SIS_Activity_Package-Edoc - Take the Earth Week to Clean Air Day

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SIS_Activity_Package-Edoc - Take the Earth Week to Clean Air Day

    Take the Earth Week to

    Clean Air Day Challenge

    April 20-June 3

This springtime get active and discover a whole new world.

    Join the Canadian Walkolution and Spring into Spring by encouraging students to get active by walking (or jogging, skipping or biking) between Earth Week and Clean Air Day. There are

    lots of ways to participate at school, on the trip to school, at home or in your communitythis

    activity package is designed to get you started.

Your school can participate by organizing walking challenges, active field trips, skipping and

    jumping contests or making walking activities a part of special events like Earth Week, TV

    Turnoff Week, Active Healthy Kids Day or Safe Kids Canada Week. Either way, by encouraging

    walking you are encouraging a physical activity students can participate in throughout their lives.

For free stickers, incentives, posters and the chance to win great prizesfax, email or phone

    us with the following information. Or register online at

School Name: __________________________________

    School Address: _______________________________________________

    School Email: ____________________

    Phone: ___________________ Fax: ____________________

    School contact: __________________ Position at School: ________________

    We need _____ stickers for our students (school enrollment).

    Fax: 416-488-2296

    Phone 416-488-7263 or toll free: 1-877-533-4098

We want to celebrate your efforts. We are hoping to share your

    students experiences from Spring into Spring with other schools to help plan future events. With the permission of your principal,

    please send us students writing, songs, photos artwork, charts or

    records of distances walked.

Remember, walking builds strength and endurance,

    encourages healthier lifestyles, and benefits people of all

    ages. We wish you a safe, fun and inspiring event.

    Evaluation Form:

    Spring into Spring: Earth Week to

    Clean Air Day Challenge

    Please tell us how your school celebrated Spring into Spring. Complete this evaluation form and your

    school will be eligible to win great prizes! Please send us any related artwork, photos, stories, poems or

    media coverage (Principal permission required for all photos and quotes) to be featured on our website

    and in our newsletter.

    Name of School: ________________________________________________________________

    School Board/District: ___________________________________________________________

    Contact Name: __________________________ Position at school: ______________________

    School Phone: _____________________ Enrollment of school (number of students): ________

    Number or percentage of students participating in Spring into Spring activities: Location of activities: Number/Percentage participating: ? At school _____

    ? To & from school _____

    ? At home _____

    Number of staff/volunteers who organized activities: ____

    Approximate number of hours spent organizing Spring into Spring : ____

    Please provide a brief description of your event and tell us how Spring into Spring benefited your

    students. If you combined Spring into Spring with other activities such as Earth Week, TV Turnoff

    Week, etc. please elaborate:





    Did your school have any media coverage during the Spring into Spring event? Did any local celebrities

    or dignitaries get involved in your spring celebrations? Please describe and send us media clippings if

    possible. ______________________________________________________________________


    How useful were the Spring into Spring resources? __________________________________________


    Please give us your suggestions for improving Spring into Spring. Explain what you liked and what you

    didn’t like. ____________________________________________________________________________


    Did you use the website? YES / NO Was it useful to you? Please elaborate: __________________________________________________________________________


    Did your school receive any contributions from local businesses or organizations to support Spring into

     activities? YES / NO If so, what were they: ________________________________________ Spring

    Thank you for completing this feedback form

    Please send your form to us via fax at 416-488-2296, via email at,

    or complete it online at

    Earth Week to Clean Air Day


    Activity Ideas for Your School

Whether your students’ adventures are at school, at home, in their community or on their

    journey to school, there is an activity here that will appeal. Below are activity ideas for your

    school’s participation in Spring into Spring.

    Related issues for each activity: AQ & CC - Air Quality and Climate Change PA - Physical Activity C - Challenge or Celebration S - Safety

At School:

    FIND FREDDIE: Post the Freddie the Foot image in or around the school and challenge

    students to find him during recess or a physical activity session. Have students record where

    they find Freddie. See:

    Activity-Pkg-Freddie-the-Foot-E.pdf (PA)

    STORY TELLING: Using sidewalk chalk, create a large open book in your schoolyard and

    encourage students to write one sentence on why they like to walk. Alternatively, write an

    opening sentence on the blackboard and ask students to use that to write a story about walking.

    For handout sheets see: (C) TRACKERS: Senior students can tally participants’ achievements (laps of track or path) and

    post them around the school. (PA, C)

    PLAY DAY: If your school is organizing a play day why not include some walking stations?

    Include a walking eye spy game, a scavenger hunt, or a parade to kick things off. (PA, C)

    PLANTING TREES: Is your school planting trees good for the environment and great

    physical activity too! (PA, AQ & CC)

    National School Challenge: See: for details. For

    more Active Healthy Kids Day ideas see: (PA) ROCK WHILE YOU WALK: Select some walking tunes to play over the PA system, gym or in

    the schoolyard. See: (PA, C) SHOE FASHION SHOW: Show off your walking gear by decorating shoes and clothing for

    safety and fun. For ideas see: (C, S) SHOE MUSEUM: Set up a shoe museum in your display case. Have teachers donate shoes and

    challenge students to match shoes to their owners (idea from Bellwood Public School in Whitby).


    GUEST SPEAKER: Invite a local athlete to inspire the students (PA). Invite a police officer or adult crossing guard to talk to the students about street safety. Or invite a mail carrier or bike

    courier to talk about their experiences and challenges walking through your community. (S).

On the way to school:

    CARBON NEUTRAL DAY/WEEK: Use Tree Canada’s Calculator: www.tcf- to determine (using kms traveled) how many tonnes of CO2 staff

    and students have created on their bus and car trips to and from school. The calculator tells

    you how many trees to plant in order to take this amount of CO2 out of the atmosphere. Use

    this information to challenge your school to reduce the CO2 their transportation created. (AQ &


    WEEKLONG CHALLANGE: Organize a class to class or school to school challenge. The group

    with the highest percentage using active or sustainable transportation wins! (PA, AQ & CC, C)

    IWALK CLUB: Motivate students to walk or use active transportation on the way to school, at

    school, or with their families by making them members of the IWALK Club. Cards and stickers help students track their achievements. For more details and to register see: (PA, AQ & CC, C, S)

    CAR FREE DAY: Challenge your school to a car free day, encourage students to walk, bike or

    bus to school. Encourage those who need to drive to park off site and walk the last kilometer or

    so together. Award a prize to the person who walks or bikes the furthest. (PA, AQ & CC, C)

    POLICE OFFICER FOR A DAY: Ask students to use small spiral notebooks to record traffic

    and pedestrian violations as they walk to school. This helps the students to become aware and

    alert pedestrians. See: for more ideas.


At Home:

    PEDOMETER CHALLENGE: Children challenge their parents and guardians to clock at least

    10,000 steps on their pedometers along with them for an entire week. To obtain a pedometer

    contact your local health unit or sports store. (PA, C) LEAVE THE DISHES: ...just for a little while.....and go for an after dinner walk or bike ride

    with the family or neighbours. Be sure to bring flashlights and/or reflective clothing for safety.

    Play ―eye spy‖ on your journey. (PA)

    GAMES: Walk to a nearby park to visit the playground or play a game of soccer or baseball.


    NATURE CHALLENGE: Take David Suzuki’s Nature Challenge for Kids and see what you can do to be part of a healthier environment. A great Earth Week Activity. See: for more information. (PA, AQ & CC) TV TURNOFF WEEK: Replace TV time with a physical activity your entire family can

    participate in. Contact your local health unit to learn more about TV Turnoff Week. Call your

    local Parks and Recreation Department to find out about local sports events,

    carnivals and opportunities to participate in a new sport within walking distance.


There are curriculum connections for the above activities in the Science

    and Technology, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics,

    Language, and Arts Ontario curriculums. For specific expectations for

    each activity see

For more physical activity, safety, environmental sustainability

    and community building activities check the Active & Safe Routes to School

    website. See:

    Sample School Newsletter Inserts

Newsletter Insert for schools where the majority of students are bused to school:

Between Earth Week and Clean Air Day (April 20 to June 3) our school is challenging students

    to discover the joys of walking. We are organizing the following walking activities at school

    [explain them here].

    We encourage all parents to Spring into Spring by taking a walk with your children after school or on the weekend. Some ideas to get your family moving include:

    ? Take an after dinner walk around your neighbourhood be sure to carry a flashlight and

    wear reflective clothing for visibility

    ? While you walk play a game of ‘eye spy with my little eye’ ? Visit nature trails in your area

Contact the health department or a local sports shop for pedometers and see how many steps

    each member of your family takes each day. 10,000 steps a day is recommended for optimum

    health and fitness. Walking in your community is a great way to teach your children pedestrian

    safety skills while getting to know your neighbourhood better. If your children are bused to

    school why not walk them to and from the school bus stop?

To learn more visit and summer active site

Newsletter Insert for schools where students live close enough to walk:

Between Earth Week and Clean Air Day (April 20 to June 3) our school is challenging students

    to get active and discover the joys of walking. We are organizing walking activities at school

    [explain them here].

    Parents are encouraged to Spring into Spring by walking your children all or part of the way to school every day for a week. You’ll be helping to reduce traffic in our school zone (less stress

    for everyone!) and improving our local air quality (less smog!). It’s also a chance to keep fit while teaching your children how to be safe pedestrians.

If you are unable to walk your children to school, then take a walk with them after school or on

    the weekend walk as often as possible between Earth Week and Clean Air Day, every step


To learn more visit and .


    Sample Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Between Earth Week and Clean Air Day (April 20 to June 3) our school is challenging students

    to discover the joys of walking as we Spring into Spring. We are organizing the following walking activities at school: [explain them here]

    We encourage all parents to Spring into Spring by walking with your children as often as possible between Earth Week and Clean Air Day:

    ? Take a daily walk with your children and discover a new part of your neighbourhood

    ? Walk your children to and from the school bus stop

    ? Walk all or part of the way to school every day for a week

    ? Purchase pedometers and challenge your family to walk 10,000 steps a day that’s the

    number of steps recommended by health professionals to maintain optimum health and


    To learn more visit and


[Name of school]

    [Date of release]

    Students take the Earth Week to Clean Air Day Challenge April 20-June 3

For immediate release

[Insert name of school] School is part of the Canadian Walkolution and is taking the

    Earth Week to Clean Air Day Challenge by participating in the Ontario-wide Spring into Spring action to increase daily physical activity. [Insert here your school’s specific event with some details.]

By participating in Spring into Spring our school is helping Canada achieve its goals

    with respect to physical activity--Canada’s Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers responsible for Physical Activity, Recreation and Sport have set a national target to

    increase physical activity levels by ten percent by 2010. This program also corresponds

    with the Ontario government’s Healthy Schools Challenge initiative.

Through Spring into Spring, our students and their families will learn how the simple

    action of walking positively impacts human health, community health and the health of

    the planet. Walking builds strength, endurance and encourages healthier lifestyles.

    Parents walking with their children to local destinations like school help to make our

    community safer by putting their ―eyes on the street‖ and they reduce local traffic and

    the associated air pollution.

    Spring into Spring is an initiative of Green Communities Canada’s Active & Safe Routes to School program (, funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion’s Active 2010. Active & Safe Routes to School encourages families to use active transportation such as walking and biking as healthy,

    sustainable ways to get to and from school. Launched in 1996, Active & Safe Routes to School in Ontario builds on the success of similar programs in the UK, Australia, and

    the US in creating an active way for families to start their day as part of a healthy



    [ Insert Name and phone number of available spokesperson who can answer media questions] is available for interviews. Please also refer to [insert your school’s website, if applicable] for more information about this event, the participants, and the organizations

    behind it.



In December 2006 the Ontario government announced the Healthy Schools Challenge,

    a call to action for schools to build on progress to improve student health.

The Healthy Schools Challenge recognizes Green Communities Active & Safe Routes

    to School program as one element of a ‘Healthy School.’ The challenge encourages schools to improve student health in several categories, including physical activity

    and injury prevention.

This initiative was undertaken because research has shown that a healthy school

    environment supports student success everyone benefits when students learn in a

    healthy school. Schools accepting the challenge will be asked to improve at least one

    aspect of their school’s health. The Ministry of Education will post a list of these

    schools on their website. Schools can take the challenge at

The challenge’s Foundations for a Healthy School, available on the Ministry’s website

    at, emphasizes community partnerships as one aspect of a healthy school environment. One way to build

    partnerships is through the Active & Safe Routes to School program, by getting more

    daily physical activity and creating safe routes to school, idle-free zones, and more!

    Students aged 12-15 can visit for cool ideas on healthy eating and getting active.

We are very excited that the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health Promotion

    have recognized Active & Safe Routes to School as a strategy in helping to make

    Ontario’s schools safer and healthier places for our children.


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