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    Date: Dec.11 姓名!________ 得分!________

    ?.Choose the best answer.

    ( ) 1. Although he is an ___ man, he is still active in sports.

     A. elder B. elderly C. older D. olderly ( ) 2. Mike is nineteen and he is ___ to join the army.

     A. enough old B. enough older C. old enough D. older enough ( ) 3. When I ___ the station, the train had already left.

     A. got B. reached C. arrived D. came

    ( ) 4. She set off early this morning ___ she could catch the early bus.

     A. so that B. in order to that C. in order to D. so as to ( ) 5. Many students in our class are interested ___ models.

     A. to making B. in making C. at making D. for making ( ) 6. I have three elder brothers. ___ is in the army, ___ are in the university.

     A. One, the other B. One, another C. One, others D. One, the rest ( ) 7. If you spend ___ more time on your English study every day, you will be

    good at it.

     A. a few B. a little C. few D. little

    ( ) 8. English ___ in many countries.

     A. is spoken B. spoke C. is speaking D. speaks

    ( ) 9. Children! Lets ___ the street, but dont run ___ the street.

     A. cross, cross B. across, across C. across, cross D. cross, across ( ) 10. The floppy disk ___ information.

     A. used to record B. is used to record

     C. used to recording D. is used to recording

    ( ) 11. The new pair of glasses ___ him to see better and he ___ see the words

    on the blackboard.

     A. is able to, enables B. enable, enables

     C. enables, is able to D. is able to, is able to

    ( ) 12. The boy was ___ because the film was ___.

     A. frightened, frightened B. frightening, frightening

     C. frightened, frightening D. frightening, frightened


    II. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms. 1. There will be no more cormorant __________ in fifty years. (fish) 2. Cormorants are good at __________ fish. (catch)

    3. The man of average ___________ is my physics teacher. (high) 4. I think he will __________ refuse the offer. (probable) 5. He __________ a card from his pocket and handed it to her. (move) 6. Cormorant fishing is a __________ Chinese skill. (tradition)

    III. Choose the word or expression which is closest in meaning to the underlined part in each sentence

    A. new, recent B. starts (to go somewhere) C. helps, allows

    D. need E. healthy F. older than about 60

    ( ) 1. My grandpa jogs every morning and he is very fit.

    ( ) 2. Modern telephones do not need wires, unlike those in the past. ( ) 3. Jane sets off from home at 7:30 a.m. every day.

    ( ) 4. Although she is now an elderly woman, she is still very active.

    ( ) 5. Lucy and Mary require to take a short test. .

    ( ) 6. The new pair of glasses enables me to read much better.

    IV. Rewrite the following sentences as required. ;根据所给要求?改写下列


    1.Switzerland makes the best chocolate. ;改为被动语态?

     The best chocolate ________ ________ in Switzerland. 2. Mr Smith told us some custom of England. ;改为被动语态?

     We ________ ________ some custom of England by Mr Smith. 3. The traffic couldnt move because the road was blocked by snow. ;就划线部


     ________ ________ the traffic move?

    4. Mike is so strong that he can control the raft in the river. ;保持原句意思?

     Mike is ________ ________ to control the raft in the river. 5. She starts from home at 7:30 every morning.;保持原句意思?

     She ________ ________ from home at 7:30 every morning.


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