By Brian Kelly,2014-05-24 13:18
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My Top Three

    These three tools below are my top three.They have no priority.

First: TeamViewer

    We all know that there is a remote access in every compter’s start menu, it can

    help you connect to another pc or server. However, the computer you want to

    connect to must have a stable IP or it doesn’t work. But in our dormitory, there are

    all dynamic IP that we could not let others share our desktop. Fortunately, many

    software can help solve this problem. One that I prefer is TeamViewer. As the

    advertisement said, it is really “fast-simple-safe”. It is available for multiple

    platforms, from Windows to Apple Mac OS X - and can even be used for

    cross-platform connections from Windows to Mac and back! And we can download

    its full version on its website for free. In addition, it has Chinese version now. If you

    need, tell me.

Second: Nessus

    This product is considered to be one of the best vulnerability scanners available at

    any price and it happens to be free. The tool explores and maps network

    systems for potential weaknesses that could provide an open door to attackers.

    The Nessus client is compatible with all Linux/Unix systems. There's also a Win32

    GUI client that works with any version of Windows. Since I havent used it before, lets see the demo : An Introduction To Nessus. I suppose it may be useful to those labs’ and industries’ network administrator.

If there is a sensitive document in your pc that could not been seen or modified by Third: V9000

    anyone else except for yourself and your pc are frequently used by others, then this

    software will help you encrypt the document conveniently.

    Although WinRAR has a quite safe encryption function, it usally takes a long time to

    compress the document and encrypt it. So if the leak of the information wouldnt do

    serious harm to you and you just want to hide these information to normal user (like

    your friends, your family etc.). In addition, it can also support a time not too short

    from a professional decryption.

    The most inspiring features of this software are : free and functional stability.

    Besides, it is small (only 254KB) and easy to use.

This is encryption.

This is decryption. There are three types of decryption: complete, temporary and


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