Sing Ontario Sing Challenge for 2007

By Nathan Martinez,2014-06-17 23:08
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Sing Ontario Sing Challenge for 2007

    Sing Ontario Sing Challenge for 2007

     This year’s challenge will be to have fun with your girls and to


    What is the Sing Ontario Sing challenge?

Have girls in your unit learn the songs and then perform them for another group.

Once completed, you can purchase the Sing Ontario Sing crest from the stores. You can

    purchase any colour of the ? notes.

How to complete the challenge

Sparks learn one opening and one song from each additional category.

Brownies learn one opening and one song from each additional category, plus two of their


Guides learn one opening and two songs from each additional category

Pathfinders learn one opening and three songs from each additional category

    Senior Branches lead a campfire for Sparks, Brownies or Guides. Feature four songs from the list below and teach the girls the songs.

Guiders are to teach your unit two of your favorite songs from the list. Have the unit perform

    these new songs in front of parents or at a campfire.

    The Songs


    Fire’s Burning (JSB) Light the Wood (JSB

    Chantons le Feu (JSB)

    I Don’t Need a Campfire (CS)

Silly Songs

    Bug Juice (http)

    Little Green Frog (http)

    There’s A Hole in My Bucket (KC)

    Found a Peanut (KC)

    Kookaburra (http)

    Bingo (http)

    If I Weren’t a Girl Guide (http) He’s Got the Whole Camp (http)

Action Songs

    I’m Being Eaten by a Boa Constrictor (CA)

    Boom ‘Boom (ain’t it great to be crazy) (http)

    Alice the Camel (http)

    Ham & Eggs (http)

    Bear Hunt (http)

    A Place in the Choir (CS)

    Rounds Songs Black Socks (CA)

    One Bottle Pop (CA)

    Row Row Row Your Boat (http)

    Make New Friends (CA)

    Dona Nobis Pacem (SCGG)

    The Cuckoo (JSB)

Quiet Songs

    Ira Congo (JSB)

    Shalom (JSB)

    Raindrop Round (CS)

    On My Honour (CA)

    Canadian Songs Donkey Riding (JSB)

    They All Call it Canada (JSB)

    Land of the Silver Birch (JSB)

    Jack Was Every Inch a Solder (SCGG)

    Vive La Canadienne (SCGG)

Closings and Vespers

    Taps (SCGG)

    Daytime Taps (SCGG)

    Campfire Closing (SCGG)

    Prayer to Gitchi Manitou (CS)

    Zulu Farewell (JSB)

The Song Books

    JSB Jubilee Song Book

    SCGG Songs for Canadian Girl Guides

    CS Celebrate with Song

    CA Campfire Activities

    OC Our Chalet

    GH - Guide Handbook

    CA - Campfire Activities

    KC - The Kids Campfire Book

     http -, a page from Becky’s Guiding

    Resource Centre

Thanks are given to

    Madalynn Slade, Emily Slade, Allison Cupit, Samantha Cupit, Lily Down, Haley

    Leblanc, Shelby Leblanc, Melissa Mulvale, Erin Ray Lindsay Ray for choosing such

    great songs for the challenge.

     The badge for completion of this challenge is the SILVER tab notes. If you have

    already have the silver crest, you can request one of the other colours; blue, purple or

    red. For first time singers, the large crest is available.

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