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    Unit One

    1. It might be another ________year for this company, if it fails to come up with any effective reform


     A. limp B. bleak C. offensive D. devastating 2. The United States’ military showed the world its _____ when it completed its war with Iraq in just two months.

     A. empire B. conquest C. might D. alliance 3. The National SAFE KIDS Foundation/Association ______ for fire safety, car safety and home safety to

    both adults and children.

     A. reckons B. renders C. campaigns D. launch 4. During World War Two, lots of Jews ____ for neutral ports in order to avoid persecution by the Nazis.

     A. launched B. engaged C. bogged D. fled 5. Stuck by the snow storm, the captain had to suspend the march and ______ his men with the villagers.

     A. feed B. quarter C. tatter D. abdicate 6. This seminar seems to be _______ on and on and it just won’t end.

     A. pressing B. fleeing C. rendering D. dragging 7. With one ______ of the visa officer’s pen, my application to America was rejected.

     A. stroke B. stretch C. toll D. casualty 8. I have to walk with a ____ because I hurt my ankle in training yesterday.

     A. limp B. tactic C. stroke D. exile 9. There are many Chinese idioms that cannot be _______ into English.

     A. reckoned B. bided C. launched D. rendered 10. With no food, the hikers, who lost their way in the desert, were driven to _________.

     A. desperation B. declaration C. severity D. casualty 11. Before the _____ ended, the citizens were almost starving.

     A. siege B. stroke C. tide D. conquest 12. The war took a heavy ______ of the nation’s population.

     A. occupation B. alliance C. toll D. invasion

    13. The battle of Waterloo was ________ to Napoleon because he was totally defeated and was not able to build up his armies again.

     A. clashing B. striking C. devastating D. assaulting

    14. Despite his ____ literary style, this young man earned the acknowledgement of professional critics.

     A. raw B. fierce C. bleak D. offensive

    15. McDonald’s is about to ______ a new advertising campaign to promote its new hamburger.

     A. stretch B. hunch C. render D. launch

    16. The Spanish ______ of South America was both long and deadly.

     A. conquest B. stroke C. exile D. casualty

    17. _____ in Iraq, the United States has turned to the United Nations for help, embraced diplomacy with North Korea and only reluctantly sent small numbers of US troops to help a West African peacekeeping mission in Liberia.

    A. Bogged down B. Reckoned with

    C. Engaged with D. caught off

    18. He had to _____ himself in his writing these days as the deadline was one week earlier than he thought

     A. engage B. render C. reckon D. devastate

    19. He ___________ and invested his money in the volatile US stock exchange rather than buying stable US treasury bonds.

    A. took a toll B. pressed ahead

    C. took a gamble D. got bogged down

    20.Slowed by sickness and starvation, the army _______ toward the battle front.

     A. pressed on B. took a gamble

    C. reckoned with D. took a toll

    21.Don’t jump at the first opportunity. It’s better to ___ your time and wait for a better offer.

     A. bide B. retreat C. bog D. siege

    22.Some people are still wondering why and how the United States of America was ________ guard by the terrorist attack of Sept. 11.

     A. bogged down B. pressed on C. caught off D. reckoned with

    23. The chairman was forced to bring the meeting to a ____ because there was too much arguing in the room.

     A. border B. stroke C. tide D. halt

    24. You had better throw away the fish - What an _______ smell!

     A. devastating B. swollen C. tattered D. offensive

    25. Napoleon’s army suffered heavy ________ in the battle of Russia.

     A. tactics B. severity C. casualties D. alliances

    Unit Two

    Directions: For each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence.

    1. Protective measures have been adopted in most hospitals since too much _______ to X-rays can cause skin bums, cancer or other damage to the body.

     A. disclosure B. exhibition C. exposition D. exposure

    2. He was elected president of the Literary Research Association by _______ of his academic and organizational abilities.

     A. virtue B. means C. way D. chance

    3. The customs inspector was _______ for smugglers.

     A. on the guard B. on the watch C. on watch D. on alert

    4. He used to be a Christian, but he is now _______ to Buddhism.

     A. converted B. changed C. transformed D. turned

    5. In the first several years' of our economic reform, many military factories have been

     into civil ones in order to meet the needs of the country.

     A. altered B. converted C. changed D. transformed

    6. She once again went through her composition carefully to _______ all the spelling mistakes from it.

     A. exclude B. eliminate C. abolish D. diminish

    7. Territorial _______ was the emperor's principal consideration in making policy decisions.

     A. extension B. expansion C. increase D. enlargement

    8. The tension _______ as the guest of honor was about to announce the winner.

     A. mounted B. ascended C. climbed D. raised

    9. -- "We don't have much time left! The train is to start in 30 minutes."

     --"I won't keep you waiting long. I'll join you _______"

     A. currently B. eventually C. presently D. definitely

    10. Diamonds have little _______ value and their price depends almost entirely on their scarcity.

     A. extinct B. permanent C. surplus D. intrinsic

    11. The policemen went into action _______ they heard the alarm.

     A. promptly B. presently C. quickly D. directly

    12. One of the attractive features of the training was the way the practical work had been _______ into the learning process.

     A. adjusted B. alternated C. incorporated D. combined

    13. Sawdust is not a waste product; it is the main _______ of particle board, from which some furniture is made.

     A. element B. ingredient C. component D. factor

    14. He hated wandering about and expected to find a _______ position in the Civil Service of government.

     A. permissive B. perceptive C. permanent D. perpetual

    15. Despite their good service, most inns are less costly than hotels of _______ standards.

     A. equivalent B. alike C. uniform D. likely

    16. For many patients, institutional care is the most _______ and beneficial form of care.

     A. pertinent B. appropriate C. acute D. persistent

    17. A monkey is _______ at a few years old, but a human being isn’t till at least 16. Which of the following four words is WRONG?

     A. grown-up B. ripe C. adult D. mature

    18. Your design is not technically _______. For instance, how can we make such tiny motors?

     A. possible B. imaginable C. feasible D. probable

    19. The delegation would spend their first day touring around Bangkok, and after that all their plans were _______.

     A. in the air B. by the air C. on the air D. off the air

    20. The fire has caused great losses, but the factory tried to _______ the consequences by saying that the damage was not as serious as reported.

     A. decrease B. subtract C. minimize D. degrade


    Directions: For each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence.

    1. Some companies have introduced flexible working time with less emphasis on pressure _______.

     A. than more on efficiency B. and more efficiency

     C. and more on efficiency D. than efficiency

    2. _______ the claim about German economic might, it is somewhat surprising how relatively small the German economy actually is.

     A. To give B. Given C. Giving D. Having given

    3. No sooner had Mr. Green finished explaining the poem than the students' questions _______ to pour in.

     A. begin B. began C. beginning D. had begun

    4. After _______ into the infirmary, she was asked several questions by the nurse at the desk.

    A. being wheeled B. having wheeled C. having wheeling D. having been wheeling

    5. Sales volume figures are _______ and objective measure of success, while profit figures often are not.

    A. a ready available B. readily available

    C. ready available D. a readily available

    6. Cattle and sheep _______ more likely to be struck by lightning than _______ airplanes or houses.

     A. are, they are B. are, that of C. are, are D. are, those of

    7. When people are frightened and worried, their bodies produce certain chemicals to help us fight _______ troubling us.

     A. how is that B. which is C. what is D. whichever

    8. Choose always the way that seems best, _______ rough it may be, and custom will soon render it easy.

     A. whatever B. however C. no matter D, how

    9. Anyone _______ the country legally will be immediately deported to the country he came from.

    A. not to enter B. not entering C. having not entered D. not to have entered

    10. I raced through my breakfast and dressing, all thought of weariness _______, as my wife hurriedly packed my bag.

    A. gone B. going C. to go D. having been going

Unit Three

    I. Words and Expressions

    1. If you want to get to Shanghai by tonight, you have no ______ but to go by plane. A. alteration B. alternate C. alternative D. alternation

    2. The school gymnasium has been refitted with new ______.

    A. instruments B. equipments C. apparatus D. appliances

    3. The ______ of new scientific discoveries to industrial production methods usually makes jobs easier to do.

    A. addition B. association C. application D. affection

    4. I hope your ______ for the job of secretary will be successful.

    A. endeavor B. application C. attempt D. question

    5. You can not hear anything ______ the roar of the waves on the beach.

    A. and B. but C. or D. besides

    6. _____ the flood, the ship would have reached its destination on time.

    A. In case of B. Because of C. In spite of D. But for

    7. Most students work hard. ______ Harry, it is otherwise.

    A. In case of B. In the case of C. in case D. in any case

    8. Enquiries ______ the condition of patients may be made personally or by telephone. A. revealing B. concerning C. affecting D. containing

    9. Fahrenheit temperatures can be ______ to Centigrade, and vice versa, by the use of simple formulas. A. connected B. conducted C. contacted D. converted

    10. Ann is so ______ to succeed that I am sure nothing will stop her.

    A. determined B. willing C. strong D. patient

    11. She is an ______ secretary and entitled to promotion.

    A. effected B. effective C. effectual D. efficient

    12. She once again went through her composition carefully to ______ all spelling mistakes from it. A. withdraw B. abandon C. diminish D. eliminate

    13. Despite their good service, most inns are less costly than hotels of ______ standards. A. equivalent B. uniform C. alike D. likely

    14. We can sail there in an hour, if the wind is ______ to us.

    A. favorable B. favored C. favorite D. preferred

    15. Now that he has graduated form college, he wants to ______ a master’s degree.

    A. go on B. go after C. go over D. go in for

    16. According to the physiologists, no two persons are exactly ______ to each other in appearance. A. similar B. same C. resembling D. identical

    17. Fingerprints are an excellent way to ______ people because no two fingerprints are the same. A. recognize B. identify C. separate D. distinguish

    18. The mist made _______ for us to see a foot ahead.

    A. no possibility B. there was impossibility C. impossible D. it impossible 19. We _______ that we were unwelcome and left.

    A. perceived B. conceived C. deceived D. believed

    20. Before the gases are discharged into the atmosphere they must be ______ harmless. A. rendered B. renewed C. transformed D. tamed

    21. Inadequate public transportation is partly ______ urban congestion.

    A. attributable to B. responsible for C. because of D. due to

    22. Scientists _______ spacemen ______ all kinds of tests before they send them in rockets. A. subject / to B. submit / to C. provide / for D. hand / over

23. A politician must be able to ______ public criticism.

    A. ascertain B. correspond C. withstand D. encounter

    24. The reason she failed in the exam was_____.

     A. that she hadn't worked hard B. because she hadn't worked hard

     C. why she hadn't worked hard D. because she was too careless

    25. The Smiths have bought a __________vase in the department store. A. beautiful large green Chinese B. green large beautiful Chinese C. beautiful green large Chinese D. Chinese large green beautiful 26. __________ money, he is quite rich, but this does not mean he is happy. A. As to B. In terms of C. Concerning D. In the light of 27. We must ________ that the telegram arrives in time. A. assure B. endure C. ensure D. secure

    28. Let me take this _________ to thank you publicly for all you have done for our company.

    A. occasion B. chance

    C. opportunity D. occurrence

    29. In order to be issued a passport, one must either present legal documents or call a witness to give __________ concerning one's identity. A. reference B. evidence

    C. indication D.confidence

    30. Peter will ________ what his parents expect of him. A. watch out for B. live up to C. stand up to D. get along with

Unit Four

    1. We _____ the family’s decision to remain silent over the issue.

     A. applaud B. enhance C. elevate D. Clapped

2. They can ______ afford to buy a bigger apartment.

     A. doubtfully B. adequately C. presumably D. reasonably

3. The institute _____ all its money from foreign investment.

     A. deduces B. derives C. detached D. declined

4. The pressure _____ causes Americans to be energetic, but in also puts them under a constant emotional


     A. to compete B. competing C. to be competed D. having competed

    5. It was essential that the application forms _____ back before the deadline.

     A. must be sent B. would be sent C. be sent D. were sent

6. I don’t want to lend any more money to him; she’s already in debt _____ me.

     A. to B. for C. of D. with

7. Please don’t _____ too much on the painful memories. Let bygones be bygones.

     A. hesitate B. linger C. retain D. dwell

8. The natural _____ of the mountains is beautiful.

     A. scene B. scenery C. sight D. view

9. My success doesn’t _____ my cleverness. Hardworking _____ progress.

     A. lie in …leads to B. lead to …results from

     C. result in …lies in D. lead to …lies in

10. Dark clouds are a _____ of rain or snow.

     A. example B. sign C. mark D. symbol

11. --- Will Susan come to join us?

     --- She said she would, but she hasn’t _____ yet.

     A. turned out B. turned on C. turned to D. turned up

12. He said he was sorry if he had _____ you at the meeting.

     A. offended B. attacked C. exposed D. conquered

13. In considering a problem, one must grasp its ______.

     A. essences B. essentials C. establish D. essay

    14. He expected to spend his life in America but _____ had decided otherwise.

     A. destiny B. destruction C. fate D. construction

    15. A child’s _____ of the universe is formed by his limited experience and his own fancies.

     A. conception B. concept C. thought D. idea

Unit Five

    1. To be _____, I don’t think you have the talent to be a great violinist.

     A. open B. plain C. general D. candid

    2. They have _____ many horrible crimes against the Chinese people.

     A. done B. made C. took D. committed

    3. The _____ of thought in the country has turned against war.

     A. tide B. flood C. current D. currency 4. An _____woman came to consult him about her throat.

     A. older B. elder C. elderly D. eldest

    5. Seeing a plain roared towards him, Tom was in a blue _____.

     A. frank B. funk C. funeral D. furnace

6. It’s _____ to fly in this weather.

     A. mad B. crazy C. crazed D. insane

    7. She has too _____a nature to get angry, even if he has good cause.

     A. bland B. mild C. militant D. middling

    8. Take a _____ of my drink and see if you like it or not.

     A. suck B. sip C. lick D. lap

9. Don’t bother to look for my umbrella, it will _____ some day.

     A. turn over B. turn up C. turn out D. turn on 10. _____, we were just talking about the same thing.

     A. Too oddly B. Too strange

     C. Oddly enough D. Strength enough

11. If trade’s no better next month, we shall go _____ and then what will you do for jobs?.

     A. stuck B. blocked C. broke D. blank

    12. His actions and principles are all _____ a piece.

     A. to B. in C. by D. of

13. I don’t think the answer lies simply in their physical _____ or in something unique about the climate in

    which they live. It is concerned with their attitude toward life.

     A. physician B. constitute

     C. constitution D. institute

14. In many large cities of the UK, there are many people who are _____. They have no money, no friends

    and no time.

     A. down-to-earth B. down and out

     C. up and down D. odds and ends

    15. He always _____ his beard with a pair of scissors instead of a razor.

     A. cuts B. trims C. plucks D. trains

16. He was _____ when he heard he was promoted. He had suffered too many years from his wife’s

    endless complaints.

     A. taken aback B. taken ahead

     C. taken away D. taken after

    17. Many people are of the opinion that advertisements are _____.

     A. receptive B. conceptive

     C. deceptive D. deception

    18. He never cares about such _____ as he is a broad-minded man.

     A. stifles B. strife C. trifles D. strives

    19. His behavior has _____ shown that he is trustworthy person.

     A. imaginatively B. intuitively

     C. evidently D. instinctively

    20. He accepted our invitation to hold this party _____.

     A. in good grace B. out of a good grace

     C. with a good grace D. with better grace

21. Seeing the cute baby, I couldn’t help _____ his cheek tenderly.

     A. teasing B. stroking C. contacting D.rubbing

22. Students will be punished if their behavior is not _____ school rules and regulations.

     A. in accordance to B. in accordance with

     C. in according to D. with accord to

    23. Trust your _____ and do what you think is right.

     A. self B. confidence

     C. instincts D. nature

    24. You’ll soon go all to _____ if you keep on working like that.

     A. bits B. pieces C. segments D. parts

25. Can’t you see all what he told us are _____ lies?

     A. opaque B. transparent

     C. thorough D. entire

26. I peg your pardon? I don’t know what you are _____.

     A. driving by B. driving on

     C. driving at D. driving off

27. She has been in bad _____ these days so she asked for a sick leave from the office.

     A. time B. condition

     C. way D. mood

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