By Vincent Richardson,2014-05-16 09:48
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     Motherly Love

    As is often the case, to the world, you may just be one person, whereas to one person, you may be the whole world.

    Regarding every mother, undoubtedly, their child means the life, means the whole world.

    The quiet dew, motherly love likes, moistening everything silently; the island in lifes ocean, motherly love likes, vast and

    wide; the sunshine in winter, motherly love likes, warming children’s soul whenever they require.

    For the first time in life, we greet our mothers with cry; in return, however, they welcome us with delighted smile. Since then, we gradually grow up under the motherly love. The first person who gets up to prepare for the breakfast, its our mothers;

    the only person who always remind us of the changeable weather to bless our health, its our mothers. The right person

    who looks forward not to accomplishing their own dreams, but to watching us accomplish ours, its still our mothers. The

    dedicated caring for so many years, mothers give, right, trivial and commonplace, yet like small pearl, woven into the most resplendent necklace in our lifetime. We are blessed with such mothers.

    As regard motherly love, example are not rarely seen in our

    daily life. Most of us have heard about the story of ChenYuRong, one of the greatest mothers in the world. She has a son who was diagnosed with and . however, she . without a moments

    hesitation, Chen adopted the doctors suggestion. In less than

    seven month, he successfully lost weight and . Its the

    great motherly love which sustains indomitable faith, creating the miracle at the edge of death.

    We have enough reason to assure that under whatever circumstance, the thing which always stays with us, its motherly love, we are bathing in it and taste the special love, which deepens every year.

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