South West LeRoc Challenge 2003

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South West LeRoc Challenge 2003

    Application form

    ? Level Advanced/Intermediate (delete as applicable)

    First name Surname


    Lead partner


    Classes normally attended

    First name Surname


    Follow partner


    Classes normally attended


    address (to

    which tickets

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    will be sent)


    Tick to confirm cheque included ? Amount ?

Please send your application form to

    Clifton LeRoc

    5 Great George Street


    BS1 5RR

or bring it to any Clifton LeRoc class at The Bristol Folk House,

    Planet LeRoc classes and events in Cardiff or the dances at

    thrdFilton Community Centre on 6 March or 3 April.

Please make cheques payable to John Eastman.

    The price is ?24 per couple (including entrance to the dance

    which is normally ?8.00 pp)

South West and Wales LeRoc Challenge 2010

This is the 16th year for the LeRoc Challenge Competition in the South West of England and

    now incorporating dancers in Wales. It is organised as a fun event and everyone is welcome

    to take part. There are two levels at which to enter. We want to encourage new and less

    experienced competitors to take part so we now have an Advanced Level for those who are

    experienced national competitors. Everyone else take part in the Intermediate competition.

    Rules (General) Rules (Technical)

     1. LeRoc is also known as Modern Jive, French Jive, 1. The dance must be clearly recognizable as LeRoc; Ceroc?, MoJive, Jazz Jive etc. If you know it by a (also known as Modern Jive or French Jive). different name, you may need to check with the organizers that it is basically the same dance. 2. Judges will be looking at both technical content, style and musical interpretation - i.e. what you do, 2. The competition will consist of 2 parts - (i) the how you do it and how it matches the mood and Intermediate section, (ii) the Advanced section. The style of the music. whole competition will take place at the dance at Filton Community Centre on May 13. Dress style and presentation will also be taken into staccount. . 4. In the Intermediate section 2 mini aerials will be 3. The number of heats is dependent on the number of allowed per track (one foot of the follower stays entrants. They will take place from 8.00pm to 8.45pm below waist level at all times). 2 full aerials will be on the night of the LeRoc Challenge competition. allowed per track in the Advanced section. 4. Couples will be assigned a heat at random. 5. Breaks between partners exceeding 8 beats in total for the duration of the music will not be 5. Couples selected by the judges to progress from the allowed (Note - a beat is one basic step. such that heats will take part in the final later in the evening. for example a 'First Move consists of 7 beats). 6. Couples can be male/female, male/male or 6. Couples will be expected to dance for between 3 female/female. and 4 minutes for each stage of the competition. 7. Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in 7. Couples will be required to dance to a piece of each section. There are no cash prizes and the music chosen by the organizers. judges’ decision is final. 8. The judges’ decision for any part of the 8. Competitors in the heats and finals will dance in competition is final and protests will not be allowed. groups of two to five couples at a time depending on circumstances. 9. The entrance fee of ?24 per couple, which covers the heats, the final includes and entrance to the 1

    Rules (Categories) st May 1. Entries to the Intermediate level are not allowed by Dance (normally 2 x ?8.00). those who have competed and been placed in national competitions, those who have entered 10. If the organizers feel the need to make any national competitions at advanced level and above significant changes to the rules prior to the heats, and regular teachers. competitors will be informed. 2. The competition is open at all levels to those who help in teaching (demonstrate/taxi dance etc) but those who are regular main teachers must enter the Advanced competition.


Photographs will be taken during the competition by our photographer and will be available to

    contestants and may be displayed on our website.

The organisers of Clifton LeRoc and Planet LeRoc are members of the LeRoc Federation & the United

    Kingdom Alliance of Dance Teachers.

Entry forms plus fees can be submitted at the Clifton LeRoc Monday classes at The Folk House, Park

Street, Bristol or Planet LeRoc classes at the Earl Haig Club and their events in Cardiff or by sending

    the form with cheque payable to John Eastman for ?24 to John Eastman, 5 Great George Street,



Clifton LeRoc Monthly Freestyle Dances

The Filton Community Centre

    Elm Park



    BS34 7PS

8.00pm to 11.45pm

Check website for dates

Planet LeRoc Freestyle Dances

R.A.F.A Club

    Riverside Terrace,


    CF5 5AS

    8.00pm to 12.00pm

Check website for dates

Advance notice

    st21 Annual Bristol LeRoc Charity Ball

    Winter Gardens, Weston-super-Mare Saturday December 6th 2010

    in association with Planet LeRoc Wales


    The 16 Annual South West and

    Wales LeRoc



    Saturday May 1 2010

    Filton Community Centre Elm Lane

    Filton, Bristol BS34 7PS

Further information see

     07947 627878 (Bristol)

    07950 814973 (Cardiff)

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