Spaghetti Tower Challenge

By Sandra Reed,2014-06-17 23:19
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Spaghetti Tower Challenge

    Spaghetti Tower Challenge


    ? To construct a free standing structure that will hold an egg high

    off the ground


    1. You may work in groups of two

    2. You may use only the materials provided

    3. A glue gun and glue will be provided

    4. The structure cannot be attached to the table

    5. The maximum weight is 35 grams

    6. The egg must be supported for 30 seconds

    7. Waxed paper may be used to prevent glue from sticking to the

    tabletop, but it may not form part of the structure

    8. Students must clean up their mess including broken egg


    ? 25 pieces of spaghetti and hot (or cool) glue Time line:

    ? You have 30 minutes to complete the challenge

    ? All structures will be evaluated at the end of the time limit Testing:

    1. All structures will be placed on a table and left standing for a

    minimum of 30 seconds. Students will hold their structures and

    release them gently when directed to let go.

    2. Students must stand very still while the structures are being tested.

    Any person whose action causes a structure to fall will be disqualified.

    3. At the end of this time, students will support their structures so the

    distance to top of the egg can be measured.


    ? The distance to the top of the egg will determine your score

    ? The judge’s opinion is final


    ? The students will be graded on the creativity and functionality of

    their design.

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