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    Unit 6 More Reading

    1. the key to sth / to doing sth 的关键

    2. manage

    vt./ vi.

    1) 设法终于完成某事

    I couldnt manage two weeks holiday this year.

    I have a good deal of work to do at present, but I think I can manage.

    manage to do sth. = succeed in doing sth

    e.g. It was very dirty, but he manage to clean it.

     I don’t see how I could possibly manage to do that.

     2) 管理,经营、

    e.g. He manages a large business for his mother.

     She manages the house/money very well.

    management n. 经营,管理?机构?

    e.g. His business is under new management.

     The workers are having talks with the management.

    3. sponsor vt. 发起,主办,资助

    e.g. The tobacco company sponsors several television programs.

     Who will sponsor your admission into the university?

     n. 发起人,主办人,资助人,保证人

    e.g. A department store is the sponsor this activity.

     The sponsor of a radio or TV show is the advertiser who pays for it.

     The boy needs a sponsor to get him into this university.

    4. handle

    vt. 处理,对付

    e.g. handle the situation/the problem/the job/the business/sb. vt. vi 搬,拿 .

    e.g. You mustnt handle food with dirty hands.

     Handle the baby carefully.

     Handle with care.

    n. 把,柄

    e.g. I turned the handle and opened the door.

    5. especially adv. 尤其

    e.g. He is interested in many things, especially in English.

     Is there anything youd especially like?

     I like it very much --- especially the last part.

    6. average

    n. 平均数,一般水平

    e.g. He is about average in his lessons.

     below/above the average

     be close to the average

    on (an/the) average 平均起来

    e.g. He smokes twenty cigarettes a day on an average.

     On average we receive 5 letters each day.


     These youth are on the average better educated than those already in the marketplace.


    1) 平均的

    e.g. Whats the average temperature in this town during August?

     average wages/rainfall/age

    2) 普通的

     We are all average people with average intellects.

    He is man of more than average height.

    7. savings

    必须以复数形式出现的名词有!surroundings, ashes, belongings, possessions, ruins, remains 等。这些词作主语时,谓语动词用复数。

    8. habit


    form/develop/have/fall into/get into a habit

    form/develop/have/fall into/get into the habit of doing.

    9. personal adj. 个人的

    personal idea/ belongings/opinions/ views/impression/taste

    10. balance


    1) 平衡

    e.g. balance work and play

     We have to balance the needs and tastes of all the customers.

     2) 权衡考虑 balance A against B

    e.g. balance your expenditure against your income 量入为出

     Development has be to be balanced against environmental concerns.

     n. 平衡,余额

    e.g. lose ones balance 失去平衡

     keep ones balance 保持平衡

     It can be hard to find the right balance between advising your children and controlling


     These creatures have upset the delicate biological balance in the lake.

    11. invest

    v. 投资; 投入

    e.g. invest ones savings in a business enterprise.

    I have invested all my money in cotton.

    Many of todays young men are not willing to invest a lot of time in taking care of their

    elderly parents.

     investment n. 投资

    e.g. an investment bank 投资银行

    His investments were mainly in technology stocks.

     The cooking course is not cheap, but it is a wise investment for your career.

     Teachers investment of time in preparing classes is always underestimated.


    12. value n.


    e.g. market value

    You cant put a value on a human life.

    If your coat wore out in less than a year , it certainly wasnt good value.

     The dollar dropped in value on the foreign exchange markets last week.

     Thieves have taken a cell phone and a wallet, but nothing of great value. 2) 重要性, 有用性

    e.g. Developing the transport links has its value to the local communities.

     The watch had belong to my grandfather, and it has sentimental value to me. values

    n. 价值观, 行为准则

    Globalization is seen as an attack on traditional cultural values.

v. 珍惜,珍视

    e.g. value the friendship/your good opinion/ones honor above ones life/such things as

    freedom, the love of friends

    vt. 估价 The necklace is valued at $2 million.


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