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    WC3210/WC3220 Printer Email:

     Compatible Toner Cartridge Chip Driver Installation Instruction

    (Use for Old and Update Version)

    ;Note: Before install the chip driver, please make sure the printer motherboard is original status,

     no replace IC or other change.

    When the printer toner out, printer remind: Toner Empty, Replace Toner. It can’t print anymore,

    printer was locked. When install CD driver, please close the anti-virus and firewall, If not close, they will mistake our driver as a virus, and forbid it to run, also cant open the CD. If your windows

    operation is Vista or Windows 7, open method is different with Windows XP&2000, XP & 2000 can open directly, but Vista & Windows 7 need open the CD as an administrator right.

    Before install our chip diver, there have something need to be attention, very important: 1. Before using chip driver, computer should be installed printer driver in advance; reboot has to be

    performed as to initial installation. The computer just connect with only one Samsung printer,

    other USB links please take them out.

    2. Key Noted: This chip driver use for all printer including the new releasing at 2010, when install user

    need to select the printer model and motherboard version, if select wrong, it will burn the


    3. Install one fuser on toner cartridge, slot the toner cartridge which with our chip into the printer

    (this is fuser)

    4. The whole processes please make sure power on.

    5. Start the printer, wait it warming up.

Following install the chip driver; put the driver to computer CD-ROM:

6. Click “START”

7. Then the setup running…

Then the printer will restart automatic, chip driver install completed, click “EXIT to finish

    the drive.

    Final necessary step, after installed the driver and printer restarted, wait the printer warming up, manual operation on the control panel:

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