Chamberlain Elementary School K-6

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Chamberlain Elementary School K-6


Chamberlain Elementary

    “Building a Bridge to the Future”

    K-6 Parent/Student Handbook

    Joel Bergeson, K-6 Principal

    This handbook can be viewed on-line at

    Chamberlain Elementary School K-6

    Parent Handbook

Dear Parents and Students:

Greetings from Chamberlain Elementary School and welcome back for the 2009-2010 school

    year! We are very excited about the upcoming school year. I am delighted to be serving the

    students, staff, and parent community of Chamberlain.

Our motto is “Building a Bridge to the Future.” Our motto speaks volumes as this year, as every

    year, you will see first hand how hard we work in our quest to give your child the best. Every

    student will be offered choice, enrichment activities, and remediation opportunities. These

    choices will be found in the grade level curriculum throughout the instructional day. We want all

    children to feel secure and excited about learning and we vow to continually look at ways to

    improve our instruction.

Here are a few tips for a successful school year:

    ? Talk to your child’s teacher frequently. Together you are a team for your child’s academic


    ? Provide a quiet place and a consistent time to do homework. Support your child in

    homework efforts but refrain from doing the homework.

    ? Help your child learn to follow directions. Give one- and two-step directions and see that

    the task is completed.

    ? Teach your child to show respect for others by using polite phrases such as “please,”

    “thank you,” and “excuse me.”

    ? Model and reinforce appropriate behavior.

    ? Help your child learn his/her address and telephone number.

    ? Guide and monitor your child’s television viewing.

    ? Listen to your child and encourage your child to talk about new experiences.

    ? Explain the meaning of new words to your child.

    ? Encourage your child to succeed by encouraging his/her best work, but do not expect

    more than your child is capable of doing.

    ? Involve your child with reading and writing activities.

    ? See that your child gets a good night’s sleep and has a nutritious breakfast.

    ? Write your child's name on all personal items brought to school such as coat, hat, gloves,

    boots, sweater, lunch box, etc.

    ? Refrain from sending to school a sick child or one who has had a fever within the past 24

    hours. This precaution will help preserve the health of other children. Please telephone

    the school when your child will be absent or send a written excuse upon returning to the


    ? Dress your child according to the weather. Outside activities will take place when the

    weather permits. A note from you will be required if your child should remain inside

    because of a physical condition.

    ? Provide the teacher with a correct telephone number where parents or a family friend

    may be reached during the school day, in case of an emergency.

    ? Discuss with your child what to do and where to go in the event you are not at home

    when he/she arrives.

    Have a great year!

Joel Bergeson K-6 Principal


    School Telephone Numbers

Elementary Office Office Number 234-4460

    Principal Joel Bergeson 234-4460

    Counselor Kathy Harn 234-4460

    Family/School Coordinator Derek Long 234-4460 Secretary K-6 Jean Burfeindt 234-4460

    DDN Campus Manager Nancy Hansen 234-4460

    Media Center Peggy Hanzlik 234-4460

    Title I Director Donna Neeman 234-4460

    Special Education Director Valerie Johnson 234-4467 After School Program Director Mandy Audiss 234-4460 School Nurse Linda Johnson 234-4460

    Lunchtime Solutions Sandy Mundlien 234-4460 Superintendent Tim Mitchell 234-4477

    Business Manager Terry Brooks 234-4478

    Activities Director Rick Hargens 234-4462



Mission/Vision Statement 5

    Philosophy 6

    NCA School 6

    FERPA Statement 6

    AHERA Regulation 6

    Non-Discrimination Policy 6

    Sexual Harassment 7

    Due Process 7

    Grievance Procedure 7

    Highly Qualified Teachers 7

    School Staff 8

    Chamberlain School District Line of Authority 9 School Day 10

    School Security/Visitors 10

    Breakfast and Lunch Programs 10

    Lunch Times 10

    Lunchroom Expectations 11

    Playground 11

    Playground Behavior Expectations 11

    Roof 11

    Grading Philosophy 12

    Grading System 12

    Honor Roll 12

    Student Council 12

    Attendance 12

    Request for Homework 13

    Absences 13

    Medication 13

    Drug Policy 14

    Bus Transportation 14

    Exemplary Programs 14

    Bicycles, Skate Boards, Roller Skating, Scooters 15 School Clothing 15

    Lost and Found 15

    Immunizations, Birth Certificates 15

    Lockers (5/6 Elementary Building) 16

    Textbooks 16

    Toys, Games, Radios 16

    CES Bill of Rights 16

    Telephone 16

    Bullying 16

    Expectations for Students 17 Reasons for Disciplinary Actions 17 Procedure for Student Discipline 17 Detentions/Suspensions/Expulsions 18 School Supply List 19

    School Wide Title I Parent and Student Compact 20 Project PAWS (Before & After School) 23 School Calendar 27



    Building a Bridge to the Future

    Chamberlain School District 7-1

    Foundation Statements

    Mission It is the mission of the Chamberlain School District 7-1 to provide its students with well rounded

    opportunities designed to offer a quality education and to ensure that every child has experiences

    that promote growth and meet their individual needs. Through mutual respect within the total

    school community, our children will grow and learn in a safe and secure environment where

    faculty, staff, parents, and students together are enthusiastic about the teaching/learning process.

    The overall program is designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity, require students to

    demonstrate that they have learned how to learn and enable them to become productive and

    effective citizens in the real world.

    Vision We believe that the most promising strategy for achieving the mission of the CSD 7-1 is to

    develop our capacity to function as a professional learning community. We envision a school

    district in which staff:

    ? Unite to achieve a common purpose and clear goals;

    ? Work together in collaborative teams;

    ? Seek and implement promising researched-based strategies for improving student

    achievement on a continuing basis;

    ? Monitor each student’s progress; and

    ? Demonstrate a personal commitment to the academic success and general well-being of

    all students

    Collective Commitments

    In order to achieve the vision of a school district that functions as a professional learning

    community, the CSD 7-1 staff has made the following collective commitments:

    ? Align and utilize the South Dakota Content Standards to provide a guaranteed and viable

    curriculum for all students;

    ? Develop, implement and evaluate on a regular basis a School Improvement Plan that

    targets specific instructional areas and students identified by data analysis;

    ? Engage in meaningful, job-embedded staff development to enhance professional skills;

    ? Initiate individual and small group instructional programs to provide additional learning

    time for students;

    ? Provide parents with resources, strategies, and information to help children succeed


    ? Utilize a variety of researched-based instructional strategies to promote success for all

    students; and

    ? Develop and implement effective local assessments and administer state assessments

    as directed.


    Philosophy The Chamberlain Board of Education has adopted a statement of philosophy for the Elementary

    School, as recommended by the administration and faculty of the Chamberlain School District 7-1.

    The education program of the Chamberlain Elementary School is designed to help provide a

    framework within which each student may attain his or her highest fulfillment as an individual and

    as a responsible member of society. Students must be prepared to meet the daily challenges of

    the present environment and the constantly changing problems of the future. Education is a

    continuous process that involves the acquisition and application of knowledge and skills. Since

    students vary in ability, attitude, cultural background, and motivation, the school must provide

    varied adaptable educational programs. The school becomes partners with the home and other

    community forces in the educational development of the students. In order that the child may find

    the situation in life best suited to his or her individual needs, and those of society, the school will

    provide a program of individual analysis, and counseling.

    The staff of the Elementary School subscribes to the premise, that education is the shared

    responsibility of the student, school, home, and community.

    NCA (North Central Association) School

    The Chamberlain Elementary School is a member of the North Central Association and has been

    accredited since 2000.

    FERPA Statement The Family Educational Rights and Privacy ACT (FERPA) affords parents and students over 18

    years of age certain rights with respect to the student’s educational records. A copy of these

    policies and regulations may be obtained in the building principal’s office or superintendent’s

    office of the Chamberlain School District 7-1. Complaints regarding a violation of rights accorded

    parents and students should be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools of Chamberlain

    School District 7-1, 301 East Kellam, Chamberlain, SD, 57325 or the Family Policy Compliance

    Office, U. S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, S. W. Washington, DC, 20202-


    AHERA Regulation The facilities of the Chamberlain School District have been inspected during the last three year

    period, the last being May 1, 2002. All areas of concern regarding friable asbestos in the

    buildings have been corrected by removal or encapsulation for the protection of our students and

    others who work in, or have access to, the district buildings. Non-friable asbestos containing

    materials have been properly sealed to prevent alteration or destruction. A complete report of

    inspection information, testing results for the presence of asbestos and corrective actions taken in

    each building is available to any interested district citizen through either the office or building of

    the school involved, or in the administrative office for the entire school district facility arrangement.

    If you wish further information, or have questions about the district compliance with the AHERA

    regulations as directed by the Environmental Protections Agency of the federal government,

    please contact Chamberlain School District Administrative Offices, 301 E. Kellam or phone 234-


    Non-Discrimination Policy The Chamberlain School District 7-1 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed,

    religion, national origin, gender, age, or disability in admission or access to, or treatment or

    employment in its educational programs and activities.

    Inquiries concerning Title VI, Title IX, or Section 504, should be directed to:

    Superintendent of Schools

    PO Box 119 301 East Kellam

    Chamberlain, SD 57325

    Phone 234-4477


    Sexual Harassment The Chamberlain School District 7-1 acknowledges and endorses laws against sexual

    harassment. The District forbids any manner or form of infringement on the rights of others

    between and among the students and/or adults connected with the operation of the school district.

    Any student or employee, who believes that they have been the object of physical or verbal

    harassment by another student or employee, shall file a grievance with the appropriate

    administrator. Students or employees accused of sexual harassment of others shall be reported

    to the appropriate legal authorities, and if found guilty, shall be subject to expulsion from school or

    termination of employment.

    Due Process All students and district employees are guaranteed due process rights as set forth by SDCL 13-

    32-4. Chamberlain School District 7-1 is in compliance with the standards established by the

    State Board of Education. These standards are:

1) Adequate notice of charges made.

    2) Reasonable opportunity to prepare for and meet the charges will be given.

    3) An orderly hearing adapted to the nature and circumstances of the situation will be


    4) A fair and impartial decision will be rendered.

    5) Article 24-07 of the Administrative Rules of South Dakota will be used to outline

    procedures and the definition of due process.

    Grievance Procedure

    For Parents, Students, and Other Patrons of the District

Step 1 Informal:

    If a person has a grievance, they should first discuss the matter with the person who is directly

    responsible for the grievance in an effort to resolve the problem informally. Grievances

    (complaints) directed to the school board, administration, supervisors or other staff should be re-

    routed to include this informal step. If the informal meeting fails to solve the situation, the

    grievance shall be filed with the immediate supervisor on a form supplied by the administration.

    The immediate supervisor will provide copies to both parties and seal one in an envelope to be

    delivered to the superintendent.

Step 2 Formal: Principal/Immediate Supervisor

    Once a grievance form has been filed, a meeting shall be scheduled within five school or working

    days. If more than one school or supervisor is involved they all will be asked to participate. At

    the meeting both sides will present their side of the story. The principal/supervisor shall render a

    decision and its rationale in writing to both sides within five days.

Step 3 Formal: Superintendent

    If either side is not in agreement of the decision, Step 2 will be repeated with the superintendent.

Step 4 Formal: School Board

    In the event of this formal appeal, the Superintendent will schedule a Grievance Hearing with the

    School Board within five school or working days unless there are extenuating circumstances.

    The resolution offered by the School Board shall be the district’s final decision.

    Highly Qualified Teachers Parents may request information regarding the professional qualifications of their children’s

    classroom teachers. The district will provide a response to the parents’ request in a timely

    manner. The request can be made to the Building Principal or Superintendent.


Parents must be provided timely notice that their children have been assigned or have been

    taught for four or more consecutive weeks by teachers who are not highly qualified.

If a parent makes a request for this information, the district will provide:

    ? Whether the teacher has met State qualification and licensing criteria for the grade levels

    and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction.

    ? Whether the teacher is teaching under “authority to act” status

    ? The baccalaureate degree major of the teacher and any other graduate certification or

    degree held by the teacher, and the field of discipline of the certification or degree.

    ? Whether the child is provided services by paraprofessionals and, if so, their qualifications

The notice and all information provided to parents will be in an understandable and uniform

    format and, to the extent practicable, provided in a language that the parents can understand.

School Staff K-6 2009-2010


    Mr. Joel Bergeson

    Ms. Barb Blasius, Aide K Mrs. Audra Hough Mrs. Jean Carson, Aide Mrs. Valerie Nelson Mrs. Mary Beth Pullen, Aide Mrs. Deb Swanson

     Mrs. Julie Woodruff

     stMs. Layne Larson 1 Mrs. Holly Evans Mrs. Karen Graber Mrs. Karen Ristau

     ndMs. Cassie Tobin 2 Mrs. Patricia Lien Mrs. Stacey Tveit Mrs. Kimberly Phillips

     rdMr. Shawn Cutler 3 Ms. Beth Pavalis

     Mrs. Delesa Bosworth

     thMrs. Deb Ford 4 Mrs. Cheryl Carruthers

     Mr. Brant Winter

     thMrs. Cathy Reuer 5 Mrs. Sheryl Larson

     Mrs. Jill Mitchell

     thMr. John Donovan6 Mrs. Kari Toupal

     Mr. Thomas Carruthers

Specialized Staff

    Kathy Harn, Counselor Mr. Rick Hargens, Physical Education

     Mrs. Muriel Carlson, Music Mrs. Peggy Hanzlik, Media Center

    Mr. Larry Morman, Physical Education/ Ms. Katie Padilla, 5-6 Band



     Mrs. Susan Keizer


    Special Education

    Mrs. Laura Gerlach K-4 Mrs. Judy Steckelberg, Aide Ms. Lynette Gerlach K-4 Mrs. Janelle Stewart, Aide

    Mrs. Stacey Felicia, Aide Mrs. Melinda Brown K-4 ththMrs. Mary Fisher, Aide Mr. Steve Toepfer 5/6 Mrs. Sandy Heinrich, Aide Ms. Stacey Yost Early Child Mrs. Mary Beth Pullen, Aide Ms. Angie Steele Early Child Mrs. Patty Viereck, Aide Mrs. Julie Bode, Aide Mrs. Evie Weber, Aide Mrs. Dayle Chilson, Aide Ms. Susan McKissick, Aide Mrs. Karla Thompson, Aide

     Ms. Jessica Pringle. Aide

    Title I

    Mrs. Donna Neeman, Director/Grade 5 Mrs. Jill Schreiber-Grade 3

    Mrs. Lynn Peterson Kindergarten Mrs. Tamela Schwartz Grade 4

    Mrs. Mandy Audiss -Grade 1 Mrs. Desirae Surat Grade 5

    Mrs. Pam Fleury-Grade 2 Mrs. Jennifer Kurtz-Grade 6 st Mrs. Tara Yost Reading Recovery/1 grade Mrs. Cheryl Toering Fast ForWord

    After School Program

    Mrs. Mandy Audiss

    Lunch Services-Lunchtime Solutions

    Ms. Sandy Mundlien, Director

    Custodial Staff

    Mr. Kevin Lynch Mr. Jim Killian

    Office Personnel

    Mrs. Jean Burfeindt, Secretary K-6

     Mrs. Nancy Hansen, DDN Campus Mr. Derek Long,

     Mrs. Linda Johnson, School Nurse Family School Coordinator

    Chamberlain School District 7-1

    Line of Authority

    As established in school board policy, the line of authority for the operation of district programs and facilities shall begin

    with the Board of Education. The daily operation of the district shall be delegated by the board to the Superintendent. In

    the event that a designated officer is not present or otherwise unable to provide management, the following lines of

    authority are:

    General District Operation

    Board of Education

    Superintendent of Schools Tim Mitchell

    7-12 Principal Debbie Johnson

    K-6 Principal Joel Bergeson

    7-12 Assistant Principal Allan Bertram

    Counselor, Grades 7-12 Marc Krogstad

    Counselor, Grades K-6 Kathy Harn

    7-12 Middle School/High School Operation

    Principal Debbie Johnson

    Assistant Principal Allan Bertram

    Superintendent-Tim Mitchell

    Counselor Marc Krogstad


    K-6 Elementary School Operation

    Principal Joel Bergeson

    Family/School Coordinator - Derek Long

    Counselor Kathy Harn

    Activities Director Rick Hargens

    Detention Supervisor Shawn Cutler

Persons assuming the authority for the operation of the district or any division of its operation shall coordinate and

    communicate all decisions with:

    David Hrdlicka Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds

    Ron Pickner Director of Student Transportation

    Sandy Mundlien Lunchtime Solutions Director

    School Day Office Hours 8:00 - 4:00

    Teachers’ Day 8:00 - 4:00

    Students’ Day 8:30 - 3:25

    School Security / Visitors The main office is located off of Kellam Avenue by the “Big Bear”. The front doors to building will be open during the

    school day. The side doors and K-4 building will be locked. This will assist us in monitoring people entering the campus.

    All visitors need to check in at the office. This includes school board members, spouses, relatives, friends and children.

    We do have security cameras in place around the school building. These cameras are not monitored at all times and

    should not provide a false sense of security. As with any electronic device they tend to malfunction from time to time. If

    you need to drop off tennis shoes, birthday treats, homework, lunch, etc. to your child, please bring it to the office. The

    secretary will take the items to the classroom, thus causing less of a disturbance to the learning process. If a parent or

    guardian plans to visit a classroom, they must check-in at the office and receive a visitors badge. Younger siblings are

    discouraged from visiting the class room. No school age friends/relatives will be allowed to visit/stay for the day in a

    classroom but they are welcome to have lunch with the student.

    Breakfast and Lunch Programs Our school offers a breakfast and lunch program. Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 8:30 am in the elementary gym. The

    cost for these programs is:


    Elementary Students $1.25

    Adults $2.05


    Elementary Students $2.05

    Adults $2.70

    Lunch Times Fifth Grade 11:19-11:49

    Sixth Grade 11:19-11:49

    Third Grade 11:30-12:05

    First Grade 11:35-12:10

    Kindergarten 11:40-12:15/Rest

    Second Grade 11:50-12:25

    Fourth Grade 11:55-12:30

Our school participates in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. We have a policy for free and reduced-

    price meals. The forms for participation are sent out during the summer. There are also applications available in the

    school office or food service office.


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