Case Study 6 Computer Management at Mass Department of Revenue

By Rachel Parker,2014-05-07 15:22
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Case Study 6 Computer Management at Mass Department of Revenue

Case Study 6: Computer Management at Mass Department of Revenue

    In 2007, the Massachusetts Department of

    Revenue (DOR) executed a project to reduce the

    electrical consumption of its computer network.

    Each year the DOR receives millions of tax returns

    that require electronic processing, indexing, and

    archiving through Taskmaster, the agency’s

    automated data entry software. The

    implementation of Taskmaster software in 1997

    increased the organization’s need for more

    computers, resulting in an upsurge in energy

    spending during a period of rising energy prices.

    DOR installed computer management software on

    its computer network to cut down on the system’s electrical consumption. This power management

    software is designed to reduce the electrical draw

    of a computer after a period of inactivity. An

    extended idle period causes the computer to shut

    Installing a computer power down unnecessary operations; thereby, reducing

    the amount of energy needed to power it. management software reduced the

    Department of Revenue’s CO2 The computer management software successfully

    emissions by 288 metric tons. decreased the amount of energy consumed by

    the DOR. Over the next 5 years, MDOR is

    expected to save $248,000 in energy cost. The

    new software is also expected to yield a return of 360% with a payback period of just over 13


    In terms of environmental benefits, the power management software has reduced the DOR’s

    annual CO emissions by 288 metric tons.2

    Financial Results

    ? Savings = $248,000 over 5 years

    ? Return on Investment = 360%

    ? Payback Period = 13 months

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