Definition of Green Recruiter Standards

By April Walker,2014-05-26 22:23
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Definition of Green Recruiter Standards

    by Toby Nathan May 12th, 2010 tags: clientdevelopment green marketing

    Companies like Johnson & Johnson, Intel, and Starbucks have painted

    themselves in shades of green to boost their recruiting and leverage their

    environmental pedigree to attract talent.

    These companies also ranked in the Top 10 on Newsweek’s 2009 Green

    Rankings List. This list identifies their exclusive environmental ranking of America’s 500 largest corporations.

    Whether you are a small or large recruiting firm, I think it is equally

    important to show your clients and candidates your green credentials.

    Green recruiting, essentially, is the sharing of your company commitments

    to the environment with the candidates you are trying to recruit, and it

    transcends whether it is for your own firm, or for your clients. After

    all, third-party recruiters are companies and we all must make an active

    contribution to the sustainability of global resources. We take our social

    responsibility very seriously and are acting because it makes us feel good

    and is the right thing to do.

    As recruiters and companies, we should continuously seek ways to set and

    implement best practices which reinforce our commitment to a greener

    environment. In our business this may mean doing the following activities

    in our daily operation very differently:

    ? Recruiting firms are choosing video conferencing to

    increase productivity and improve efficiency. Today businesses

    realize that videoconferencing is a powerful green technology

    solution. It can be used instead of travel, and will streamline the

    hiring process. High-quality videoconferencing can provide a

    realistic candidate impression that recruiters can utilize for a

    nationwide interview process. We have had clients also use

    videoconferencing to replace the first set of in-person interviews.

    Implement other interviewing ideas and techniques which allow you

    to more effectively evaluate and assess candidate interests,

    qualifications and cultural fit via telephone and Webcam (Skype).

    We’ve been able to reduce the amount of air travel to candidate

    interviews and do face-to-face interviews with the top finalists

    for a search project. This equates to less travel, less cost, and

    faster search project cycle time.

    ? Invite finalists to visit you at the

    airport, scheduling multiple interviews on one target date whenever

    possible. Candidates never leave the airport (no rental cars and

    no ground transportation dollars saved, reduced emissions, and

    no missed return flights).


    You can preview and final edit all your

    documents on-screen. If you use a copier see if you can

    re-manufacture/recycle the toner cartridges. If you need to print,

    use recycled paper and create double-sided copies. Scan, transmit,

    and store documents electronically for instant retrieval. This

    creates a reduced need for file folders or cabinets (less office

    floor space required-smaller footprint), reduced energy


    ? Your kitchen supplies

     everything from cutlery and plates to cleaning supplies can be

    eco-friendly. Substitute eco-friendly alternatives in your office

    supplies as well.


    ? In the

    recruiting industry face to face meetings are still seen as the

    primary way to win business. Until we can get business in this

    country to buy-in to the idea of teleconferencing we will still

    continue to drive to client meetings and candidate interviews!

    I recently saw an advertisement for GreenBizCheck an environmental

    certification company located in Australia and New Zealand. Recruitment

    Extra, wholly owned by Thomson Reuters, a leader in publishing, is also

    teamed up with GreenBizCheck.

    It caught my attention because they provide the recruitment industry with

    a “credible, practical environmental assessment and reporting program

    which provides firms with a world-leading, low cost, independent green

    sustainability programs” and certification packages offerings. Its

    website lists six recruiting organization partners and clients all

    outside of the United States. Interesting!

    For all of us in the recruiting world, the short-term corporate objective

    is to reduce our environmental impact by energy usage reduction policies,

    reducing reliance on paper copy, recycling of all possible waste,

    investing in green cars, and in carbon offsetting initiatives.

From a marketing/sales point of view, this could well be the difference

between winning and losing future business.

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