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    March 2009


Introduction 3-5

    Prime Minister‟s Office 6

    Attorney General‟s Office 7

    Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform 8

    Cabinet Office 9 -10

    Department for Children, Schools and Families 11

    Department for Communities and Local Government 12-13

    Department for Culture, Media and Sport 14

    Ministry of Defence 15

    Department of Energy and Climate Change 16

    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 17

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 18

    Government Equalities Office 19

    Department of Health 20-21

    Home Office 22

    Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills 23

    Department for International Development 24

    Ministry of Justice 25-26

    Northern Ireland Office 27

    Office of the Advocate General for Scotland 28

    Scotland Office 29

    Department for Transport 30

    HM Treasury 31-32

    Wales Office 33

    Department for Work and Pensions 34

    Government Whips Commons 35-36

    Government Whips Lords 37



Ministerial Code

    This is the first ever published List of Ministers‟ Interests taking forward a commitment made in the Ministerial Code to publish a statement covering Ministers‟ relevant interests.

    Under the terms of the Ministerial Code, Ministers must ensure that no conflict arises, or could reasonably be perceived to arise, between their public duties and their private interests, financial or otherwise. On appointment to each new office, Ministers must provide their Permanent Secretary with a list in writing of all relevant interests known to them which might be thought to give rise to a conflict. As set out in the Ministerial Code, where appropriate, the Permanent Secretary will meet the Minister to agree the handling of interests.

    Individual declarations, and a note of any action taken in respect of individual interests, are then passed to the Cabinet Office Propriety and Ethics team and the Independent Adviser on Ministers‟ Interests to confirm they are content with the action taken or to provide further advice as appropriate. The List being published today records the position at the end of this process. The Independent Adviser has been consulted in the preparation of the List, has scrutinised the various declarations made and is satisfied that measures have been put in place where necessary to avoid a conflict of interest.

Scope of the List

    The List is not an account of all the interests held by a Minister and members of their family. It is a list of interests which are, or could reasonably be perceived to be, directly relevant to Ministers‟ public duties.

    As a Member of one or other House of Parliament, Ministers are already bound by the rules of the relevant House. It is not the purpose of the List of Ministers‟ Interests to duplicate the separate registers of Members‟ Interests published by the two Houses (including the information about family members employed and remunerated through the MPs‟ staffing allowance in part 2 of the Commons Register) or information published separately by the Electoral Commission. It is a list of interests relevant to their Ministerial responsibilities not their parliamentary responsibilities. Therefore, the List of Ministers‟

    Interests needs to be read alongside the two Parliamentary Registers and relevant information published by the Commission. However, because


Ministers wield executive authority, the obligation on Ministers to disclose their

    relevant private interests goes beyond that required of Members of Parliament


The List contains relevant interests of Ministers current at the date of

    publication. Where a Minister has disposed of a relevant interest, or where

    they did so before taking up Ministerial office, it is not included in the list.

The List therefore sets out those interests currently held by Ministers or their

    close family members which are additional to those already disclosed in the

    Parliamentary Registers and which are, or might reasonably be perceived to

    be, directly relevant to a Minister‟s ministerial responsibilities. It also provides

    detail of charities where a Minister is a trustee or patron. It does not include

    membership of charities unless the charity involved is directly relevant to a

    Minister‟s departmental responsibilities. In addition, Ministers may have other

    associations with charities or non-public organisations, for example, as

    constituency MPs. Such associations may be historic, lapsed or the Minister

    may not be actively involved.

Nor is the List an account of all the interests or financial arrangements held by

    a Minister or members of their close family. If it were, it would involve

    unjustifiable intrusion into the private affairs not only of Ministers but of their

    close family. Rather it is a list of any such interests which are, or might

    reasonably be perceived to be, directly relevant to that particular Minister‟s

    public duties.

Categories of Interest Disclosed

    On appointment, Ministers are asked to notify their relevant interests in a

    number of categories.

1. Financial Interests

    The List includes directly relevant interests held by a Minister. It is not

    therefore a list of all financial interests including all investments or loans

    held by a Minister. It indicates where financial interests are held in a blind

    trust, these are trusts which are held independently from the owner - so

    that a Minister is shielded from involvement in their management.

2. Directorships and Shareholdings

    Shareholdings are not listed where they are de minimis in nature.


3. Investment Property

    In line with the Registers of Interest in the Houses of Parliament, property

    owned and/or occupied by Ministers for their own use is not included in the


4. Sponsorship

    As in the House of Commons Register of Members’ Interests, support

    received by Ministers’ constituency parties under a constituency

    development agreement is not included in the list.

5. Public Appointments

6. Charities and non-public organisations

    In addition to those listed, Ministers may have other associations not

    relevant to their Ministerial Interests with charities or non-public

    organisations, for example, as constituency MPs. Such associations may

    be historic, lapsed or the Minister may not be actively involved.

7. Any Other Relevant Interest

8. Relevant Interests of Spouse, Partner or Close Family Member

This is the first publication of the list of Ministerial Interests;- as such it is

    expected that it will evolve with future publication. The Government believes

    that publication of the attached List constitutes a welcome addition to

    transparency on this important matter. It will keep the shape and content of

    the List under review, carefully considering any comments made on it, as it

    evolves in future.

    Cabinet Office

     March 2009


Prime Minister’s Office

Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP (Prime Minister)

    1: Financial Interest

    Small number of shares in Raith Rovers (not for financial gain).

4: Sponsorship

    Mr Brown received sponsorship in respect of his campaign for the leadership

    of the Labour Party, which he declared to the Electoral Commission and in the

    Register of Members‟ Interests.

5: Public Appointments

    Chairman, the British American Parliamentary Group.

    Patron, the History of Parliament Trust and the British Council Young World

    Leaders Project.

    Honorary Patron, the Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom, the European

    Union Youth Orchestra and the Callaghan Library.

Vice President of the Civil Service Sports Council, the Hansard Society.

    President, the Inter-Parliamentary Union British Group, the Lords and

    Commons Tennis Club.

    Honorary President, United Nations Association UK.

    Trustee, the Hunterian collection.

6: Charities

    Patron of the Sheila McKechnie Foundation, the Diana Award, India Welfare

    Society, the Peel Society.

    Friends of: Tabeetha School, Jaffa, UpRising project.

    Vice President, Macmillan Cancer Support.

    Joint Patron, the Prostate Cancer Charity.

    Senior Patron, Motability.

    7: Any Other Relevant Interest Official Residence 11 Downing Street and use of Chequers.

8: Relevant Interests of Spouse, Partner or Close Family Member

    Sarah Brown is President of the charity PiggyBankKids which administers the

    Jennifer Brown Research Fund. She is Patron of CBI First Women Awards,

    Maggie‟s Cancer Care Centres, SHINE Trust, Wellbeing of Women, White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, and Women‟s Aid.

    One of Mr Brown‟s brothers is director of Corporate Communications at EDF Energy, and the other is an independent public relations consultant.


    Attorney General’s Office

Rt Hon the Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC (Attorney General)

    5: Public Appointments

    Recorder and Deputy High Court Judge of the Family Division. These

    positions are dormant while Baroness Scotland is a Minister.

6: Charities

    Joint Trustee of the 1807 Trust (for the support of the education of minority

    ethnic children).

    7: Any Other Relevant Interest Honorary Fellow of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies, Wolfson College

    and Cardiff University and Member of the Thomas More Society. Honorary

    member of the Society of Legal Scholars.

8: Relevant Interests of Spouse, Partner or Close Family Member

    Baroness Scotland‟s husband is a Barrister on the Western Circuit, and a Recorder.

Vera Baird QC, MP (Solicitor General) and Government Equalities Office

    6: Charities

    Patron of ME Support in Cleveland.

    7: Any Other Relevant Interest Visiting Professor of London South Bank University.

    Honorary Fellow of St Hilda‟s College, Oxford and Honorary Fellow of Teeside


    Member of Cleveland Sexual Violence Forum and Equality North East.


    Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

Rt Hon Lord Mandelson (Secretary of State)

    1:Financial Interest

    Lord Mandelson‟s financial interests have been transferred into a blind trust.

6: Charities

    Patron, NSPCC.

7: Any Other Relevant Interest

    Lord Mandelson will receive a European Commission pension at the age of 65.

    Lord Davies of Abersoch CBE (Minister of State) 1:Financial Interest

    Lord Davies‟s financial interests, other than property retained for family use,

    have been transferred into a blind trust.

Rt Hon Pat McFadden MP (Minister of State)

    No relevant interest.

Gareth Thomas MP (Minister of State)

    8: Relevant Interests of Spouse, Partner or Close Family Member Mr Thomas‟s partner is a consultant to Christian Aid.

    Lord Carter of Barnes CBE (Parliamentary-Under Secretary of State) See entry under Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

    Ian Pearson MP (Parliamentary-Under Secretary of State) 6: Charities

    Honorary Patron, Black Country branch of Headway.

    Honorary Chairman, the Red House Cone Trust.

    Baroness Vadera (Parliamentary-Under Secretary of State) No relevant interest.


Cabinet Office

Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP (Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of

    the Duchy of Lancaster)

    No relevant interest.

    Tom Watson MP (Parliamentary Secretary) No relevant interest.

    Kevin Brennan MP (Parliamentary Secretary) 7: Any Other Relevant Interest

    Mr Brennan is a member of Phonographic Performance Limited.

    Baroness Vadera (Parliamentary Secretary) See entry under Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform.

Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP (Minister for the Olympics Paymaster General)

    6: Charities

    Patron, the Positive Education Learning Organisation, the Dulwich Helpline

    and the Dulwich Indoor Cricket Trust (part of Dulwich Cricket Club).

    Honorary Vice President, Dulwich Chamber of Commerce.

8: Relevant Interests of Spouse, Partner or Close Family Member

    Ms Jowell is separated from her husband. Ms Jowell‟s son is a professional golfer.

Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC, MP (Leader of the House of Commons, Lord

    Privy Seal and Minister for Women and Equality) 2: Directorships and Shareholdings

    As Leader of the House of Commons, Ms Harman is an ex officio board

    member of the Parliamentary Broadcasting Unit Ltd, the company that

    provides to broadcasters television pictures of Parliamentary proceedings.

4: Sponsorship

    Ms Harman received sponsorship in relation to her campaign for the deputy

    leadership of the Labour Party, which she declared to the Electoral

    Commission and in the Register of Members‟ Interests.

6: Charities

    Patron, Uganda Aids Action Fund.

7: Any Other Relevant Interest

    As Lord Privy Seal, Ms Harman is ex officio Chair of the Trustees for the

    Chevening Estate.

8: Relevant Interests of Spouse, Partner or Close Family Member

    Ms Harman‟s husband is a Deputy General Secretary of UNITE, and

    Treasurer of the Labour Party.


Chris Bryant MP (Deputy Leader of the House of Commons)

    6: Charities

    Trustee of the Powerhouse Trust and Rhondda Trust.

    Associate of National Youth Theatre.

Rt Hon Baroness Royall of Blaisdon (Leader of the House of Lords and

    Lord President of the Council) 7: Any Other Relevant Interest

    As Lord President of the Council, Baroness Royall is ex officio Chair of the

    Trustees for both Chequers and Dorneywood.


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