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     Gordana Cvijić, Chair

     Jelena Kneţev-Vukčević, Dean of the Faculty of

     Biology, Honorary Chair

     Dragoslav Marinković (SASA)

     Pavle Anđus, Vice-chair

     Nadeţda Nedeljković

     Lidija Radenović

     Jelena Đorđević

    Bato Korać

    Siniša Đurašević



    Stanley Prusiner, Nobel Prize laureate BELGRADE SCHOOL OF PHYSIOLOGY

    Ole Petersen, former Secretary General of the (STO GODINA BEOGRADSKE ŠKOLE

    International Union of Physiological Sciences FIZIOLOGIJE IVANA ĐAJE)

    Ljubisav Rakic, Vice President of the Serbian

    Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) Academy of Sciences and Arts

    Belgrade, 10-15. 09. 2010. Boţidar Đelić, Minister of Science and Technological


     Sneţana Pajović, State Secretary for Science and

    Organized by: Technological Development

     Ţarko Obradović, Minister of Education FACULTY OF BIOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF Radivoje Mitrović, State Secretary for Education

    BELGRADE Branko Kovačević, Rector of the University of

    Institute of Physiology and Biochemistry Belgrade

    and Tomica Milosavljević, Minister for Health SERBIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES AND ARTS *Belgrade, Serbia SCIENTIFIC BOARD


    Co-organizers Pavle Anđus (Belgrade), Biljana Buzadţić (Belgrade),

     Vukosava Davidović (Belgrade), Jovan Davidović

    Biophysical Society of Serbia (Belgrade), Dragan Đurić (Belgrade), Jelena

    Serbian Physiological Society Đorđević (Belgrade), Siniša Đurašević (Belgrade),

    Serbian Society for Neurosciences Bato Korać (Belgrade), Vladimir Kostić (Belgrade), Serbian Society for Mitochondrial and Free-Radical Radmila Kovačević (Novi Sad), Desanka Marić

    Physiology (Novi Sad), Nadeţda Nedeljković (Belgrade), Dušica Serbian Laboratory Animal Science Association Pavlović (Niš), Lidija Radenović (Belgrade), Zorica

     Saičić (Belgrade), Mihajlo Spasić (Belgrade), Andraš

     Štajn (Kragujevac), Gordana Cvijić (Belgrade).

    Under auspices of: International

     Barbara Cannon (Sweden), Brian Callingham (UK), Ministry of Science and Technological Development Daniela Jezova (Slovak Republic), Jaap Keijer

     (Netherlands), Susanne Klaus (Germany), Jan

     Nedergaard (Sweden), Rajko Igić (USA), Marina

     Marjanović (USA), Olivera Nešić (USA), Stanko

     Stojilković (USA), Dragoslava Ţivadinović (USA),

     Dejan Zečević (USA), Nataša Petrović (Sweden),

     Aleksandra Trifunović (Sweden/Germany)

     * in alphabetical order

    Barbara Cannon, Sweden

    Brown fat in mice and men INVITED SPEAKERS

    (Who already confirmed participation) Jaap Keijer, Netherland

     Polyphenols and energy metabolism Centennial lectures Susanne Klaus, Germany

    Pavle Anđus, Serbia Effects of skeletal muscle mitochondrial uncoupling “Ivan Djaja” on energy metabolism and ageing in mice

    Gordana Cvijić, Serbia Mihajlo Spasić, Serbia

    “Vojislav M. Petrović” Mitochondrial redox regulation: manganese Rajko Igić, USA superoxide dismutase and aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 To be announced Aleksandra Trifunović, Sweden/Germany

    Stanko Stojilković, USA Mitochondrial theory of aging: dead or alive “Radoslav K. Anđus”

     Brian Callingham, UK

    Srdjan Antić, USA The forefoot of the fallow deer (Dama dama) and its Glutamate-evoked dendritic potentials in neocortical common digital artery: an in vitro model of cold

    pyramidal neurons adaptation and drug action

    Vladimir Bastakov, Russia Daniela Jezova, Slovak Republik

    Neuroethological and neurophysiological To be announced

    mechanisms of distance estimation in Anura Radmila Kovačević, Serbia

    Douglas Fields, USA Endocrine disrupting compounds and male To be announced reproduction

    Vadim Maximov, Russia Marina Marjanović, USA

    Neurophysiological basis of spatial resolution in the Physiology of Hibernation at the Belgrade School of fish visual system Physiology: the last 100 years

    Ole Petersen, UK Mike Stewart UK 2+The duality of Ca signalling: physiology and Using quantitative electron microscopy to pathophysiology study synaptic and neural plasticity

    Marjan Rupnik, Slovenia Dragoslava Ţivadinović, USA

    Calcium dependence of exocytosis in pancreatic beta-Chronobiological characteristics and manipulation of cells hibernation rhythms in the European ground squirrel Stanko Stojilković, USA Spermophilus cittelus

    100 years of channel physiology: from diffusion

    potential to intracellular signaling SYMPOSIUM SCIENTIFIC SESSIONS

    Dejan Zečević, USA (for oral presentations and poster sessions) 100 years of single neuron physiology - from

    electrons to photons 1. NEUROPHYSIOLOGY IN HEALTH AND Robert Zorec, Slovenia DISEASE

    Exocytotic fusion pore: an evolutionary invention of 2. BIOPHYSICS IN PHYSIOLOGY

    eukaryotic cells 3. PHYSIOLOGY OF THERMOGENESIS,


    Enrico Cherubini, Italy REGULATION

    Correlated network activity in the developing 4. NEURO-ENDOCRINE REGULATION OF hippocampus: role in synaptogenesis PHYSIOLOGICAL PROCESSES

    Vladimir Kostić, Serbia

    PROCEEDINGS will be published in an international Pathophysiology of dystonia

    peer-reviewed journal Olivera Nešić, USA AWARDS for scientific reports for young researchers will Neuropathic pain and ion/water homeostasis be presented Galyna Skibo, Ukraina SYMPOSIUM LANGUAGE: ENGLISH Synaptic plasticity in ischemic brain Expression of interest: Name, address, tentative title e-Piergiorgio Strata, Italy mail to Non motor functions of the cerebellum SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT WITH FURTHER DETAILS: early March 2010.

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