The American education system

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The American education system

    The American education system

     American schools can be divided into three kinds: public school, private school and home school. Public school is for free (even to foreign students) while private schools tuition diverse

    greatly .In general, the teaching qualities of private schools is higher than those of public schools.

    American education is divided into two levels: primary education and higher education .The former is made up of primary school and secondary school which contains middle school and high school, while the later consists of Undergraduate school and Graduate school. Students can get an associate degree or a bachelor degree after graduate from an Undergraduate school and a masters degree or doctorates degree (usually called PHD) after Graduate school.

    Usually, at an average age of five, an American kid starts his six-year primary school of which the first year is called kindergarten, so the last year of primary school is the fifth grade. After that he will advance to seven-year secondary school of which high school takes up 4 years. Upon completion twelfth grade, American students are awarded certificate called the high school diploma.

    The education above are compulsory, everyone in the state should attend. After these, one can go on to higher education. He can choose a college, a university or an academy school (an academy school is usually a military school), just like we Chinese students. There are many famous universities in US, like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford etc. In fact, 17 universities are in American among the Top 20 most famous universities in the world.

    Then lets have a look at the tuitions. According to a survey, more than 70% cant afford full

    tuition .they need to seek help from university, the federal government or private organizations to get student loans or scholarship.

    The following are about American colleges scholarships Settings, from general speaking, basically there are two kinds:

    1 .The school given, usually despite of nationality, sex, race, religion, mainly for academic achievements or a kind of encouragement. Usually is: fellowship, scholarship, tuition-waiver, research assistantship and teaching assistantship.Many for graduate students above level).

    2 .Private scholarships or government sponsored loans, such as: Ford scholarship and Carnegie scholarship.

    The above is a brief description of the American education system

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