How to make your students enjoy your class

By Ricky Perkins,2014-04-25 12:34
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How to make your students enjoy your class

    How to make your students enjoy your class

    As we know the pupils who like you will like your class, similarly

    they will boring you if they dont like your class . It is a simple principle .

    A good beginning is a half of success , so make your pupils like you , like your class and you will make it . But how to do it ?

    In my opinion , we should do the following :

    First of all , you must make the children like you .

    First , to be justice .you all have the pupils that we like and dislike , so am I , but we should deliver them the message that Im the teacher of the

    class , no one is an exception .

    Second , to be tolerant. People make mistakes , let alone the pupils . stand the students faults , self-willed , naughty and so on . It is easier to say than done , so we must be patient . As long as the students like you , trust you , you will got a good result .

    Third , to be humor . Some of the students like my speech ,thats

    because I tell them jokes occasionally , theres laughter full of our

    classroom .

    Secondly , do well on your first class

     I think , leave a good impression to the pupils is very important on you first class ,it can helps us establish a good relationship between we and our children .

    At last , control our class easily

     When they are tired of our class after several classes , we can sing songs to adjust their emotions etc . They will learn better in a good mode .

    All in all , the above are my experiences during my teaching , In the coming days Ill exploration practice sum up to make a good future.

     Thats all ,thank you !

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