacher for a long time. When I went

    to school for the first time, listened to the teacher for the first time, I

    discovered that I want to be a teacher. I admire teachers because they

    are the envoys of culture.

    Anna: I see. What are your strengths and weakness?

    Isee: Well, I think I am good at working with people, especially children;

    I do love kids. Besides, I am good-tempered and outgoing. As for

    weakness, I am sometimes careless.

    Anna: What about your professional skills?

    Isee: I am an English major, so my English skill, such as speaking and listening is fine. Besides, I have taken courses about educational psychology, so I can manage the students well.

    Anna: Ok. What do you think is the most important thing as a teacher?Isee: I think the most important thing is communication skill. As a

    teacher, you must know how to make yourself understood and how

    to use the proper language when you are praise or criticize your

    students so that you won’t make them too proud or too upset.Anna: Do you have any related experiences?

    Isee: After I graduated from high school, I worked as a tutor.Anna: Really? What did you teach?

    Isee: English. I was teaching a junior high school student, who were to

    take the college entrance examination. And it turned out to be a

    great success as she got giant progress.

    Anna: Wow, that’s wonderful! How long would like to work as a teacher?Isee: Just as I say just now, it is my dream to be a teacher. I would like to

    be a teacher forever because I love it.

    Anna: Won’t you feel boring as a common teacher? And you can’t earn a

    lot as a teacher.

    Isee: I want to be a teacher because I like teaching, as long as I enjoy my

    work, money is not that important.

    Anna: I think you know that children nowadays are really naughty and

    hard to manage, do you think you can overcome it with you good


    Isee: Well, I used to be naughty when I was a child, and I think the best

    way to teach a naughty child is to talk to him heart to heart. While

    talking, you shouldn’t act like a teacher but his friend. That’s what

    my own experience taught me.

    Anna: You know, teaching is sometimes a stressful thing, what would you

    do when you have a lot of tasks to finish within a short time?

    Isee: Well, I do have similar experience. When I was a freshman, I was

    not good at prioritizing things.

    Anna: What was that?

    Isee: Well, at the end of the first semester, just before winter holiday, I

    had a lot of papers due. The restaurant I worked at was very busy,

    so I was working more hours than usual, and besides, I needed the

    money. I overslept one morning and was late for an important

    meeting with one of my professors. Later that day, I realized that I

    had a paper due the following day. I had completely forgotten about

    it, and I hadn’t started working on it! The same afternoon I was

    going to work on another assignment that was due that week. On

    top of everything else, I had to work at the restaurant that night. I

    almost cried when I realized how much work I had to do!

    Anna: Oh, it sounds like that was a very stressful day. How did you cope

    with everything?

    Isee: Well, a friend helped me to prioritize things. First, I phoned the

    restaurant and asked to start work later than usual. Then, I went to

    see my professor, to talk to him about the paper due the next day—

    the one hadn’t started. When I asked him for an extension, he

    became quite angry. He had given us weeks to complete the

    assignment, and most of the class had already handed in their

    papers—before the deadline! He agreed that I could submit the

    paper late, but said that he would deduct points for lateness.Anna: That’s too bad. But luckily you managed to survive from all these


    Isee: Yes. And this taught me the importance of budget my time. And

    after that I have never trapped myself in such a dilemma again.Anna: So how do you budge your time after that?

    Isee: I make a schedule everyday and try my best to follow it. Besides, I

    succeeded in overcoming my tendency to procrastinate.

    Anna: Yes, that’s really important. Would you like to tell me why do you

    choose our school as there are many other excellent schools?Isee: Well, I used to study in this school so I am familiar with it. Besides,

    my life here was enjoyable and unforgettable. What’s the most

    important is that I do agree with your teaching philosophy.Anna: Really? What’s you comprehension about it?

    Isee: Well, teaching students in accordance of their aptitude is what

    Confucius taught us. Traditional though it is, it has eternal

    meaning. Different students have different talents; it is stupid to

    teach them in the same way. The business of a school is not to

    manufacture a lot of similar people but to shape men of characters.Anna: What do have a deep understanding of our teaching philosophy, I

    am quite agreeing with you.

Isee: Thanks.

    Anna: It seems that you are determined be a teacher, but reality is reality,

    there is possibility that you won’t get the chance. What would you

    do if you fail this time?

    Isee: I will never be defeated. If I failed this time, I will try again and

    again until I succeed. During my trial, I will keep on charging

    myself to make myself stronger and more competitive.

    Anna: Thank you. We will inform you as soon as possible.

    Isee: Thanks. Bye-bye.

    Anna: Bye.

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