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    Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

    Official Rules


    OFFICIAL RULES The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge - (the “Challenge”) is hosted annually by

    National Training Systems Association (the “Host”) in connection with the I/ITSEC Conference at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) in Orlando, Florida (the

    Conference”). Each person or entity that enters the Challenge (each, “Entrant”) agrees

    to abide by the terms of these Official Rules and by the decisions of the Host and its






    The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge seeks to expand the general training

    industry’s exposure and understanding of game based training solutions. This year’s

    challenge is open to all PC game based training solutions targeted to users in secondary

    education or higher.

    For the purpose of this contest a Serious Game will be defined as:

    The digital application of gaming technology, process and design to the solution of

    problems faced by business, government, academia and other organizations. To qualify

    for this contest, the gaming application must contain:

    1. A clearly identified challenge / problem

    2. A positive and / or negative reward system

    In order to be considered for this competition, final submissions packages must be

    completed according to the submissions checklist and must be received by 30 Sept 2009.

    For physical shipments, all entrants should consider customs and shipping delays, and

    plan accordingly.


    Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

    Official Rules


    31 January 2009 Call for Submissions

    1 April 30 September 2009 Game Submission Open 15 August 30 September FTP Server online for submissions 30 September 2009 Game Submission Closes

    15 October 2009 Notification of Finalists

    29 November 2009 Challenge Booth and Game Set-up and Configuration at OCCC

    30 November 3 December 2009 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge at I/ITSEC

    3 December 2009 Announcement / Award of Challenge winners HOW TO ENTER:

    To enter the Challenge, an Entrant who is otherwise eligible under these Official Rules

    must submit all of the following materials by the specified deadline (the “Entry Deadline”): ? A properly completed official entry form, located on the Challenge application

    page of Host’s website (the “Challenge Website”). ? A signed copy of the declaration of eligibility and release, located on the

    Challenge application page of the Challenge Website.

    ? Submission of game by either:

    o FTP uploading the game to the Hosts web site.

    o Sending one (1) physical copy of the Entered Game in playable form on a

    DVD-ROM and any supporting material to Host at mailing address

    provided at the end of these Rules.

    ? If the game requires any hardware beyond a keyboard, single monitor and a

    mouse, then the entrant must supply at least one of these pieces of hardware, and

    should be prepared to submit up to 10 additional pieces if the entry is selected as a

    finalist. Please be aware that the Challenge evaluators are global, and therefore

    there are restrictions on shipping external devices above certain sizes.

    ? Provide adequate translation material for games not presented in English. The

    translation must enable the evaluators to install and fully play the game, allowing

    understanding of the controls, objectives, and outcomes of the game. The Host

    reserves the right to determine whether the provided translation is adequate for

    their purposes.

    ? A non-refundable application fee of two-hundred dollars ($200.00) must be

    submitted in conjunction with the entry form in order for the entry to be officially

    entered. The application fee may be paid by credit card (no checks) using the


    Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

    Official Rules

    payment link found on the Challenge Website, THE ? Promotional material associated with the company and/or the game being entered. APPLICATION FEE IS WAIVED FOR ENTRANTS REGISTERING UNDER o A high quality digital logo for the company and the game THE STUDENT AND GOVERNMENT CATEGORIES AS DEFINED IN o A video file showing the play of the game (AVI, MPG, WMV, or QT THESE RULES. format)

    o A 100 word description of the game

    o Three bullet points that highlight the key features of the game

    thThe copy of the entered game received by the host by September 30, 2009 will become

    the official version (“Gold Copy”) of the Entered Game. All evaluations will be based on

    the Gold Copy if there are any differences between it and other digital copies.

    All entry materials become property of the Host and are not subject to return without

    prior coordination. As such, the Host is not held liable for the condition of any entered

    materials. This includes all physical copies of software and any special equipment

    associated with the Entered Game. If requested in advance, and solely at entrant expense,

    the Host will return special equipment only.

    The Entrant retains all associated intellectual Property Rights. Challenge reviewers and

    evaluators agree not to disclose information associated with entries and agree to delete

    games from their computers, and destroy all copies of intellectual property following



    Any Finalist that does not satisfy all of the applicable requirements of THE RULES

    WILL BE disqualified, and The Host may select an alternate Finalist Game from

    the remaining Entered Games.

    It is the Entrant’s obligation to meet the entry criteria for the Student or Individual category as applicable. Entrants must meet and maintain their entry qualifications

    throughout entry, selection and award.







    Each Entrant will be required to sign and return a declaration of eligibility and release of

    liability. The declaration and release will include, to the extent permitted by law and even

    if already granted by a Entrant’s acceptance of these Official Rules, the grant by each


    Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

    Official Rules

    Entrant of permission (without further compensation) for Host to use the Entrant’s name,

    photograph and likeness (if an individual), logo (if any), states of residence and domicile, Each Entrant must use its best and Entered Game for advertising, promotion, marketing, and administration of the efforts to obtain for Host similar rights from its members or employees who contributed Challenge and the Conference, including mention in Host’s literature and website and a to the entry, to the extent permitted by law, upon Host’s request. profile in the Conference program. Entrants will be required to sign a media release to

    use their logo, name and likeness in future advertising.Finalists agree to attend the I/ITSEC conference and demonstrate their game during the

    event, or if unable to attend due to circumstances beyond their control, then the entrant

    will provide a proxy attendee (the name and contact details of which to be electronically

    mailed to the Host within fourteen (14) days after notification of nomination has been

    sent to the Finalist). Proxy attendees must be at least 18 years old, must perform the

    same duties as the actual Finalists would have performed at the conference, and will be

    subject to the approval of the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge IPT committee.

    Each Finalist, or proxy attendee, will be responsible for their own costs of travel, meals,

    accommodations, and any extra equipment in connection with the Challenge and the

    Conference. The Challenge will provide a PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers

    for each Finalist.


    Entered Games will undergo an initial review by representatives of the Host to ensure

    that they are virus free and meet the requirements of the Challenge. The Entered Game

    will then be assigned to an evaluation team. Evaluation teams will be made up of at least

    one (1) representative each of the Military, Academia, and Industry. Each evaluating

    team will evaluate these games using a standard evaluation sheet emphasizing the

    following areas:

    ? Problem Statement and Solution: Entrants will be required to submit a 100

    word description of the problem their Entered Game is attempting to solve and

    how they believe their game solves this problem. The Entered Game will

    be evaluated on how well it achieves these activities.

    ? Technical Quality: The technical quality of the Entered Game will be based on

    its ease of installation and the aesthetics, functionality and stability of the game

    including, but not limited to, the graphics, sound, and presentation.

    ? Playability / Usability: Scores will be based on how easy the Entered Game is to

    use, how fun it is to play, and how well it is integrated into one cohesive package.

    ? Innovativeness: Higher scores can be achieved in each of the evaluation areas

    based on innovative approaches within those areas.

    The games with the highest scores will then be selected as Finalist Games. The Host

    reserves the right to select as many Finalist Games as deemed appropriate for the event.


    Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

    Official Rules


    Each Finalist will receive: ? Two (2) per Finalist Organization

    ? Four (4) per Student Finalist 1. Full Conference Passes to the I/ITSEC event;

    2. Organizational profile and coverage in select conference literature;

    3. Mention on the Challenge Website;

    4. An area in the Challenge Pavilion to showcase Entered Game and display

    organizational advertisement & literature not greater than two (2) feet wide by four (4)

    feet high; and

    5. A limited use license to use a version of the official Challenge name and finalist logo

    in promotional materials relating to the Finalist Game.

    WINNER SELECTION PROCESS: Finalist Games will be further evaluated by a panel of global evaluators as appointed by

    the Host (the Evaluating Committee”). Members of the Evaluating Committee may include employees of Host, representatives from the military, industry, academia and

    other individuals familiar with learning theory and game design. The specific identities of

    the members of the Evaluating Committee will be listed on the Evaluating Committee

    page of the Challenge Website and are subject to change at any time.

    The Evaluating Committee will review the Finalist Games and select winners. The

    Evaluating Committee will select one (1) winner each from the Student, Business, and

    Government categories. The winner of the Peoples Choice Award will be determined by Conference attendees voting on the Challenge floor. The Finalist Games with the most

    votes in a Category is the “Winning Game” for that Category. In the event of a tie vote in any Category (including the Peoples Choice Award Category), the Winning Game will

    be selected by the chairperson of the Evaluating Committee.

    Winning games (to include People’s Choice) will be recognized at the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge pavilion during the last day of the I/ITSEC conference (see for conference schedule).


    Each Winning Game in a Category (each, a “Winner”) will receive a plaque

    commemorating their achievement in one of the following categories indicated below:


    Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

    Official Rules

    ? Best Student Serious Game

    ? Best Business Serious Game

    ? Best Government Serious Game

    ? Peoples Choice Award

    In addition the Student Winners will receive a hardware/software package.


    All prizes provided are nontransferable and non-negotiable. It is possible that some or all

    Winners may be offered gifts from Conference sponsors or other third parties. Host

    makes no representation or warranty that any such gifts will be offered or received, does

    not endorse any such gifts, and is no way responsible for any such gifts.


    For the names of the Finalists and the Winners check the Challenge Website

    ( or


    Entry Requirements: The Challenge is open to the public. Entrants must be individuals, or comprised solely of individuals who will be 18 years of age (or the age of majority in

    the individual’s resident state/country and domiciliary state/country and, in addition, the state/country where acceptance of the rules occurs) on or before the first day of the

    I/ITSEC conference. If an individual entered this Challenge before reaching the age of 18

    years or majority as described above, then the individual must fill out and sign another

    entry form when the individual reaches the required age.

    Students: To qualify to enter as a student, (or an entity comprised entirely by students)

    the individual(s) must be fulltime high school or at least part-time college or trade-school

    student(s) at the time of game development. For the purposes of this Challenge, student

    status will be determined by enrollment during part or all of the prior academic year (Sep

    08-Aug 09), provable by dated student ID or letter from the school. The Entry must have

    been principally designed and developed by students.

    Government: This category includes organizations that are part of Federal, State, or

    Municipal government organizations.

    Business: This category includes all types and sizes of businesses, as well as

    unincorporated individuals.

    Evaluator Affiliations: If an evaluator has or has had an affiliation with an entrant, the Evaluator will recuse himself or herself from evaluating that entrant’s game. An

    affiliation is defined as any relationship that may affect the ability to fairly evaluate the

    entrant game including but not limited to the following situations: previously funding


    Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

    Official Rules

    development of the game; family relationship; advisory role; or, any working or other

    direct or indirect relationship. Recusal will be the responsibility of the evaluator.

    Notification: If the Host is unable to contact a Finalist within 10 calendar days of notification, an alternate Finalist will be selected.

    Rights in the Entry: Before submitting an Entered Game, the Entrant must have acquired (by licenses or otherwise) all necessary rights for the Host to Evaluate the game

    and for performing and demonstrating the game to the public. Games that make use of

    third party game engines, middleware, or other software or technology are only eligible if

    the Entrant has legally acquired all necessary rights for the Host to evaluate the game and

    to perform and demonstrate the game to the public. These rights include rights of copying,

    displaying, performing, deriving works and usage rights. For example, for any

    visualization that includes likenesses of third parties or contains elements not owned by

    the Entrant (such as, but not limited to trademarks, buildings, pictures etc.), the Entrant

    must have obtained legal releases for such use including Host’s use of such entry.








    State of Development: All Entered Games must be in a "beta" state or better (i.e.,

    Entered Games must be feature-complete) by the entry deadline. Continued development

    of the Entered Game for demonstration at the Conference and competition for the Peoples

    Choice Award is allowed. At least one (1) level of the Entered Game must be complete

    and fully playable by entry deadline, and for demonstration at the Conference.

    Release: By entering the Challenge, each Entrant releases and holds harmless Host, its

    parents, subsidiaries, and affiliates, and each of their respective officers, directors, agents,

    and employees and agents (including but not limited to evaluators, working committee

    members, financial sponsors, etc. and including but not limited to anyone connected with

    the I/ITSEC or this particular Challenge) from any and all responsibility or liability,

    including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages,

    arising out of or directly or indirectly relating to: (i) any personal injury, death, property

    (including but not limited to computer) damage, or other loss or claim of any kind arising

    from or in connection with the Challenge or any violation of these Official Rules

    including any damages resulting from personal and business torts, violation of the law or

    negligence; the Challenge, the Conference or any Entered Game; the acceptance,

    possession, or use of any prize; or any travel required by the Challenge; (ii) any entry or

    other materials that have been tampered with, that are misdirected, incomplete, incorrect,

    non-conforming, corrupt, lost, late, or ineligible, or, with respect to mail-in entries or


    Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

    Official Rules

    materials, that are sent postage due; and (iii) computer, telephone, cable, satellite,

    network, hardware, software, or other technical malfunctions or failures; garbled or

    jumbled transmissions; Internet or website inaccessibility or delays; printing or

    typographical errors in any Challenge or Conference materials; or any other technical or

    human errors occurring in connection with the Challenge or Conference. The Challenge

    Entrant assumes all risk.

    Consent to Publicity: By entering the Challenge, each Entrant consents to the use of the

    Entrant’s name, photograph and likeness (if an individual), logo (if any), state of

    residence/domicile, and Entered Game for advertising, promotion, marketing, and

    administration of the Challenge and Conference without additional compensation, to the

    extent permitted by law. Each entrant further agrees that Host may use any and all

    information collected through the Challenge, including the Entrant’s name and contact

    information, for marketing or other purposes whether or not related to the Challenge, to

    the extent permitted by law and Host’s privacy policy, which may be found on the

    Challenge Website.


    By entering the Challenge, each individual submitting entry materials (including an

    ? The Entrant has read, understands, and has agreed to all terms and conditions of Entered Game) represents and warrants to the Host that:

    THE RULES, and has had the opportunity to consult with his or her attorney

    concerning the meaning of THE RULES.

    ? Such individual either is the Entrant (if the Entrant is an individual) or is a duly

    authorized representative of the Entrant (if the Entrant is an entity);

    ? The Entrant and the Entered Game fully comply with all eligibility requirements

    and all other provisions of these Official Rules;

    ? In preparing the Entered Game and entering and participating in the Challenge

    and the Conference, the Entrant has complied and will comply in all respects with

    all applicable laws, regulations, and rules and has not violated nor will violate any

    agreement or understanding by which it is bound, including any confidentiality,

    employment, consulting, intellectual property assignment, or license agreement;

    ? The Entered Game consists entirely of Entrant’s own original work, or if the work

    is a modification of an existing game then that the Entrant has all necessary rights;


    ? Neither, the Entered Game nor the duplication, use, display, performance, or

    distribution of the Entered Game will infringe or misappropriate any intellectual

    property or other proprietary rights of any person or entity.


    The Host will make good faith efforts to conduct the Challenge. However, Host reserves

    the right to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Challenge in its sole and absolute


    Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

    Official Rules

    discretion. In such event, Host will post notice at the Conference and on the Challenge

    Website and will implement an alternate means for awarding all prizes.


    The entry cannot defame or invade publicity rights or privacy rights of any person.

    Any entries deemed offensive, inflammatory or derogatory are subject to disqualification.

    The Host will have sole discretion to determine eligibility for entry into the Challenge.

    The Host may prohibit entrants from participating in the Challenge and disqualify

    Entrants if they attempt to enter the Challenge through means not described in the rules,

    attempt to disrupt the Challenge or circumvent the rules, act in an-unsportsmanlike

    manner or with intent to annoy or harass any other entrant or person.

    The Host may cancel the Challenge at any time.

    All military members and federal government employees should consult with their

    chain of command and ethics counselors to determine whether: (1) you are

    authorized to disclose the information that is the subject of your entry; and (2) you

    are authorized by the Joint Ethics Regulations and Standards of Ethical Conduct

    for Employees of the Executive Branch to accept a winner’s prize. Games may NOT

    contain Classified or FOUO information.

    If any part of these Official Rules is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be

    invalid, illegal, or otherwise unenforceable, such part will be deemed modified or

    eliminated to the extent necessary, in the court’s opinion, to make it enforceable while

    preserving the original intent of the Host, and the remaining parts of these Official Rules

    will remain in full force and effect. The Challenge will be governed by, and these Official

    Rules will be interpreted by, and enforced in accordance with, the laws of the State of

    Florida and applicable United States federal law, without regard to any conflicts of laws


    The Challenge is void where prohibited by law. Any dispute arising out of or relating to

    these Official Rules, the Challenge, the Conference, or any prize must be brought

    exclusively in the state or federal courts located in Orlando, Florida, and Host and each

    Entrant irrevocably waive any objection to the venue and jurisdiction thereof.

    Host Mailing Address:

    Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

    c/o Curtis Conkey, CODE

    12350 Research Parkway

    Orlando, Florida 32826


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