How to assess your students' learning in your class

By Mario Jones,2014-04-25 12:33
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How to assess your students' learning in your class

    How to assess your students' learning in your class

    Proper assessment can promote the pupils establish self-confidence

    find out their talents and specialty .

    In my opinion , under the new curriculum ,we should assess the pupils with the following :

    First , respect and understand them .

    We should understand others , respect their perspective and emotions , we also should be justice and impersonality . During my class use expecting eyes activate their thinking to make them surpass their level . And then get on well with others which including sincerely kind and

    self-confidence .

    Second , assess should be flexible and multidimensional

    Pay attention to their performance , make the assess at ordinary times and throughout their daily studying . Assess is not only the result but also the process . In my daily teaching practice I assess the students with development eye .

    Third , there should be encourage and criticism together in assess

     An encourage word or sentence may change ones life , why cant

    we do that ?

    I think encourage should be from the bottom of your heart , the real situation and targeted . In any case you must use your real emotion .

    As criticism , we must use it reasonable ,In that case we can get a

    better result . In my class I make friends with the students , so I can persuade them easily even though criticism or slight criticism .

    In conclusion , to assess students correctly we must use different kinds of ways . Many a ruler, a good student , the more ways you use the more you will get from the students . In addition , as a teacher we shouldnt use the same standard to assess them , we must face the actual situations . In that case , we must work hard to make our teaching works better .

    Thats all of my speech , thank you !

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