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Graduate Student Organization ...

Graduate Student Organization February 10, 2009

    UIC College of Nursing, Rm. 615 12:00 pm 1:00 pm

    General meeting


I. Meeting called to order at 12:05 p.m.

    II. No minutes to approve.

    III. Open officer positions: Secretary, Treasurer

    a. HPSC rep: next meeting Thursday, Feb. 11, 2009, 5-6:30 pm

    i. Jen to look at schedule; may be available to attend IV. Officer reports

    a. Rowena, President None

    b. Jen, V.P.

    sti. Chicago Food Depository, Jan 31: fun times! Join us next year.

    ii. Donation drives

    1. Lakeview pantry we collected many items. Thank you!

    th2. Belize drive last day to donate February 13; Rowena to

    send out reminder email.

    iii. GSO Calendar: Please don’t forget to check the GSO Calendar

    (link from the GSO homepage) for lectures, workshops, important

    dates at the College of Nursing)

    c. Nusara and Rowena, HPSC

    i. Library IT assessment fee will modernize our libraries. Librarians

    have requested $1.5 mil over 3 years. Project to be completed by

    Feb. 2012

    ii. Contact John Katsis, VP of HPSC, regarding

    CampusCare issues

    iii. School of Public Health event: Minority Health Conference on

    thFeb. 27.

    d. Anne and Yoko, GSC

    i. Travel grants available for presenters in Feb, Mar, and April

    ii. See GSC website:


    iii. Feb. 12 GSC dissertation/thesis writing series. RSVP!

    iv. GSC meeting tonight; will report back any news e. Nusara and Noi, International reps

    i. Dr. McElmurray requesting help with promoting and welcoming

    Dr. Jean Yan from WHO. Focus on global primary health care.

    th ii. Will be here on April 8

    iii. Need posters and food (?)

    iv. Noi to email Rowena about details

    V. Old business

    a. PhD curriculum changes

    i. New Dean Barbara Dancy may have more info

    VI. New business

    a. APN job search info session, Rowena

    i. Confirmed date March 4, 2009 12:30 pm 1:30 pm

    ii. Question for speaker: “In our current economic state, what can we

    do to stay ahead of the game?”

    b. Relaxation Event, Jen

    i. Possibly at the end of April

    stii. Location on 1 floor to catch more people

    iii. Ideas

    1. UIC massage therapy

    2. Professors to present posters doing research on stress

    3. Nutrition dieticians from UIC?

    4. Music, food

    5. Email Jen with any other ideas

    c. UIC student issues (Health/Dental coverage)

    i. Rowena: Heard some issues with the dental “discount program”

    provided through CampusCare/UHP, including unkempt clinics,

    dirty/broken tools, recommending extra (unnecessary) procedures.

    Also, difficulty finding a good provider.

    ii. Olivia: There has been much talk about this amongst GEP

    students. We use google groups.

    iii. Anne and Jen have both found great providers

    iv. Jen: We could use the GSO Blackboard site to start a discussion

    board to rate and review dentists; need student name, netid, and

    birth date to enroll in GSO Bb site.

    v. Anne: As per the GSC meeting- Students who are fellows and

    some RAs/TAs may be eligible for the Graduate Assistant Dental

    Program (GADP). I believe that cleanings are free and that dental

    work is discounted to a greater extent than the discount offered by

    the United Health Program, which is offered in conjunction with

    campus care to cover dental.

    The number for information about GADP is 312-355-1401.

    Students can call this number to see if they are eligible for the

    program. It's important to note that with the GADP program, the

    providers are faculty members or fourth-year dental students. vi. The customer service number for the dental coverage that students

    have if they pay for Campus Care is 800-290-7602. With this

    program, students can select a provider from a list of dentists who

    accept this discount program

    d. Commencement May 7, 2009, 1pm

    i. ii. Faculty and staff awards

    1. Jen and Rachael: Nomination for Melissa Hernandez, staff iii. Photos for program (send to Jen) preferably pics of student

    socializing outside of CON, per commencement committee

    iv. Budget: $400

    1. Need to buy flowers in bouquet.

    v. Need 2-3 volunteers

    1. Email Rowena if interested

    e. Speaker for CON Research Day 2010

    i. Rowena to follow up with Dr. Piano and Sue Littau

    VII. Elections for 2009-2010 exec. Board

    a. During April meeting

    b. Please contact current officers with any questions

    VIII. Other discussion

    th floor near a. GSO Travel awards, due March 1 to Rowena (mailbox on 7


    i. See GSO website for guidelines and application form

    thb. Thai New Year, April 13

    i. Hold in conjunction with stress day?

    IX. Next meeting: March 17 or March 25

    X. Meeting adjourned at 12:35 p.m.


    Thurs. February 12 GSC Dissertation/Thesis Writing Series Wed. March 4, 9a-12:30p - Arts Day

    Fri. March 6 - Research Day

    March 2428 - Spring vacation. No classes.

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