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    Job Title: Assistant Director Community Care Reports to: Director of Adult Social Services Job Purpose:

    As a key member of the Adult Social Services Management Team, to

    contribute to the development and implementation of high quality, cost

    effective Adult Social Services for Norfolk that deliver positive outcomes for

    adults in line with the Council’s vision for services. To lead the development

    and implementation of the countrywide Community Care strategy. Job Context:

    The role has responsibility for services to older people and adults with a

    physical and sensory impairment. This includes all District based assessment

    and care management services. Residential homes, Day Care Services and Housing Care schemes, Home Care and responsibility for the approval

    process for Approved Social Workers, the Access Service and Emergency

    Duty Team. Particular priorities are:

    ? The effective and efficient implementation of area services which

    support local management and delivery; ? The provision of better preventative support; The approach used to achieve address these will be developed with the Head

    of Strategic Commissioning, but the role has lead responsibility for the

    operational delivery of new approaches. A key issue will be the creation of

    clarity and balance between local service delivery/local management of

    services and countrywide policy and strategy. The role will need to work

    closely with other Assistant Directors and the Head of Strategic Commissioning to ensure the effective monitoring of service outcomes, the

    management of transitions and interfaces, to address any performance

    shortfalls and to provide clarity around vision and corporate priorities.

Key Accountabilities:

    1 To contribute, as a member of the Adult Social Services Management

    Team, to the leadership and direction of Adult Social Services in Norfolk

    in order to support the achievement of improved outcomes for adults.

    2 To lead the development of countywide service Community Care strategies to ensure their effective implementation within the Council,

    where appropriate, through partnership with others.

3 To provide professional leadership to all those working in Community

    Care so that professional standards are established, monitored and

    maintained to the highest levels.

    4 To lead, direct and manage staff in order to ensure their full engagement

    in implementing the Council’s vision for adults in Norfolk. 5 To participate in the budget setting process for Community Care across

    the County and to monitor the agreed budget ensuring that value for

    money is achieved and that spending is allocated in accordance with

    agreed corporate priorities.

    6 To work with the Head of Strategic Commissioning to develop new

    approaches to service delivery, particularly in relation to the integration of

    services at an area level. To ensure the implementation of the new

    approaches developed.

    7 In conjunction with the Assistant Director Performance Finance and

    Efficiency to ensure the effective management of transitions and


    8 To develop and maintain effective partnership and other working

    arrangements with key stakeholders to support the building of capacity

    and the delivery of positive outcomes for adults in Norfolk.

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